Day 7: Dining @ The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant – Melbourne, Australia

Since Malaysia was on holidays the past week, my mind was in the clouds as well. I ended up reminiscing my Aussie trip, and at the same time wondering when’s my next one will be, as I have been exploring within Malaysia lately, but haven’t been out of the country.

Well, it’s a period of change for me now, so a trip out of Malaysia may not be so soon. However, I have sweet memories to hang on to & while I looked through my Aussie pics (trust me, there are tons of them!); a particular one stood out. It was an experience like no other, and I giggled to myself when I tried to imagine myself dining on our Malaysia’s LRT trains.

the colonial tramcar restaurant Melbourne-11

LOL, not knowing what I’m taking about? Thinking I have gone bonkers?

Well, it’s this!

the colonial tramcar restaurant Melbourne-0

Colonial Tramcar Restaurant offers lunch and dinner in some of Melbourne’s oldest trams dating back to 1927, which have been elegantly refurbished in Pullman style decor to become the world’s first mobile tramcar restaurant. Glazed windows allow diners to privately enjoy the passing scenery while enjoying a meal.

the colonial tramcar restaurant Melbourne-04

the colonial tramcar restaurant Melbourne-05

Yes, a meal on wheels (tracks??) in the literal sense.

the colonial tramcar restaurant Melbourne-10

The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant departs 3 times a day, for Luncheon (4-course meal), Early Dinner (3-course meal) and Late Dinner (5-course meal) with beverages from the fully-stocked bar included in the set price.

the colonial tramcar restaurant Melbourne-16

Prices vary for each meal – so do check out here.

the colonial tramcar restaurant Melbourne-13

Our meal (we were on the Early Dinner set) comes with an appetiser, a main & a dessert for AUD77 (approx RM254.00).

the colonial tramcar restaurant Melbourne-07

the colonial tramcar restaurant Melbourne-08

the colonial tramcar restaurant Melbourne-09

Dinner drinks includes any of the below, without additional charges or limit of servings. Alcoholics rejoice?? :P

Sparkling, Victorian Red and White Wines
Beer, Bourbon, Whiskey, Brandy, Gin, Rum, Dry Vermouth, Vodka
Coffee and Tea
Cognac, Tia Maria, Cointreau, Frangelico, Port, Drambuie

We ordered a few drinks to go with our meal & by now (this was on the 7th day of my Aussie trip), wines & beers has become customary pairing for our meals in Aussie.

the colonial tramcar restaurant Melbourne-14

The Appetiser: The tastiest Chicken & Cognac Pate & Red capsicum dip! I would have licked the bowl if I could!

the colonial tramcar restaurant Melbourne-06

Butter with our buns.

the colonial tramcar restaurant Melbourne-12

 Our mains: Victorian Farmed Eye Fillet of Beef.

the colonial tramcar restaurant Melbourne-17

Mine: The Macadamia Chicken.

the colonial tramcar restaurant Melbourne-15

Desserts: The sticky date pudding.

the colonial tramcar restaurant Melbourne-24

Food is “Australian” & if I were to be critical, the meal was really nothing to shout about. But this was one of the more memorable dining experience I had in Melbourne, especially since it’s aboard the famous fleet of historical trams that have become the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant.

Departure is from and the whole journey was nicely paced at about 2 hours or so. Service was brisk but professional on the tram. Service staff were matured, stiffly polite and well attired in their smart uniforms. Though I’m not that old, I felt transported back a few centuries (would that timeline be a stretch? My history is really bad, LOL), back to the days of…. well, days when people still travel by such trams!

the colonial tramcar restaurant Melbourne-00

After dinner: MORE DRINKS.
We had brandy & coffee & tea as the tram cruised along smoothly, and alongside is the beautiful scenery of which Melbourne is famed for.

the colonial tramcar restaurant Melbourne-38

Complimentart chocolates too.

the colonial tramcar restaurant Melbourne-42

The route:
All services are scheduled to travel through the city and surrounding suburbs, for example, Albert Park, St Kilda and South Melbourne.  Alterations to the trip could be made due to traffic disruptions.

Departing from the Departure Point in Melbourne.Melbourne is truly a beautiful city!

the colonial tramcar restaurant Melbourne-01

A city rich in culture & art.

the colonial tramcar restaurant Melbourne-18

The Palais Theater in the beach suburb of St Kilda.

the colonial tramcar restaurant Melbourne-21

St Kilda Beach.

the colonial tramcar restaurant Melbourne-19

the colonial tramcar restaurant Melbourne-20


the colonial tramcar restaurant Melbourne-22

the colonial tramcar restaurant Melbourne-23

Albert Park – an inner city suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 3 km south from Melbourne’s central business district.

the colonial tramcar restaurant Melbourne-40

Quaint, picturesque, pretty, colourful. These are the adjectives that comes to mind when you see these lovely houses & its neighbourhood no?  Yes, Melbourne is truly a wonderful city to live in.

the colonial tramcar restaurant Melbourne-25

the colonial tramcar restaurant Melbourne-26

the colonial tramcar restaurant Melbourne-27

the colonial tramcar restaurant Melbourne-29

the colonial tramcar restaurant Melbourne-35

the colonial tramcar restaurant Melbourne-30

the colonial tramcar restaurant Melbourne-31

the colonial tramcar restaurant Melbourne-32


the colonial tramcar restaurant Melbourne-34

the colonial tramcar restaurant Melbourne-36

the colonial tramcar restaurant Melbourne-37

Even the shops are so charming!

the colonial tramcar restaurant Melbourne-33

the colonial tramcar restaurant Melbourne-41

the colonial tramcar restaurant Melbourne-43

Back to the city at the end of our route.

the colonial tramcar restaurant Melbourne-45

the colonial tramcar restaurant Melbourne-46

The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant departs 3 times a day, for Luncheon (4-course meal), Early Dinner (3-course meal) and Late Dinner (5-course meal) with beverages from the fully-stocked bar included in the set price.

Operates 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Mon – Sat: 5:45 pm 7:15 pm
8:35 pm 11:30 pm
Sun: 5:15 pm 7:15 pm
8:35 pm 11:30 pm

To get there:

Public Transit:
Tram to our Departure Point: Take #96 St Kilda tram or #109 Port Melbourne tram.
Departure point is located on the corner of Normanby Road and Clarendon Street, behind the Melbourne Exhibition Centre and adjacent to Crown Casino. There is secure parking at both venues at an additional cost.

The Departure Point:

the colonial tramcar restaurant Melbourne-03



Want the whole tram exclusively to yourself?
The Tramcar Restaurant can be scheduled for exclusive private charters including Breakfast, Luncheon, Morning Tea and High Tea. Book online.

Are gift vouchers available?
The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant offers open dated gift certificates for Luncheon, Early Dinner and Late Dinner.  Presented in a special souvenir folder they make an ideal gift for Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays or any special occasion. Book online.

How many patrons can be accommodated?
108 passengers.  Our fleet consists of 3 travelling Tramcar Restaurants with a maximum seat capacity of 36 passengers on each. There is a section of 24 and of 12 on each Tramcar.
Each section has booths for 4 people & 2 people. And on each Tramcar we have a Maitre d, Waiter and Chef.

How is payment required?
Full payment is required 30 days prior to departure.  Should your reservation fall within the 30 day period, full payment is due upon booking.  Payment can be made by cheque, money orders and all major credit cards are accepted.  Alternatively you can visit their office located at Level 1, 566 City Road,
South Melbourne or book online now.

Thanks again to Tourism Australia & Tourism Victoria for the fabulous 10 days trip!

And if you are ever in Melbourne, do not miss a chance to dine on the TramCar Restaurant! :P

My overall Aussie trip video: 10days, over 70 places visited & 5 hotels!

All pictures are:

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  1. Sean

    it’s really cool to have a meal with a view that’s CONSTANTLY changing! especially when the scenery can be just as interesting as the food! as long as the ride is smooth and not bumpy, heheh 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh yes! Smooth ride. It was obviously a very well maintained tram ! 😛
      This was really one of the more interesting dining experiences I had throughout my trip indeed!

  2. Isaac Tan

    you have really nice photos there. And the colonial concept is a nice touch

    1. rebeccasaw

      Thanks Isaac! It’s the samsung camera ;p Very easy on smart mode somemore!
      Do you think Malaysia will ever have this? I think not… Hahaha

  3. Fui

    amazing, really something in “must-try” list for some special dining experience >.<

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yup Fui! It’s an experience like no other & has to be experienced once in a lifetime! 🙂
      If you’re ever in Melbourne that’s it!
      How are you Fui? When are we catchin up? 🙂

  4. Thristhan

    I’ve not been to Melbourne yet, but you’re tempting me to book my tickets right now 🙂

    1. rebeccasaw

      Haha booking tics is one thing dear..paying RM3 for 1AUD is another!! I would love to go back; really really seriously..

  5. nalysale

    Fabulous pics and really nice post having good knowledge of Melbourne city .Again I wanna say really awesome pics.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hi hi! Thanks for dropping by 🙂
      TQ for the kind words too, yes, I do research properly before I write my posts to make sure it is accurate information that I’m sharing out. And your comment means a lot to me as I can see that you’re comment from an Aussie organisation! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Boon

    Hey Becky, I’m visiting Melbourne in 2 weeks. Your blog is my bible. LOL. Although mine is really budgeted. Do you think this experience is worth for RM254?

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh do msg me for more info ard Melbourne yea! U have my email?
      Well, I nd to look at your overall budget & what are your expectations on your trip. Is it for Melbourne culture? shopping? pubs? food? arts?

  7. Fred

    I grew up and live in Melbourne, and have never taken the tram restaurant. Always thought it was for tourists hahaha. But you are paying for the experience, not just the food. If you want good food, there are plenty of places for the same price with brilliant food..
    Your pics did make me miss Melbourne though… I know where most of them are, even that Milk bar.
    BTW if you just want to go on an old tram, it still runs down Church St Richmond and Chapel St. #78 Tram.
    If you do like desserts, in melbourne you should try Il Fornaio in St Kilda (Just near where the tram restaurant went past). Or in Sydney you have to try Adriano Zumbo. The original is the Balmain one.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh my! I must say I love your beautiful city/home.
      And yes’s tourist-sy! Food is really not that great. However, this was all under Tourism Aust/Victoria hence the itinerary.
      I went to St Kilda! And love love love the rows and rows of shops selling fashion items, not to mention the desserts shops – it’s crazy! How do they stack up all the desserts like that and SO MUCH! They don’t sell them all do they?
      the gelato rocks too!

      1. Fred

        hahaha you made me miss home even more and i was just googling around Melbourne food news… I’ve been away a year and a lot has changed – makes me want to go back and try all the new restaurants!!!!!

        The pastry chef has left Il Fornaio and will be exec chef for savoury stuff at a new place in Brunswick….

        yes St Kilda is great. It’s gone really upmarket and trendy (it used to be the red light district!!!), but the number of eating places there now is great. I see another “name” chef has opened up a new place on Fitroy St. There are a number of areas like that in Melb, each with a different feel.

        Yes there are 2 old jewish dessert shops on Acland St. Dunno if they sell them all, but the variety is fantastic. Some things are better than others, but overall a great experience.

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