Day 3 of Malaysia Tourism Hunt 2012 – Pekan Kuala Kubu Bahru & Fraser Hill

The last 2 days set the preliminaries right with ample briefing and networking sessions. Most of the participants were warmed up and mingling easily by the time we were to official start the 6D5N hunt. Day 3; yesterday marked the official flag off by Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen. This begun our journey of 900 kilometres over highways, highlands and coastal roads to enjoy the natural beauty of Malaysia and visit famous tourist attractions such as Fraser’s Hill, Gambang in Pahang and Pulau Redang in Terengganu!

Below: Press conference prior to the flag-off.

Malaysia TOurism Hunt 2012 DAy 3

And we are off! 🙂

flag off

pic above credited to Tourism Malaysia FB page.
Starbucks as one of the Malaysia Tourism Hunt 2012 sponsors distributed coffee and donuts before our journey. The caffeine loading was much appreciated with both the organisers and media. 🙂

Malaysia TOurism Hunt 2012 DAy 3-001

Below: Me and my team! Wish us luck 🙂

Malaysia TOurism Hunt 2012 DAy 3-003

As expected I bought my ultrabook along. Here I am chilling with my new found media friend from Brunei as I tried to get some work done in between the wait. Say “hi” to Bobby! 🙂

Malaysia TOurism Hunt 2012 DAy 3-002

25 – 30 Proton vehicles ranging from the all new Preve to Persona, Inspira and the roomy Exora cruised the highways with dedicated out riders from PDRM & JPAM. Both ensured order and road safety throughout the way. We felt really honoured and rather cool to be escorted by the police and having the right of way throughout the journey!

Malaysia TOurism Hunt 2012 DAy 3-006

Malaysia TOurism Hunt 2012 DAy 3-008

Our first destination was Kuala Kubu Bharu, somewhere I myself has never heard of before. Looks like I got to explore more of my own country!

Malaysia TOurism Hunt 2012 DAy 3-009

My appreciation goes to the Tourism Ministry and Gaya Magazine for this golden opportunity. Malaysia Tourism Hunt 2012 is held for the first ever and we are all hoping to make it a roaring success; thus setting the precedence to more such future campaigns.

Our first challenge for the hunt began at Pekan Kuala Kubu Bahru, Jalan Dato Tabal. Participants in their respective teams were each given a clipboard with questions and clues aka treasure hunt style. Some of the clues were straightforward enough; while the rest made absolutely no sense. Well, at least to us it didn’t! 😛

Malaysia TOurism Hunt 2012 DAy 3-010

Our meeting/finish point was at this Kak Jah cendol stall, apparently a pretty popular stall here in Pekan Kuala Kubu Bharu.

Malaysia TOurism Hunt 2012 DAy 3-011

One of the clues was “His mother is Mahda, daughter of Tok Kaut Burau. Take a photo of 3 members of your team UNDER his name. Show the photo to the marshals at the Finish Control“.

Guess how we got the answer?

Malaysia TOurism Hunt 2012 DAy 3-013

Google la! 😛

Next, we were supposed to look for a “play house building that has something to do with being 4 years earlier than Malaysia’s independence“. 1957 was Malaysia’s independence, and thus this colourful building with the year 1953 on it fitted the bill.

Malaysia TOurism Hunt 2012 DAy 3-012

Those were the easy ones! I think our team basically flunked the rest! Hahah! 🙂

And oh, look what I found! Cow urine for sale! Anyone here reads Tamil? Is this for REAL??

kuala kubu - cow urine for sale

30 minutes was up in a flash and we handed our clipboards over to the marshals with our answers. As a reward for running around in the hot sun; we were treated with bowls of icy salty sweet cendol.

Malaysia TOurism Hunt 2012 DAy 3-018

Malaysia TOurism Hunt 2012 DAy 3-017

The cendol wasn’t much to shout about it though.

Malaysia TOurism Hunt 2012 DAy 3-016

Then the journey continues toward Frasers Hill. The road was rather winding at some points and I had to resist the urge to puke. Being prone to motion sickness is a real curse I tell you!

Malaysia TOurism Hunt 2012 DAy 3-021

Getting all 30 cars traveling in convoy wasn’t an easy task and we were thankful for the PDRM escort.

Malaysia TOurism Hunt 2012 DAy 3-020

After about 2 hours’ drive we arrived at the tranquil and refreshingly cooling Fraser’s Hill. Our accommodation for the night was at Shahzan Inn which was located right in town. It faces the golf course and we were told over dinner that it is reputed to be the first golf course in the country.

Malaysia TOurism Hunt 2012 - Shahzan Inn Fraser Hill-010

Malaysia TOurism Hunt 2012 - Shahzan Inn Fraser Hill-005

This was our room. Rooms here at Shahzan Inn is rather bare as it is an old inn. Anyhow its amenities matches its price.

Malaysia TOurism Hunt 2012 - Shahzan Inn Fraser Hill-001

However, I nearly choked when I saw this. It was rather inconvenient for us and thus the reason for this a-day- late blogpost.

Malaysia TOurism Hunt 2012 - Shahzan Inn Fraser Hill-003

Well, when one is up at Fraser Hill you shouldn’t be cooped up in the room being online anyways. Perhaps it was intentional to encourage guests to go out and enjoy the greenery and sights!

Malaysia TOurism Hunt 2012 - Shahzan Inn Fraser Hill

Lunch was served immediately for our ravenous group.  Room check-in followed after and then it was time for our next activity – the Nature Race.

Malaysia TOurism Hunt 2012 - Shahzan Inn Fraser Hill-002

Taking advantage of the natural wonders and outdoors-friendly nature of Fraser Hill, the Nature Race activities (organized by C.O.C & Perbadanan Bukit Fraser) includes bird watching, horseback riding and flora hunt.

We were told to find “periuk kera” – pitcher plant as well as our national flower the hibiscus in 3 different colours.

DAy 3 Flag off n fraser hill PICS

Next was to snap pictures of 5 different birds! That was pretty much based on luck as the birds could be anywhere. At the boating, horseriding and archery areas where we spent most of our time waiting for our turn, there weren’t any birds.

My team mate Andrea managed to find 1-2 birds while I got 3, thanks to Norfaezah’s (another of my team mate) sharp eyes.

Below: Spot Birdie No. 1?

bird pic - fraser hill

Birdie No. 2.

bird fraser hill

Birdie No. 3.

Malaysia TOurism Hunt 2012 - bird Fraser Hill

Could you spot them?? 🙂

I went on the horseback ride which was a very mild trot around on this riding track. The most exhilarating horse-back experience I had was in Australia on St. Andrew’s beach and around Mornington Peninsula. That was REAL horse-back riding! I do miss horse riding…

Malaysia TOurism Hunt 2012 - Shahzan Inn Fraser Hill-008

Malaysia TOurism Hunt 2012 - Shahzan Inn Fraser Hill-007


Malaysia TOurism Hunt 2012 - Shahzan Inn Fraser Hill-006

It was back to Shahzan Inn after 2 hours for tabulation of points. There were no shotage of food so far in this trip as we were fed at each stop and after every activity! 😀

Malaysia TOurism Hunt 2012 - Shahzan Inn Fraser Hill-011

We had dinner with the head of Fraser Hill’s corporation of which I would need to get the name as my notes has gone missing. Food was good, so much better than Pullman Hotel in Putrajaya!

dinner Malaysia TOurism Hunt 2012 - Shahzan Inn Fraser Hill-012

An educational night trek followed shortly after dinner at about 9pm. It wasn’t as beneficial as we hoped since the group was large and rather noisy. No animals were sighted that night! LOL!

1 night trail - fraser hill

A supper at about 11pm ended our 3rd day. I was fast asleep by then since I’m the designated driver for the next day. 😀

Next up – Day 4. That’s if I can get a decent WIFI connection!
YES 4G wasn’t working up at Fraser Hill and neither at Bukit Gambang Resort City where I am currently struggling with the resort crappy WIFI. I think I should just go to bed. Urghh!

rebecca saw Asus Zenbook Fraser hill

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    You should cover more of Malaysia’s tourism! Good that you are supporting Tourism Malaysia on this girl!

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    Great info! Was wondering what was it all about, and now I know! 🙂

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