Delectable by Su @ Glasshouse Taman Seputeh

A fan of sunny spaces, Delectable by Su at Glasshouse Seputeh is my next favourite hangout.

The gorgeous structure of steel and mirror is every photographer’s dream. And well, any wanna-be model’s too.

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Every wall, corner and space offers an opportunity for a pretty picture.
Its location in a secluded (well, kind of) area and green lung (again, kind of) of Taman Seputeh offers serenity and a out-of-town atmosphere, yet on a good traffic day, it is merely a 5 minute turn from Federal Highway.

The temperature within the outlet is nicely cooled; neither freezing or uncomfortably warm.
Sunlight streamed in from the windows and offers the ideal ambience for chats, writing or even just for some me-time.

review - glasshouse taman seputeh - delectable by su

Savouries options numbered at merely 4-5 options for now, but delectable (sorry, I had to) desserts are aplenty.

Take your pick from cakes, tarts and cookies on display or kick back with a cuppa and Su’s addictive crunchy popcorn.

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I popped in for a quick snack before an alcoholic event and was smitten wit the Chicken Pie.
I avoid pies in general as I’m consistently aware of much calories are hidden in phyllo pastry but hey, this would be my first taste of Su’s savouries, having had tried her desserts many times.

And so a Chicken Pie it is.

And what a lovely pie it was!

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The word “homely” popped into my mind at the first forkful.
An open pie; layers of wonderfully light flaky pastry circled a well of generous chunks of chicken, potatoes and sliced mushrooms in delicious gravy. A dollop of green pea mash plus a beautifully fried egg topped the pie.

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We happily devoured the pie, and me being the calculative foodie that I am, couldn’t help but make a mental note of comparison.
Having done my fair share of cafe-hopping in the Klang Valley, I daresay that for the same price, you will be lucky to be able to enjoy a vegetarian sandwich or pasta in other cafes.
Heck, even waffles with a dollop of ice cream cost the north of RM14 currently.

Likewise for the Affogato, I find it reasonably priced at RM8 + 6% GST.
An average affogato hovers between RM10 – RM16 in town.

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For the sweets, I opted for one of my favourite cake – the Hummingbird, not a common cake around but a wonderful cakes (at least it is to me) if done right.

Hummingbird (RM13 + 6%).

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I detected bits of pineapple and distinctive banana flavour in the moist sponge. The cream cheese frosting straddles the perfect balance of richness from the the cheese with a light, creamy spreadable texture.

I’ve always loved the distinct cream cheese flavor on red velvet and hummingbird, but every cake I’ve tried so far had too much butter and sugar and the cream cheese flavor was completely overwhelmed.

All in all, my first visit had no cause for complaint and I look forward to my return visit for more.

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What they serve:  4-5 savouries, cakes, cookies. Check out the other desserts at the chiller.
Prices: RM5 – RM20.
Coffee beans: Not focused on coffee.
Food: Yes.
Cakes: Yes.
Pork-free/Halal: Pork-free. No alcohol served.
OOTD/Instagram friendly: Very.
Tax: 6 %.
Service: Warm and helpful. Your orders are served to you.
Ambience: Comfortable. Casual.
Aircon: Yes.
Outdoor seating: No.
Powerpoints for charging: None.
Parking : Roadside.
Payment: Pay upon order.

Delectable by Su at Glasshouse at Seputeh
Lorong Syed Putra Kiri, 50460
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
+6010 948 2878 / +6012 521 8855
WAZE : ” Siu Siu ” as Glasshouse is just opposite it on the same road.

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  1. will lee

    this is a horrible venue. Inadequate parking so everyone who goes there is pretty much forced to park along the road right next to a storm drain risking your car and your life and obviously this reduces the width of the road which makes walking to the venue a fright as cars are coming up and down the road. Seriously, what planning or impact assessment, if at all, actually went into ascertaining the suitability of the location to situate a high capacity venue? And honestly the venue is SUBPAR considering the amount of people it had to screw over to be built. The air conditioning is way too loud. Again, inadequate parking. Clearly the developer of this piece of crap venue paid off some government officials handsomely. I hope this place fails miserably. I have also boycotted all and any events held there.

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