Cruffins – #ConradCruffins @ Conrad Centennial Singapore

What is a #cruffin you ask?

Well, Conrad Centennial Singapore defines it as a croissant shaped like a muffin and stuffed with different fillings.

rebecca saw - the terrace - cruffins-002

It was launched barely 2 weeks ago, and I was fortunate enough to be in SG last week for a media trip. Since the cruffins were less than SGD10 cab ride away, I hopped into one and licked my lips in anticipation as I entertained the thought of a hot cuppa with 4 cruffins.

cruffins - conrad singapore-001

Offered only at The Terrace on the ground floor of Conrad Centennial Singapore, I managed to get my grubby hands on all 4 flavours available.

Yeap, grubby hands indeed. 😀


They came out freshly puffed from the oven at 10am daily, and out of the four flavours available, I favour the Chocolate Cruffin. The chocolate filling is decadently rich yet isn’t too sweet.
The Apple Cinnamon Crumble one is like an apple pie with croissant as its crust.
If you like custard then the Vanilla Cream one would please your palate as it is stuffed heavy with sweet custard.
The raspberry was way too pumped up on the saccharine levels for me so that ranked the lowest in my list.

rebecca saw - the terrace - cruffins-001

I would recommend that you get the cruffins toasted to enjoy the most of its taste and texture. Mine was already cold though it was fresh from the kitchen (yes, even before photography so it wasn’t because I took a long time to photograph them) so it was a bit difficult to tear them apart and the texture got a bit chewy.

Available at The Terrace @ the ground floor of Conrad Centennial Singapore, the cruffins are SGD3.50 each.
Pair them with a coffee or hot chocolate and relax on the comfortable chairs on the outer sidewalk of the hotel.

cruffin - Conrad Centennial Singapore

cruffin - Conrad Centennial Singapore-003

The Terrace also serves healthy salads, fruits in a cup, wraps and sandwiches for those looking for a more substantial bite. For sweets, cakes, macarons, donuts and freshly bake loaves of breads are available.

cruffin - Conrad Centennial Singapore-002

cruffin - Conrad Centennial Singapore-001

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday : 07:00 – 20:00
Saturday and Sunday : 10:00 – 20:00

For more information or to book a table at The Terrace please call +65 6432 7487 or email [email protected].

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  1. Marcus

    cronuts cruffin muffnut err body making all these new jazzy confections.
    (this isnt a complaint. this is just pointing out. so I know what next to shove into my foodhole)
    looks good, fam

  2. Sean EDKL

    i think i’d like the cruffin … hopefully it’ll make an appearance in kl this year! 🙂

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