Day Out – Sunway Pyramid Part 1 – YogurBerry

I had to play tour guide cum personal assistant the last few days as my friend’s family visited from JB.
Since there are kids in tow, I immediately suggested “dumping” them at the Sunway Lagoon ;p so we could go shopping and chill at Sunway while waiting. Good idea yeah? Keep the kids entertained but off our hands! *grin*

With hours to whittle away.. we decided food-hopping is the way to go, for after the horrendous queue and jostle to get the tickets, we were melting from the heat and was craving for ice-cream..

Back then, (say about a year ago) Sunway Pyramid is big, but now… Sunway Pyramid is HUGE.
Getting around is no joke ok, and I just couldn’t get my bearings. The shops, loud music blaring and so many people cos of the school holidays!

I immediately scurried for safety at the nearest food outlet (where else?? ;p) outlet and it happened to be J Co DOnuts.
As we drooled at the line-up of donuts, I saw a few “new” variations and decided that we will be back to try it after we “cool” down with some ice-cream. I spied Yogur Berry a few shops down and we hurried lest we melt anytime soon.

Yogur Berry was something I been meaning to try for the past many months, from the time I had seen it in Times Square while queuing for my movie tickets.
The sound of yogurt ice cream appealed to me (or rather my conscience ;p) , after all its supposed to be minus the guilt~! A franchise hailing from Korea, I had high expectations of it, just like everything else Korean, presumption was it is of good quality and standards.

The cherry – setting at the dining area

The glossy mock0 set outside and brochure promised a good treat. We settled for a small set -RM8.90, (which was a wise choice!) My friend was in the mood for ice cream and wanted to order the large set but I stopped her, preferring to be on the safe side and test out a small one 1st.
So why I said wise? Yup, you guessed it. It was a let down.

I had light ice creams before, yogurt based, rice -based (Penang Adventist Hospital) &what-nots.. etc but this one was sadly the worse..lacking in both taste and texture.
For one, it was sour. (ok, I can forgive that as it’s yogurt).
But the fruits toppings was miserable. See the pic? You get my drift??

Completely unimpressed, we waited for our Walnut balls and Nemo Cake that came with the set. Please let that be of some saviour, I muttered to myself. Alas, the cashier pointed to the “kuih Bahulu”- mould machine and said that’s how they make it.
Wahhh.. RM1.60 for a small “walnut” ball and same price for the fish-thing you see here..

Expensive bahulu hor??

Red bean filling that was all paste and watery minus any beans!

The ice-“cream” has no cream, sourish, only slightly sweet and McD’s sundae would have been a better choice! Further lacking the smoothness expected of ice-creams and the fruits tasted like it was yesterday’s leftovers. Man.. unforgivable!

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