Japan 2012: Day 5 – Ikebukuro : Sightseeing and Shopping time!

From Asakusa area (where I started my Japan adventure), I picked up some bearings of Japan along the way as I mixed with my friends in my Sakura Hostel.

As you know, my first and second day were quite alright as I had Thomas and Chong to show me around. Though still a bit lost, I eventually got a hang of the subways and areas in Tokyo.

By the 5th day, I had to move out of Asakusa to Ikebukuro since I managed to get myself a discounted ticket on the famous overnight bus; the Willer Express to Osaka. As usual the bus ticket booking was last minute, but it turned out well as it got me qualified for a discounted ticket to Osaka 🙂
The bus station at Sunshine City is nearby, so I figured that I might as well uproot myself from the Asakusa area and force myself to explore other areas of Tokyo.

Japan ikebukuro subway map - rebeccasawblog

My train ride from Asaskusa to Ikebukuro cost me 230 Yen – RM9.20.

Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro Japan

Lugging around my huge heavy 15kg luggage in the subway is no joke. Well, that’s solo travel for you.

However, throughout my 12 days adventure in Japan, I met the most helpful and courteous people I have ever known. There were about 4 -5 incidents where I was assisted by strangers (both men and women) who actually voluntarily carried my luggage for me up the stairs in the subway. I’m forever grateful!

Ikebukuro Station is the city’s second biggest train station and it connects to major departmental stores from underground. There’s almost 40 exits from the station. Yes, it can be overwhelming.

Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro Japan-002

Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro Japan-004

Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro Japan-005

Ikebukuro is not Tokyo’s best reputed district, but its location is wonderful. There are some places of interest here as well as good, affordable accommodation for the budget conscious. I’m now in the in heart of Ikebukuro where within walking distance are two of Tokyo’s major department stores; Seibu and Tobu.

BELOW: In dark blue are the major shopping malls.

Japan ikebukuro map

* map from http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e3038.html

Because I was very tired, I retired early in the hostel. Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro is bigger and just as comfortable and clean as the one in Asakusa (Yes, it’s a chain).

Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro Japan-014

Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro Japan-020

I stayed in a total of 5 hostels in Japan in both Tokyo & Osaka and Sakura is firmly on my recommended list for anyone looking for private rooms as well as hostel style accommodation. There will be dedicated blogposts on these hostel as I think it would be really helpful to those planning to go to Japan, but do give me some time to get to them. 🙂

Moving on, I woke up the next day refreshed and ready to tour the city. A quick walk to the nearest Lawson took care of breakfast.
Breakfast: 377 yen = RM15.

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-015

Frankly, at 7.30am in the morning Lawson’s your best bet for food. It was there and then that I miss Malaysia and our pop-up random nasi lemak stalls at the roadside on weekday mornings.

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-004

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-003

But Lawson’s variety and fresh cooked food section made me forget nasi lemak soon enough.

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-006

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-017

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-018

For the western stomach, go for the cereal packs with yogurt.

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-005

And for snacks, Japan is tops for their selection. For example, there’s cheese/caramel Oreos in Japan! Unfortunately I forgot to buy a pack home. 🙁

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-002

If all fails, there’s instant noodles. I’m sure you can imagine the sheer amount of choices when it comes to instant noodles in Japan. 🙂

My breakfast filled me up for a bit while I wait for the rest of the shops to open. In Japan, most shops are only open after 11.00 am so there’s really not much to do before 11.00am. I’m an early riser so in the morning I usually hang around the hostel and check on my blog/work.

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-025

One of the many people that I “met” today was this little cutie pie in the luggage room of my hostel. She has somehow attached herself to this bag and won’t leave the room!
I asked her parents if it was hers; & they replied it’s not hers or even theirs! Hahah.. If her parents weren’t around I would have hugged & squeezed her to death! She’s too cute! 😀

sakura hotel Ikebukuro Japan (1)

Once the clock hits 11.00 am I set out on my exploration of Ikebukuro.

Tokyo buildings are generally very colourful and overly plastered with signboards.

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro

In some ways they looked disorderly but that somewhat adds to the charm.

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-001

This was 11.00am in the morning, past the office rush hour thus there were not much automobile or human traffic.

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-009

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-010

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-011

I have mentioned this in my 1st post on my very first day in Tokyo and I’ll be repeating this quite often in my Japan blogposts; these vending machines are everywhere!

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-012

Japan is the cleanest country that I have been to; beating even Singapore thanks to its efficient people/system/government/culture. Everything is very orderly and timely.

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-013

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-014

These arcades are everywhere in the cities in Japan too and extremely popular with the young generation.

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-016

By 12.00 pm I was hungry. At one busy junction near the station, a corner shop caught my eye.

soba lunch at Ikebukuro Japan (3)

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-023

Or should I say, the signboard advertising its lunch deals did.

soba lunch at Ikebukuro Japan (4)

This can’t be real! Yen 350 – Yen 580 (RM15 – RM24)  for a meal!

soba lunch at Ikebukuro Japan (5)

Not being able to read a word of Japanese nor Mandarin, I rely on the visual a lot. After staring at it for a long while I decided that I couldn’t possibly be mistaken and walked in for my lunch. Being a typical Japanese joint, it’s expectantly narrow and small but this shop takes it to another level. It’s a stand only outlet!

soba lunch at Ikebukuro Japan (6)

As usual nobody speaks a word of English. Fortunately, there were pictorials menus.

soba lunch at Ikebukuro Japan (7)

Pictures and numbers. This should be easy! 🙂
Ordering is simple. Walk up to the counter and tell them your number. Then pay. After that wait as you would in our local food courts.
Once your bowl is ready, the cashier will set it down on a tray and you are free to choose your spot in the shop to STAND and devour your meal. Add-ons of fried items (mushrooms, chicken, tofu, potatoes, etc) are available for the price as shown.

soba lunch at Ikebukuro Japan (8)

I took a No. 11 set which was Yen 390 (RM16). That was the cheapest full sized meal I have had so far.

soba lunch at Ikebukuro Japan (11)

Water is free. Self service please.

soba lunch at Ikebukuro Japan (10)

Look at my lunch!
390 Yen for this was astounding. I couldn’t finish the noodles nor meat.

soba lunch at Ikebukuro Japan (12)

And it was delicious.
Superb soup base, generous amount of meat, fresh seaweed, green onions and more noodles than I can handle.

soba lunch at Ikebukuro Japan (2)

I was happy sated after chowing this down. Energy and good mood restored, next was exploring and shopping. Photography are not allowed in the malls but I managed to grab some shots with my iPhone. The department stores displays and layout are pretty standard.

Japan - rebecca saw - air asia X - sights (41)

Nothing is cheap in Japan. And I don’t mean because of conversion. A normal cardigan or top is about RM200 with run-of-the-mill designs. I couldn’t find anything worth buying.

Japan - rebecca saw - air asia X - sights (38)
Japan - rebecca saw - air asia X - sights (42)

cute hats

Even worse was when I saw some of the items are made actually in China. Heck this pair of shoe sure doesn’t command a RM400 price tag!

Japan - rebecca saw - air asia X - sights (43)

A pair of socks like this is RM40+ – (Yen 1,260). Would YOU buy?

Japan - rebecca saw - air asia X - sights (40)

I guess not huh? But stock-wise they have everything in every design imaginable. And this is just the socks/stockings section.

Japan - rebecca saw - air asia X - sights (39)

I got bored of seeing things that I couldn’t or wouldn’t buy after a while and stepped out to explore the streets.

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-026

Unlike Harajuku or Shibuya, the streets here are less crowded and the shops less flashy.

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-028

I saw quite a few shops that offers massages like the below. It came as a surprise to me as I have always Japan to be very “proper” and discreet. 😀

 Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-027

Other than those, the others are mainly food outlets.

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-031
Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-029

600 – 1000 Yen (RM24 – 40) for a bowl of curry non-inclusive of rice. You better not be having Indian food craving here in Japan.

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-030

I stumbled upon this famous Malaysian food restaurant by chance and I couldn’t resist checking out the menu.

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-032

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-034

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-033

Frankly I was appalled by the amount of half-truths I read on the menu. Now I know how locals in a country gets all the wrong information about another country’s cuisine. Also, prices were crazy; Yen 900 (RM36) for a plate of stir-fried vegetables? Thank god I never had Malaysian food cravings when I was in Japan! 🙂

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-037

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-035

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-036

But business being business it’s understandable that it’s profit-oriented. Moving on, I saw many more promising food joints and I wished my earlier would digest faster.

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-038

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-039

The “tea houses” or coffee joints were almost Parisian-like. A peek inside shows a chiller of rows and rows of dainty cakes and young Japanese ladies sipping on their coffee. Sometimes traveling alone can be a bore, as there was no one to share my food with, limiting my ability to try EVERYTHING ON SIGHT. Hence, my upcoming 2013 trip to Japan. I got to try all those that I’ve missed! :DD

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-043

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-047

The young uns of Japan even goes to kindy in style. These are their standard backpacks. Would you believe it?

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-044

Here’s more food outlet to tempt you.

Japanese pasta with all sorts of toppings.

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-049

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-050

A popular local chain for the Japanese curry rice bowl.

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-051

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-052

Please select your poison. I was very intrigued with the Saigon spice chart. Saigon??

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-053

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-054

In Japan, the shops are on every ground imaginable; from underground to sky-high floors.

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-045

Done with the streets, I went into the 2 linked departmental stores within the Ikebukuro station.

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-055

Other than Tobu and Seibu, Parco, BIC Camera and Sunshine City are a must for the shopaholic. Though I’ll iterate my sentiments earlier about Japanese fashion and prices, I’m aware that not everyone has the same taste in shopping/fashion so I’m sure there are some of you who would enjoy shopping here.

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-056

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-074

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-078

For me? I headed straight for the basement levels where all the Japanese sweets and desserts are!

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-072

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-073

If you’re lucky, some of the shops do hand out samples but don’t count on it as that seldom happens.

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-071

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-059

I think chestnuts were in season when I was in Japan (October) and there were many sweets/pastries and cakes with the element of chestnuts in them.

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-060

Again, nothing is cheap. Expect to pay Yen 2310 (RM110) for a whole cake and about RM24 (Yen 600) for a slice.

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-061

This is another chestnut delicacy with a soft, crumbly powdery texture. Don’t ask me what is it exactly. Everything is in Japanese and the service staff can’t really speak English.

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-066

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-067

In Japan, you can’t escape from the Azuki (red bean).

Japan - rebecca saw - air asia X - sights (58)

These soft, chewy, thick cakes are popular as well. Anyone here can tell me the name and what are they exactly?

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-062

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-063

To be honest photography are actually forbidden here. These are some shots I took with my iPhone before I was stopped. For more pictures on Japanese sweet delicacies you can refer to my post on Tokyo Station HERE.

If you think Theobroma is only about chocolates, you’re forgiven. I thought so too, till I saw these macarons at their kiosk inside the mall.

Japan - rebecca saw - air asia X - sights (45)

Even better, these macarons are fat and brimming with fillings!

Japan - rebecca saw - air asia X - sights (46)

Japan - rebecca saw - air asia X - sights (49)

Macarons packed this way ensures they remain intact in shape; no need to worry about them getting crushed or chipped during transportation. Each box of 4 below is Yen 1050 = RM40+.

Japan - rebecca saw - air asia X - sights (50)

Henri Charpentier has the most gorgeous desserts.

Japan - rebecca saw - air asia X - sights (55)

Japan - rebecca saw - air asia X - sights (54)

Look at that! I very nearly drooled over the chiller.

Japan - rebecca saw - air asia X - sights (52)

Gateau Festa Harada has a long queue fronting its shop the entire 1 hour I was in the basement. A closer look revealed it’s basically selling rusk, crunchy and sugar-coated. I couldn’t understand the attraction and the prices are not cheap either!

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-070

Japan - rebecca saw - air asia X - sights (48)

There’s a few variants – with white chocolate, etc but it’s still just plain old rusk biscuits! What could possibly created such a demand?

Japan - rebecca saw - air asia X - sights (47)

Oh jealousy! There’s Pierre Herme right here too!

Japan - rebecca saw - air asia X - sights (65)

Now could you understand my need to visit Japan again in 2013? I’m planning to eat every single one of these delectable desserts this time! 🙂

Japan - rebecca saw - air asia X - sights (63)

Last but not least, I learnt that Ikebukuro is referred to as ‘bukuro’ by the locals, as a play on words. “Fukuro” means owl, and ‘bukuro’ is a switch from the Japanese consonant ‘fu’ to ‘bu’.

Japan Day 5- Ikebukuro-058

Next post of my Japan trip –> departing Ikebukuro to Osaka via the Willer Express!

*Read more on my travels and also Nepal and Japan chronicles HERE –> https://www.rebeccasaw.com/travel/

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  1. ulric

    Bloody hell! Desserts galore! :3

    1. rebeccasaw

      YEAH MAN!
      More for me this year I hope. Cos last year wasn’t prepared for the prices! This year, I’ll set aside some budget just for SWEETS!

  2. oooo, those noodles and meat are definitely a good bargain! thanks for proving to us that eating out in japan doesn’t have to necessarily hurt the wallet! 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Heheh yes! If you know where to find them! I just changed some Jap Yen yesterday, the exchange rate is favorable now…

  3. Peach

    Oh you’re starting your Japan 2012 posts again?? Looking forward to read more!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hahah I’m finishing on Busan first. This as written some time ago and I only realized I haven’t published it! -_-

  4. T

    Upcoming 2013 Japan trip!? Wow nice .. what’s ur destination this time

    Ikebukuro probably isn’t the nicest neighborhood in Tokyo, but the food hall in Seibu is really good 🙂 Love it

    1. rebeccasaw

      I do love the supermarkets basements. This time in mid Sept. Also landing at Tokyo but will explore from there 🙂 I only went Kobe, Osaka, Tokyo during this 2012 trip! 🙂

  5. Choi Yen

    Japanese product’s packaging always the main factor attract you spend more & more!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hahah thank god I’m not a sucker for pretty packaging but for the taste yes, I’ll spend if it taste good! 🙂

  6. fez

    wait until u go to zurich..and u will be shocked by food price there..hahaha

    1. rebeccasaw

      LOL! That’s why I’m not going there anytime soon! 😛

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    Nice meeting you at the Asean Blog Fest earlier! Great blog!!!!!

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    You’re a big fan of shopping yea! Just saw your Korean shopping post too! Thanks for those tips! 🙂

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    Il be spending 8 nights at ikebukuro. .. thx for the tip it sure helps. .. weeeee can’t wait next Friday is the day

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