Day Out – Sunway Pyramid Part 2 – J Co Donuts

Ok.. this is a backlog of many weeks, a supposedly continuously of the day (mis)-adventures of my Sunway outing ;p
My friend and I headed to J Co after the disappointing YoGurBerry. While I’m sure many (& I mean MANY) has blogged about J Co, just indulge me I really liked the Mona Pisa (a pizza-topping version)

and this new cheese one.

See the fluffy really airy light dough?
its just sooooo soft to bite into… and really easy to finish!

The whitish sauce reminds me of thousand island, and the sweet tomato sauce plus slivers of cheese, bits of sausages and black pepper made up as pizza topping.
Somehow I just like this so much!

Same goes for this cheesy one. Unlike the previous cheese version, which was too strong and cloying to me, this version uses 2 different cheeses, a creamy one as base with slivers of herbs and then shredded cheddar on top. May be too light for hard core cheese lovers but for me it was just nice.

We bought loads.. supposedly for the kids (both of us walloped quite a few before they were out of the theme park ;p) , and they loved it (as there are no Big Apple nor J Co in JB) .

This is the best out of all the sweet ones. Generously sprinkled with crunchy almonds..

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  1. Selba

    Pizza topping on donut?!?! I didn’t know that J Co makes it Wow!!! that’s cool!!! I gotta go to J Co. to check out.. ūüėÄ

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