Deer Murtabak @ Zam Zam Restaurant, Singapore

I had a great food escapade in Singapore last week and now I have loads of pictures and so much to write about the food I ate! 🙂

My itinerary happened to be more on indulgent cuisine and less on the hawker fare. Thus after 5 days of burgers and truffles I posted a FB status saying that it’s my last day and asked for suggestion on what I should eat. As usual I had some funny answer but one that struck me was by Fui, my good friend who is just as picky as I am when it comes to fine cuisine.

Fui suggested local fare, and it hit me then that I have yet to sample any during my trip. Well a plate of chap fun during lunch doesn’t count right?

So local fare it is. And I was taking the bus back so that means I have to be around Golden Mile area (if you not aware, Golden Mile is a building where all/most buses arrives and departs from Singapore) and Golden Mile is pretty near Bugis and Arab Street, perfect for Murtabak Rusa, a famous local delicacy that I have heard so much of but haven’t managed to try.

deer murtabak - zam zam Singapore (2)

Zam Zam Restaurant is famous for their Briyani too. But we were here for the Deer Murtabak and since we suspect that the portions are big, we ordered one to share.

deer murtabak - zam zam Singapore (3)

While waiting for our order I went around the restaurant to do my thing; which is basically poking my head into the kitchen and grabbing some shots. 🙂

deer murtabak - zam zam Singapore (4)

This affable fella was only too happy to pose for some pictures 🙂

deer murtabak - zam zam Singapore (5)

deer murtabak - zam zam Singapore (6)

Being friendly with the “chef” also mean more ingredients for your murtabak. LOL.

Here you go; the making of my deer murtabak. He starts with the dough and added an egg, followed by fresh onions.

deer murtabak - zam zam Singapore (7)

Then a handful of ready cooked minced meat which he claims to be deer. Frankly, I can’t tell from eating it as it was heavily seasoned with spices. Anyhow, smile sweetly (like I did) and hope he dumps in another handful. Hahah!

deer murtabak - zam zam Singapore (9)

After that he folds in the sheet, sealing in the ingredients and proceed to place it onto the grill to cook.

deer murtabak - zam zam Singapore (11)

As it cooks, he added another egg on top, and spread it across the pratha.

deer murtabak - zam zam Singapore (13)

A few more flips on the grill and…….

deer murtabak - zam zam Singapore (14)

…….my Deer Murtabak is served! 🙂

deer murtabak - zam zam Singapore (15)

Remember the last part where he spreads the last egg on top? The egg actually forms a nice crisp layer across the murtabak. Nice! 🙂

deer murtabak - zam zam Singapore (20)

Unlike our local Malaysian murtabak where the meat, onions and egg are beaten together in a cup and poured onto the dough sheet, here the ingredients are added separately and there is only 1 sheet of dough was used to wrap the murtabak. Thus I preferred this murtabak than our local ones where there’s more dough (layers of roti) versus ingredients!

deer murtabak - zam zam Singapore (1)

This is SGD10 (RM25) and that’s decent for a large and thick murtabak with so much ingredients right? (Don’t convert into RM, just imagine if you’re earning SGD). Any murtabak in Malaysia is RM5 – RM8 and all you will get is more layers of dough and very little meat.

deer murtabak - zam zam Singapore (18)

The thick fragrant curry was good too.

deer murtabak - zam zam Singapore (19)

Happy with my “local” dinner, it’s time to bide adieu to Singapore. Till my next trip then! I’ll be back for sure! 🙂

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  1. ulric

    I wonder if there’s veal murtabak…hahaha =)

  2. Badri

    Deer? as in rusa?! Wow, EXOTIC!! 😮

  3. Sean Eat Drink KL

    very nice-looking murtabak! murtabak was actually one of the things i liked best in penang (though i only managed to indulge in it once a month or so), and it does bring back good memories of supper on the island 😀

  4. nikel

    Golden mile my usual place to wait for my buss…

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