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I have my phases. Sometimes it’s bread and peanut butter. Sometimes its’ our local sweet rich kaya.
At times I’m only spreading fruit jams on my bread.

But I’ll always have a jar of peanut butter in my fridge. Because nothing can beat the satisfying taste of thick, roasty, sweet salty peanut butter on the tongue.
And because nothing makes a plain slice of toast better!

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Yes, I love my peanut butter.
Over the years I have collected and sampled peanut butter from most brands available in Malaysia. Jif, Peter Pan, Adam’s, P & Co, Sanitarium, you name it I’ve tried them.
When I’m on my travels, I shop for peanut butter in the supermarkets.
In Hong Kong I managed to bag this bottle of Soy Butter Spread which taste exactly like peanut butter but with not even a sliver of nut in it!
And I swear, it taste exactly like peanut butter. It even has the chunky nutty bits!
How did they manage that I have no idea!

rebecca saw - peanut butter review

Recently Malaysia has budding entrepreneurs that makes their own brand of peanut butter. I tested out Joey’s Peanut Butter and I have to say that while it’s good, it lacked the intense nutty flavour that I love. Which is precisely why most local or Asian brand PB never could quite satisfy me.
It’s American PB or nothing else.
But here’s one from the Netherlands that was really good too. I got this during my Europe trip in 2012.

nuts enough - best peanut butter - Malaysia-002


Having said that, the Nuts Enough spreads got me totally hooked. In fact I may not have to buy any other commercial brand PB again!

My favourite is the Honey Almond Spread (RM 25) which is quite drippy but has a wonderful toast-y almond aroma. Nuts Enough offers another with maple syrup and scented with cinnamon.

nuts enough - best peanut butter - Malaysia-002

Dark Chocolate Cashew Spread (RM 25). 
Chocolate lovers take note! This is where both chocolate and nuts came together in balanced harmony. The use of cashew gave a milder nut flavour and hence the chocolate taste is more pronounced.
This is sexy smooth, dark, strong and pleasure on the tongue. 😀

nuts enough - best peanut butter - Malaysia-003

Cookie Dough Cashew Spread (RM 25). 
This reminds me of runny chocolate chip cookie cake batter and it’s understandably thicker. I enjoyed this as much on a toast/cracker as shoving spoonfuls of it into my mouth on a stressful workday. 😀

nuts enough - best peanut butter - Malaysia-004

Order these fantastic spreads from: or just drop Sing Yee an email –> [email protected] 

nuts enough - best peanut butter - Malaysia

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  1. The Red Cherry

    Hi Rebecca!
    FYI Nuts Enough and Joey’s Peanut Butter are both available at The Red Cherry – a pop-up store at Pop by Jaya One, PJ.

  2. daniel

    My colleagues are ordering2 now!

  3. Amber

    Oh my .. ican’t decide. So many to try!
    I think the cookie dough one sounds fab!

  4. Zara

    You make it sound so delish!

  5. Carl

    I Eat them from the jar, or else it’s 2 inches on my toast

  6. Lilli

    I’ll try this for sure! Looks delicious

  7. Ji-min

    I love peanut butter too! Check the peanut butter we have here in Korea before you leave! Buy a few back! and your fav banana milk too 🙂

  8. When you go to the grocery store before the airport try some of the peanut butter brands we have in Korea!
    Hope you have luggage space. You shop so much! 🙂

  9. Natasha Zhang

    Hi Rebecca!
    I really love the Adam’s organic peanut butter (crunchy). Last time I bought it at KLIA2’s Jaya Grocer, but for months they are not selling it anymore, nor in any other Jaya Grocers outlets.

    Do you know where I can buy it, or maybe even better if you know the supplier?

    I love it because it only contains less than 1% of salt. Which is very good for everyday breakfast, post exercise.

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