Cronuts in Malaysia – Burps and Giggles Ipoh

I was in Perak (or Ipoh more specifically) 2 weeks back for the Adilfitri celebration with Tourism Malaysia. A good thing about the itinerary was there were a few hours free time in between official engagements, of which naturally I spent those precious hours food hunting.

Whenever I’m in Ipoh I’ve not failed to visit Burps & Giggles. I love the vibe of the place and how I could relax comfortably for hours with a dessert and a drink. Its quirky and colorful interior never failed to bring cheer to my day.

cronut - burp and giggles ipoh - desserts

For this particular visit I was fortunately to sample a new dessert that Julie Song (founder and owner of Indulgence, Indulgence Restaurant & Living, Burps and Giggles, Allegra and Buku Tiga Lima) has managed to re-create, and recreated pretty well I must say – the Cronut; a hybrid of croissant and doughnut that has recently taken New York by storm.

cronut - burp and giggles ipoh - desserts-001

A disclaimer that I must make here is that I have not been to New York and I have certainly not tasted a “real” cronut made by the creator himself Chef Dominique Ansel. I have no way of knowing however whether the taste is even close to that of the much coveted original.
All I can say is I know how a good croissant and a good doughnut is supposed to taste like. And if the pictures and the descriptions that I have read online about the original cronut could be considered a fair reference, then the cronut at Burps and Giggles seems to cut it pretty close.

cronut - burp and giggles ipoh - desserts-002

Did they taste good?
Yes – especially when eaten hot. Part of the insides did replicate the texture of the spongy doughnut while the flakiness of the pastry is certainly croissant-like. All in all, it was a pretty greasy pastry (but it can’t beat the horror of the Klonut by BIG – Dessert Storm, Publika) since it is deep fried. In a nutshell it’s definitely not something I’ll indulge in on a daily basis nor would I encourage anyone to either!

cronut - burp and giggles ipoh - desserts-003

cronut - burp and giggles ipoh - desserts-004

In fact I had trouble finishing half a cronut though both the vanilla custard and the hazelnut chocolate cronuts were delicious. My preferance goes to the vanilla custard one and yes, both cronuts are really sweet.

So if you’re curious about the cronut and a New York trip is not quite possible at the moment, head to Ipoh for an initiation of this popular dessert!

Buku Tiga Lima and Burps and Giggles (adjacent shoplots)
93 & 95 Jalan Sultan Yussuf, 30000 Ipoh, Perak
05-242 6188
Open 8am – 8pm.

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  1. Gigi

    Oh finally cronut in Malaysia! So you managed to try the one in Publika – how was it?

  2. Sean Eat Drink KL

    yay for cronuts in ipoh! coincidentally a friend of mine was in ipoh today. should have asked her to tar pau back some cronuts from b&g 😀

  3. sycookies

    I’ve read a lot about cronuts but i absolutely love everything you said about it.

  4. Brenna

    Desserts at Indulgence are inconsistent. Good sometimes, but overly disappointing. I have not been to Burp & Giggles though. Are the desserts here different?

  5. Gayathri

    Ohhh cronuts! Why Ipoh and not KL??

  6. Amber

    Oh great! My friend from Ipoh will be in KL this weekend! Will ask her to grab one for me! Thanks for the tip becky!

  7. Hong Wei

    Not a fan of sweets but I know my girlfriends love Burp and Giggles.

  8. daniel

    Wow, I can definitely see the difference from the KLonut by Ben!

  9. Holly

    Desserts and food at Indulgence has been shaky of late. My aunty lives in Ipoh and many of her friends had reported less than satisfactory reviews.
    Personally for me I would grab a cronut since hers THE OTHER option from Ben’s KLonut.

  10. camilla

    How much was this? Not RM7 like the KLonut in BIG Publika I hope.

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