Delicious Mee Goreng Mamak by Warung Bob & Family @ Kota Damansara

I’m in Penang and I’ve just had 2 plates of mee goreng from 2 different stalls.
One is famous, the other not particularly known.
Both however, failed to satisfy my cravings for a good mee goreng.

After shoving aside my 2nd plate of blah mee goreng, I thought back of one that I’ve enjoyed at Warung Bob and Family in Kota Damansara just weeks before. Ironically, but happily enough, I’ve found an excellent and cheap mee goreng in KL and won’t not have to rely on my Penang trips to satisfy my yearnings anymore. That also means I can allocate my stomach for other food when I’m in Penang!

This cheery dude with his trademark spinning-wok frying style dishes out a mean and delicious mee goreng, not quite Penang style, but said to be the Northern variety from Kedah which is dryer.
Personally that suits me just fine since I’m not a fan of the wetter versions.

I’ll like to clarify again that Bob had personally stated that his is Kedah-style and not 100% Penang version.
So don’t head there with expectations of 100% Penang-style mamak mee goreng and then curse me afterwards alright?

I find Bob’s mee goreng by far the best (for me) in the Klang Valley now. I’ve had some at different restaurants and mamaks, but for RM5.00, none had tasted anything like Bob’s.
It hits the spot for me – tangy with good wok hei (char fragrance) and it neither overly greasy or wet but pleasantly moist and tasty. A good balance of spiciness and sweetness too!
At RM 5.00 per plate it is superb value for money. The portion easily sharable for 2 small eaters. The deep-fried flour fritters were fresh and there were generous amount of bean sprouts and bean curd thrown in.

Observing him at work is entertainment itself.
Bob works minus any haste; regardless of the numbers of orders. His style of frying is unique; several spins of the wok as he deftly stirs the combination of everything delicious within his solid wok over roaring charcoal fire.
Betul betul rilek je…. !

I’m keen to try his pasembor next. While I’m happy with my “biasa” (standard), there are 3 ingredients add-ons to choose from and each goes for RM 7.00/ plate  You can even mix them. Just ask Bob.
1) Daging
2) Paru paru
3) Sotong

Next I’m going to hunt for the one in Ameen Bistro in Sri Petaling and Shauiya Curry House located in Jalan 5/109F, Taman Desa Danau.
I just had the one at Kwai Sun in SS15 Subang recently and it was just “ok” for me. 

Warung Bob & Family
Waze: “Bob & Family “
17 Jalan Cecawi 6/19, Kota Damansara (very near to McD in Kota Damansara)
Daily : 11 am – 9 pm
OFF: Friday.

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  1. Sean EDKL

    your description of the mee goreng sounds perfect for me too … not too wet, not too dry, not too bland, not too sodium-packed! and the portion looks just right! 😀

    1. Rebecca Saw

      IT was exactly that Sean! And u forgot – cheap too! 😀

  2. Zuhair

    Luckily I have found your blog. Kept hearing good review about Mee Goreng Bob @ Kota Damansara, but they never specify where the exact location of the stall. Thanks for sharing the exact location of the stall at your blog!

  3. Amir

    Shud try mee goreng sotong at USJ4 dude… located inside Apollo Restaurant..

    Morning till 4pm

    Malay called it “dahsyat”..but make sure the uncle fry it for u..not the appreantice

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