Day 7: Peninsula Hot Springs @Mornington Peninsular – Victoria, Australia

Peninsula Hot Springs is the first natural hot springs & day spa centre in Victoria; around 1.5Hrs from Melbourne. Natural thermal mineral waters flow into the pools & private baths, providing the idyllic setting for relaxation and rejuvenation.

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I was here on the 7th day of my Aussie adventure, and trust me, by then I truly needed a soak plus pampering time. As I have mentioned before, the trip was fun yes, but incredibly tiring due the the packed schedule.

While I have not been to a hot spring in Malaysia (yes, shame on me but heck, Malaysian weather is probably more suitable for a soak in ‘cold spring’!), but this one in Victoria is impressive! And the Aussies love their ‘baths’ just like how they love sitting in the sun & soaking up the rays.

The entire area of the Peninsula Hot Springs is built entirely around the natural landscape of its surroundings. Divided mainly into 2 parts, The Bath House has over 20 bathing experiences on offer with areas suitable for visitors of all ages, and therefore public whereas the Spa Dreaming Centre, on the other hand, provides bathing & spa treatments in a tranquil, relaxing setting for guests 16 years and older; & in more private & exclusive sessions.

Peninsula Hot Springs Site Map Spa and Bathing-page-001

The Bath House.

The Bath House has over 20 bathing experiences on offer with areas suitable for visitors of all ages.
20 pools and bathing experiences  including a reflexology walking pool, cave pool, massaging thermal showers, a lakeside pool, deep exercise pool, Turkish steam bath, sauna and cold plunge pool are available to choose from; and some with hand carved stone baths and barrels for babies.
For food, a kiosk offers lunches and light morning and afternoon snacks. It’s open from 7:30 am – 10 pm daily.

Pic below from Peninsula Hotspring site as we were not allowed to take pics of the guests.

Pictures of the area (minus the guests) were allowed so here’s some of the shots I’ve got. :P

Beautiful natural landscape surrounds you as you soak in the naturally healing waters of mineral rich thermal pools.

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peninsular hot springs victoria Australia-17

Or if you wish, there are bath houses/rooms as below for a more “civilised” soak, ie indoors & out of the sun.

peninsular hot springs victoria Australia-07

 Turkish steam bath & sauna.

peninsular hot springs victoria Australia-10

peninsular hot springs victoria Australia-11


peninsular hot springs victoria Australia-13

peninsular hot springs victoria Australia-14

peninsular hot springs victoria Australia-15

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 RATES for The Bath House:

Off Peak  Peak
Adult $25 $30
Children (5-15) $10 $15
Family (2 + 2) $65 $85
Infant (1 month-4yrs) $5 $10
Adult 10 visit pass* $200 $240
Concessions $21 N/A
Early Bird (7:30am – 10 am)** $15 $20
Twilight Adult (after 7pm) $15 $20
*A mximum of 2 visits per day and no further discounts apply (i.e. early bird refund)
**Early bird bathing is offered in the Bath House if you leave the premises by 10am adults are entitled to a refund of $10

The Dream Spa Centre.

The Spa Dreaming Centre provides exclusive bathing & spa treatments for guests 16 years & older. Breakfast and lunch is available everyday &  dinner Tue, Fri and Sat nights and light snacks all other evenings. Kitchen is open 9 am to 9 pm daily.

Indoor private baths at the Spa Dream Centre.

peninsular hot springs victoria Australia-30

Outdoor private baths.

peninsular hot springs victoria Australia-29

Stepping into the Spa Dreaming Centre..

peninsular hot springs victoria Australia-31

Organic & naturally made lotions, bath scrubs, etc for sale.

peninsular hot springs victoria Australia-32

peninsular hot springs victoria Australia-34

Cosy area for dining & just chilling out.

peninsular hot springs victoria Australia-35

I was ushered into the Dream Spa Centre where I prepared myself for a languorous private soak. :P

My private bath house.

peninsular hot springs victoria Australia-26

Seriously, the pool is housed within a small “hut”, ensuring complete privacy & I could choose to soak naked if I wish!

peninsular hot springs victoria Australia-20

Another section – the Relaxation Room offers refreshments & a peaceful room for some leisure time before or after your soak.

peninsular hot springs victoria Australia-23

peninsular hot springs victoria Australia-22

Here was where I rested & cooled down for a while after my tour of the hot springs before heading out to my private bath.

peninsular hot springs victoria Australia-21

Every little detail is taken care of, for example the security of your belongings are assured with this technological band attached to your wrist throughout your time in the spa centre. You do not have to bring any dangling keys around with you & risk losing it, and fresh towels + bath robes are provided for your convenience.

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peninsular hot springs victoria Australia-25

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Other areas of the Dream Spa Centre includes the private partitions where guests enjoy their spa therapy.

peninsular hot springs victoria Australia-27

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RATES for the Spa Dream Centre:

Off Peak Peak
Adult $45 $55
Adult with treatment booking $27 $30
Partner of client having treatment $40 $45
Access to Spa Dreaming Centre and Bath House (includes towel and robe) $60 $70
Twilight Adult (after 7pm) $40 $45

Please note:

Off Peak is Tuesday to Thursday, excluding school & public holidays
A maximum of two visits per day are to be used with the Adult 10 visit pass
Children under the age of 16 are not permitted in the Spa Dreaming Centre
Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times in the Bath House.
Early bird bathing is offered in the Bath House if you leave the premises by 10am.
Twilight bathing commences at 7pm.

Now that we have seen the hot springs, here’s more information of the waters itself:

The 50°C hot mineral spring water flows from an underground aquifer 637 metres below the surface. The water runs untouched direct from the source to the pools, which range between 37°C and 43°C.
Peninsula Hot Springs thermal mineral water contains a range of naturally occurring minerals including sulphur, calcium, magnesium, potassium and many others and is classified as a “Sodium Chloride Bicarbonate Spring” (Na-C1.HCO3).

The therapeutic benefits of the mineral springs are said to include the alleviation of neuralgia, bruising, articular rheumatism, stiffness of the shoulders,  recovery from fatigue and muscular complaints and enhancing fertility.

A detailed analysis of the geothermal water was conducted by the Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences in New Zealand and the University of Idaho in The United States (view our PDF document of the water analysis). The analyses were sent to the Mineral Water Association in Moscow and the Hot Spring Research Institute in Tokyo both of which confirmed they are ideal for healthy bathing and relaxation.

So there you have it, absolutely no worries about any health risk from bathing here at Peninsula Hot Spring! :P

For more details surf over to

More pictures of the Peninsula Hot Springs:

Reception area.


peninsular hot springs victoria Australia-01

peninsular hot springs victoria Australia-02

It’s disable-friendly! Very nice touch.

peninsular hot springs victoria Australia-03

Heading down to the Bath House..

peninsular hot springs victoria Australia-04

Other than just bathing, there are relaxation room & massage chairs for those who prefers staying dry while enjoying some languid & easy time.

peninsular hot springs victoria Australia-05

peninsular hot springs victoria Australia-06

I went for a tour around the whole facility, and loved the lush greenery & natural breeze.

peninsular hot springs victoria Australia-08

peninsular hot springs victoria Australia-09

peninsular hot springs victoria Australia-36

At about end of this year to mid next year, PHS will be launching their accommodation & Wellness (Health and Wellbeing) Centre. Guests can now enjoy overnight stays or week long wellness programs. There will be private lodges for couples, friends and groups of up to 14 as well as guest houses with double rooms and a capacity of 30.
The lodges will include their own gardens and private outdoor hot spring landscaped baths, lounges with open fires and couches.

Peninsula Hot Springs
Springs Lane (formerly Devonport Drive)
Fingal (Rye), 3939
Mornington Peninsula
Victoria, Australia
17 hectares of land set in the rolling sandy dunes of ‘The Cups’ on the southern Mornington Peninsula, in Fingal (Rye), just an hour and a half from Melbourne.

Open Every Day – 7 Days a week

7.30am – 10pm Bath House
9.00am – 9.00pm Spa Dreaming Centre
8.45am – 8.45pm Phone Reservations
Closed Christmas Day

Please note that guests are requested to leave the pools 20 minutes before the facility closing time.
Please be aware that off peak rates do not apply during school and public holidays.

Tel: 03-5950-8777
Int: +61-3-5950-8777

Email a general enquiry
Make a booking enquiry

Make a groups and/or functions enquiry

My overall Aussie trip video: 10days, over 70 places visited & 5 hotels!

All pictures are:

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