Delicious chicken rice in Melaka : Ku Loong Kee chicken rice

Ku Loong Kee chicken rice.
I bet not many of you have heard of it.

Ku Loong Kee chicken rice - best in melaka

When one gets on the topic of the “best chicken rice in Melaka“, names such as Chung Wah Chicken Rice Ball, Hoe Kee, Huang Chang Chicken Rice, Heng Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball and Wilson are tossed about.
For the halal community, Ee Ji Ban Chicken Ball Rice comes to mind.

If you’re not a fan of these rice balls, you can opt for regular rice.
Being locals my friends approved of Huang Chang in Taman Melaka Baru and I personally found Huang Chang to be acceptable.

But if it is just plain good old chicken rice you’re after, then let me introduce you to this exceptional delicious chicken rice in Melaka, which to some of my friends (local Malaccans) crowned it as one of the best in town.

Ku Loong Kee chicken rice - best in melaka-003

The chicken is amazingly succulent and soft with all of its natural juices intact.
The chilli sauce packs a punch; thick and pungent with garlic and ginger.

Ku Loong Kee chicken rice - best in melaka-002

Look at the meat.
Not a breast meat lover? Well, you might be after sampling this one, for the breast meat has a nice, resilient chew to it while still retaining its juiciness.
In fact the chicken is so good that you could eat it on its own.
That’s not to say that the rice was subpar, for I can assure you that it is not. Aromatic and fluffy, you will be tempted to “kai fun” (add rice)!

Ku Loong Kee chicken rice - best in melaka-001

The glistening yellow skin was slippery soft and easily chewable as well.

Ku Loong Kee chicken rice - best in melaka-004

Last but not least, service is brisk and attentive and the prices are amazingly fair.
Here’s our bill:
Half a chicken: RM12.50
Taugeh : RM5.00
Rice : RM1.20/plate.

Ku Loong Kee Chicken Rice
Plaza Pandan Malim Business Park
69, Jalan PPM 8, Kampung Balai Panjang, Melaka 75250
Hours: Thu – Tue: 10:30 – 16:30
Closed: Wed
Phone: +60 166742632

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  1. Sean EDKL

    i’ve not heard of ku loong kee, and i have no idea where Plaza Pandan Malim Business Park is … but the chicken looks delicious (super smooth) and the rice too (the kind of texture i like) … maybe i should ask my family to tar pau for me the next time they come up from malacca! 🙂

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Go for one whole chicken Sean! 😀 😀 And lots of chilli! hahahah!

  2. wkching

    It doesn’t open on weekend?

    1. Rebecca Saw

      IT is.
      I wrote the operating days as Tues – Thurs, closed on wed. 🙂

  3. Johann

    Half a chicken only RM12.50?! So cheap!

  4. Eugene

    Sorry to burst your bubble but the shop has changed owner due to the past owner racking up debts from loan sharks.

    Now the food is sub-par and isnt as good as before.

    1. Rebecca Saw

      That sort of thing happens. Most hawkers has a weakness fr the bottle or the cards.
      MY friend already told me ” Cannot replicate it exactly. And worse of all, they slammed the chicken (as in smashed it flat) before chopping it into pieces. So it’s no longer the original Loong Kee version. No longer value for $$”

      Another one: “Last time price for half chicken is 12.50 right? Now it’s 17 ringgit for half. The chili sauce used to be very kao but the new one is watery. Chicken size shrunk. New name is Lou Foo Kee.”

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