Crocs Malaysia Website Launch & it’s Official Bloggers for 2010!

UPDATES: The winner is Andrew of The answer we were looking for is “CrocsLite”, the main factor that differentiates the fake from the original.
No worries to the rest who left so many comments and also to Henryee, we will be giving you guys some freebies as a token of appreciation in the next 2 weeks!

Yes, I am a proud Crocs Malaysia Official Blogger for 2010! :yahoo:

Rebecca saw models Crocs

And to kick-off my err.. honourable appointment, I want to get you your first pair of Crocs!
Oh wait…… you already have a pair (or 2/3 pairs)?
Let me add to your collection of Crocs then. Yup, any pair of Crocs of your choice!.

The Crocs Malaysia Spring Summer 2010 collection is out in stores since May 2010. The range is funky, fashionable & as with all Crocs shoes; COMFORTABLE & ergonomic. The new ABF (almost barefoot) technology is superb. There is no reason why you are not wearing one!

ABF range

ABF range2

ABF range1

But of course, nothing comes entirely free 😉

I will be off to BKK on 23rd June so if you win this little contest I have here, you must be able to go with me to a Crocs shop in PJ area to pick your pair of Crocs by latest 20/21/22nd June 2010.

This contest ends Saturday 19th June, 4pm.

Leave a comment on this post with your answer to this question:

A friend/acquaintance wants to buy a pair of FAKE Crocs from the local pasar malam (night market). What would you say to him/her?

You can leave as many comments as you want. You can be as creative, funny, silly, sarcastic, (whatever) as you like. My blog is uncensored! 😉
Or if you’re long-winded, you can write a blog post & then leave a comment here with the link to your post.

Rules & Regulations?

1. Contestant must not be an employee of Crocs Malaysia.
2. The judges’ decision is final. The judges are myself (Rebecca Saw), Joanne Kay & fellow Crocs Malaysia Blogger 2010 Ellie Chee aka MissyCheerio.
3. No entries after the stipulate date & time above will be accepted.

So, get a FREE pair of Crocs from me! Write away! :whistle:

Below: More pictures from the Crocs Party and Website Launch at Friendscino Cafe, Damansara Perdana.

The 5 Crocs Malaysia Official Bloggers.

crocs malaysia official bloggers

1 crocs launch2

MC for the launch, comedian Chi Ho & Kuah Jen Han.

1 crocs launch1

The bloggers that came to party!!

group shot Crocs

Next Crocs post:
The World Cup Nation Crocs Band range!!

1 crocs launch

This Post Has 111 Comments

  1. bryanlyt

    YAY congrats on the Crocs official blogger! Crocsband nation looks awsum in conjunction with the World Cup season! 🙂

    “A friend/acquaintance wants to buy a pair of Crocs from the local pasar malam (night market). What would you say to him/her?”
    Answer – Dood! Those are fake Crocs man! Everyone who has a Crocs will easily spot one that is a fake! It’s not as comfortable, somewhat weird looking and might even grow fungus on your feet due to the cheap material!! Yeah, ewww. So… do you still wanna buy the fake ones?? 😉

  2. hApPy HaPpY

    First of all. Congrats to your appointment.

    “Don’t buy it here at the pasar malam, the crocodiles will bite your feet .The ventilation holes are ugly and weird looking. Worst of all they won’t last and people would know and laugh at you when you wear these fake shoes. Go get the real one. The real crocs are friendly especially to your feet, comfortable and trendy. You will feel safe and secure wearing the real one. These friendly Crocs are also tough and lasting. Forget these alligators at the pasar malam and get the real Crocs.”

  3. Jeff

    You are holding a HTC Desire / iPhone / BlackBerry but wearing a pasar malam croc, are you sure about that?

  4. Jeff

    I am not Chinese
    But instead Malaysian
    We love our hot culture here
    And jalan jalan at pasar malam here
    We love pasar malam for its bargain and variety of food
    But not fake products

  5. Jeff

    [C]ome on la, [R] you sure about this? [O]riginal [C]rocs rules, pasar malam one [S]uck okay!

  6. Jeff

    So this is what you are into, fake goods =.=
    No wonder you stink from head to toe all the time..

  7. Jeff

    Q: Do you know which animal will die if you knock on its head twice?
    A: Kok-kok-die (crocodile)

    Q: Do you know what type of cat is for cheapskate people?
    A: Copy cat

    1. Kimberly Ng

      hahaha..funny la..kok-kok-die.
      i can laugh whole day…Thanks :good: :yahoo: kok-kok-die pasar malam :negative:

  8. Heidi

    I’d prolly tell my friend: “Buy lah! Spend that RM20+ for a fake pair of Crocs…wear it for a week, come back and I’ll let you wear my original ones for a day. You’d wish you invested in an original pair of Crocs instead.” 😉

    1. Kimberly Ng

      Original Branded Crocs..yeah for Mr Teh… :yahoo: :yahoo:

  9. Yong YY

    There’s a difference between a ‘frog’ and a ‘croc’. You pay RM20 for a pair of frog shoes, or pay RM200 (or less) for a pair of real croc shoes which give you the genuine quality and right feel to go anywhere proudly 🙂

  10. Yong YY

    There’s a lot of differences between ‘frogs’ and ‘crocs’. You pay RM20 for a pair of frogs, or pay RM200 (or less) for a pair of real crocs which give you the genuine quality and right feel to go anywhere proudly 🙂

  11. Kelvin Tan

    You wanna buy a fake pair of Crocs? O_o :negative:
    Okay, it’s your funeral.

    Oh and congrats to you, Feeq, Marcky, Ellie as the official Crocs Bloggers.
    Erm, sorry. Dunno who’s the guy in the red shirt. >.<

  12. Spectre

    1.)Wanted RM 20 *Cheapo* Crocs . Catch 22. U will break your leg, hefy hospital bill, certificated cheapo freak , and etc.

    2)Wanted Original Crocs.Catch 22.It will cost Ur your piggy bank ONLY

    Now, the choice is obvious, right? :yes:

    PS: Congratulation on being Crocs Malaysia Official Blogger for 2010 :yahoo:

  13. Xi@nG

    Wootza….. Once again congrats Rebecca =] *thumbs up*

    If a friend/acquaintance wants to buy a pair of FAKE Crocs from the local pasar malam (night market). I just give a simple answer her/him…

    Do you ever want your boyfriend having a fake face(undergo plastic surgery), fake muscles or look Strong outer layer but coward inside? If you say YES, I’m sorry for you, such a faking sad life! If it’s a NO, what you waiting for? Go buy original CROCS at the retail shop larrrrr!

  14. Marinda Krishnan

    hehe… thank you for writing about this. You make me happy today… 🙂

  15. Jeff

    ME: Wah! So CHEAP la!!
    Friend: Cheap right? Why spend so much on..
    ME: I mean you, not the shoe
    Friend: …… (Thinking in heart, luckily I haven’t bought yet) Let’s go buy food I’m starving

  16. Jeff

    Dude, you remember Rebecca, the one you want me to introduce to you? She’s dig authentic guys only, and dish guys who are not.

  17. Jeff

    Eh.. Pasar Malam Crocs quality not bad, can last for at least 6 months… before you start seeing side effect on your foot.. China one I heard will get infected 1 week later..

  18. johnhoma124

    Your work has always been a great source of inspiration for me. I refer you blog to many of my friends as well.

  19. Spectre

    A friend/acquaintance wants to buy a pair of FAKE Crocs from the local pasar malam (night market). What would you say to him/her?

    U kidding right! I won’t even trade my toilet paper for this shit!Get Original Crocs coz it got Gaya, Keunggulan Tinggi and I rather be “Papa asalkan bergaya” than caught wearing fake stuff :good:

  20. Vern Bostock

    Heya¡­my very first comment on your site. ,I have been reading your blog for a while and thought I would completely pop in and drop a friendly note. . It is great stuff indeed. I also wanted to there a way to subscribe to your site via email?

  21. Marcky

    Wah, Jeff damn hardcore. I like.

    I have a pair of fake Crocs which I thought felt the same. Used for 2 weeks already can see the different very big.

    Now I have 6 pairs of real Crocs, plus 1 rosak.

    Real Crocs feel better the longer you wear them. Not the other way around.

  22. SHL

    one pair only-ah?sure enough or not? Lifetime guarantee by pasar malam seller…..if you are a FIREFLY. “Best in longkang and some say Sampah”

    My Crocs last me MY lifetime and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

  23. SHL

    Which design do you want? Not sure?Can’t make up your mind? Recommend you get “CROCS for Dummies” from a bookstore. I am sure it well help you decide!!!!!

  24. Jeff

    I would rather go bare foot than having to stepping on top of a pile of unknown-untested-uncertified-unproven-unexperimented pile of chemicals

  25. Jeff

    Pasar Malam Crocs RM10

    Doctor consultation for unknown infection RM80

    Humiliated cause fake crocs koyak while running RM Priceless

  26. Jeff

    Dude you are so gay.. Buying it is like courting megan fox, the male version of it of course.. puke~

  27. teohjitkhiam

    A friend/acquaintance wants to buy a pair of FAKE Crocs from the local pasar malam (night market). What would you say to him/her?

    “Dewd, like, we are going to collect my free Crocs from Rebecca later, can you so stop embarrassing me, pretty please?”

  28. dhena

    wearing fakes is like wearing bra which has a smaller cup… looks about right.. but fits all about wrong

  29. Jonathan

    You want buy fake one? I buy 1 Original one, you buy 1000 also cannot last as long as mine. And it isnt anywhere as comfortable as mine.

  30. Ahmed Iskandar

    yeah, you’re so cheap! say bye2 to you’re nice feet coz it will get ugly n stinks! and you’re a disgrace to fashion world!!!! B-)

  31. Jen

    buy lah fake Crocs… when you injure yourself I will take you to the fake doctor… *points at medicine man peddling snake oil next to the fake Crocs stall*

  32. Joey

    Go for Crocs original with no regrets!

    Why throw money to the sea with fake crocs that hurt your foot?

  33. Jen

    fake crocs are like fake boobs… nice to see… uncomfortable as hell!

  34. Jen

    you want to buy fake Crocs? Haiyo my friend… life is short… don’t make it shorter…

  35. Ang

    A friend/acquaintance wants to buy a pair of FAKE Crocs from the local pasar malam (night market). I would say to him/her:

    “Your feet deserves the best because they support you and gets you from one place to another”

  36. Jen

    don’t buy the fakes la… they’re like the vuvuzela… cheap, widely available and after the first 5 minutes ..become as annoying as hell…

  37. Ang

    A friend/acquaintance wants to buy a pair of FAKE Crocs from the local pasar malam (night market). I would say to him/her:

    “I don’t know about you my friend, but my work (health care) not only requires me to have comfortable and dependable shoes, but one that looks presentable and stylish. So far only Crocs have given me that pleasure”

  38. Ang

    A friend/acquaintance wants to buy a pair of FAKE Crocs from the local pasar malam (night market). I would say to him/her:

    “Dude, buying fake crocs would be like visiting a prostitute, the shoe would not accommodate your feet plus cause you to be scorned by the public!”

  39. ET

    aiya dude… mau die die ka pki crocs cap pasar malam. nnti kuar gutter uncensensored. sape malu?

  40. KS

    why buy fake crocs when someone here is offering a free one?

  41. Jen

    buying fake Crocs? buy the fake Jibbitz also la.. at least when you slip and fall next week you will look cute…

  42. Andrew

    Dude..Be good boy and pray, Santa has tons of real one!!

  43. Cinnamon

    A friend/acquaintance wants to buy a pair of FAKE Crocs from the local pasar malam (night market). I would say to him/her:

    Cheh cheh… don’t wear fakes, they Bite!

  44. Andrew

    You better watch out,
    You better don’t buy,
    You better ask why,
    cause i’m telling you now,
    Santa Claus has those with ” ™ “

  45. Andrew

    Dude..Go hook up with Rebecca Saw in facebook.. :whistle:

  46. Andrew

    Here’s the deal, I’ll bet you Germany will win the worldcup this year with a pair of CrocBand Germany!!

  47. SY Lau

    What? Buying fake Crocs shoes? Aren’t you scared that the material they used to make the shoes will eat away your feet like a real Croc? You’d have to fork out more money than the one you “saved”.

  48. Andrew

    Do you know why Freddy Krueger dies in Elm Street?? Because he can’t manage to escape from the burning fire with his fake melting Crocs.(Please don’t do experiment on this at home)

  49. Andrew

    Dude..those rubber quality is for your “Chewing Gum” lar!!
    Are you dumb dumb?
    Buying gum gum ??

  50. Jen

    wah friend.. which disaster wrecked region are you from to have to chose your shoes from a longgok like this?

  51. Andrew

    Using Malaysian rubber for your 99% safety reason,is exactly why we buy original Crocs

  52. Henryee

    Well, I would like to say, if you want to buy a FAKE Crocs, buy as you like, because in the end you will ended up keep on feeding (buying) the Fake Crocs distributors, because a FAKE Crocs is using lousy material unlike the Original Crocs which using the Croslite material to make the clogs/shoes.
    What’s more, your feet will feel uncomfortable because of wearing imitate Crocs, and sooner or later, you will have had a bad smell from your Fake Crocs, because the material that it was used is NOT Croslite, NOT Odor-Resistant, NOT Antibacterial, and you might get your feet AMPUTATED because of it was filled with BACTERIA!
    Original Crocs is a light weight, safe to wear, and Hassle-free product.
    PLEASE DON’T BUY IMITATE CROCS, RESPECT TRADEMARK, RESPECT CROCS DESIGNERS and most importantly, DO RESPECT YOURSELF for NOT BUYING FAKE CROCS, because it will make you look stupid for not wearing an Original Crocs instead of wearing a Fake Crocs! :heart:

    Thank you.

  53. Andrew

    Original Crocs has the same fact when you get a trusted condom brand:



    3.Less than 6 ounces

    4.Resistance to bacteria and odor to keep your friend away.


    6.Easy to maintain

    7.Slip resistance

    8.Can be sterilize in water (lol..i don’t do that)

    9.Water and sand pass through easily

    10. Non-marking soles ( comment)

  54. Jen

    buy fake crocs
    think you rock
    till your feet
    stink like shit!

  55. Andrew

    What happen if your Father in law ask you:”Have you ever lie to yourself for anything in this world,including marry my daughter??”

  56. louis

    I’ve been wearing crocs for a couple of years now, got them cuz I worked at camp5 back then (they were compulsory uniform lol!)

    and if my friend were to buy a pair of fake ones, i’d tell him that a real pair is comfort for life!

  57. Jen

    Jangan beli Crocs tipu
    Silap hari anda malu
    Jatuh lantai kaki kaku
    Nasib baik tak jadi hantu
    Esok satu hospital tau
    Awak beli Crocs RM 20 satu

  58. Andrew

    How do you explain if you get caught buy fake one ??(You got 3 seconds to answer)

  59. Andrew

    (Pull him/her away)

    “I’m the angel who god sent in to save you…all hail!!”

  60. Nick Au

    I’ll say, don’t be such a fucking cheap. Get original and get croc-king!


    *Turns to rebecca*

    Can I have my crocs now?

  61. Stupe

    I will tell him to wear a CROC, not a FROG.

  62. Stupe

    Look at friend and say “buying for maid ah? imagine if she serve you fake rice tomorrow, how?”

  63. Stupe

    Tell friend “you know why those escalator in shopping complex ban Crocs? it’s because cheapskate like you make their repair expensive”.

  64. Stupe

    Tell friend “eh, you know, the person selling it driving a landrover discovery while you still driving your 10 years old car, you got more style than this man”.

    *this is based on real story, i do know the person that drives the LR Discovery, they own a boutique franchise around KL/PJ and you are supporting their lifestyle by buying from them. Why not buy ori and support the company that feeds people with legitimate business?

  65. Andrew

    C@ck la you!! (opps..sorry)

  66. Tan Cheng Leng

    wanting CROC 4 Quality / Quantity?
    Real CROC 4 life.
    Fake CROC 4 nothing.
    Which 1 will u chose?

  67. Christopher

    Crocodile understands shoes inside,theirs are specially designed to give the comfort we desire, the support we require and the style we admire!
    So why are so stupiddddddddddd!!!!!to acquire this fake thing which is so cheap for you to aspire?

  68. Christopher

    Crocodile understands shoes inside out,theirs are specially designed to give the comfort we desire, the support we require and the style we admire!
    So why are so stupiddddddddddd!!!!!to acquire this fake thing which is so cheap for you to aspire?

  69. Ang

    A friend/acquaintance wants to buy a pair of FAKE Crocs from the local pasar malam (night market). What would you say to him/her?

    i would say “the first time my feet slipped into that soft rubber Crocs, it was love at first step and there was no turning back after that!”

  70. Jens

    you can’t put into words the feeling when you step into a crocs, soft like a breeze but solid as rock, twist and turn yet not fragile, with you i fear not a walk a thousand mile.

    i love you crocs!

  71. Maricel

    “My friend, buying fake Crocs is like supporting the manufacturers of fake products which are humungously incomparable to the original ones when it came to comfortability and durability as well, not to mention your feeling of wearing an ORIGINAL CROCS is awesome, as you can wear it anywhere without hiding your feet under the table or chair. If you are not convinced yet, since we have the same size of feet, I can give you mine as I am concerned about your safety especially in the escalators– coz i believe that ONLY FAKE CROCS do suffer from such accident!”<3<3<3 those are the words that i would say to my friend who is trying to save her/ his money for a piece of junk!

  72. Jacquelyn

    I would tell him/her

    “Why would you want to buy a fake crocs at a cheap price when you know it’s going to spoil easily? Then when it’s spoilt, you have to fork out MORE money to buy a new pair of crocs. Trust me, fork out RM100+ now, get an ORIGINAL pair of crocs, and you’re a happy (wo)man/!” :good:

  73. Ang

    A friend/acquaintance wants to buy a pair of FAKE Crocs from the local pasar malam (night market). What would you say to him/her?

    “wearing fake crocs is like having a sore thumb, it sticks out and it hurts like HELL!!”

  74. missyblurkit

    Why bother with a fake when its a fake? Buat malu. Kills you faster and probably in pain (think cancer) coz you never know what chemicals its made of that will be absorbed through your skin! Plus give due credit to the poeple at Crocs who have researched and worked hard to design fun functional shoes.

    So its either the real Crocs or don’t bother at all – I believe I made some folks upset when I said the same in Twitter some months back…

  75. HS Hoo

    It fits your style totally, girl.

  76. JoyceW

    LOL…this is such a fun contest. Anyway..this is what i would say :-

    “Girl…you’re not going to fool Kristy with that as a birthday gift. Remember..she recently got new glasses from her optician and she WILL see that the logo is a FROG and not a CROC!! “

  77. acupoftea

    what? you want to buy pasar malam croc? don’t drop my water face ma..selipar jepun 100x much better than that la..

  78. Yong YY

    Hey, no FAKE crocs please. Do you know those people whose job require standing like teachers, nurses, etc highly recommend crocs because this is THE shoes that make them feel so comfortable without pains even after standing for whole day, 7 days a week? This is because it shapes according to your feet and it’s easily maintained.
    But warn you, the FAKE crocs is cheap but sacrifice the quality, it’s a burden and you will get injured after wearing them.

  79. Angel Lim

    No “PASAR MALAM” Crocs it is really different from “ORIGINAL”. I had bought 1st pair of Crocs for my lovely dad last year. Feedback from my dad was very comfortable and he like it very much 🙂

    If my friend want to buy “FAKE CROCS” i’ll advise him/her better wait “Crocs WAREHOUSE SALES” buy a pair of original one is better than u buy a pair of fake one.

    I had miss the previous warehouse sales @ Ikano Centre. I hope i stand a chance to win my 1st Crocs shoes, i really like the design and colour 🙂 I’m waiting “Crocs Warehouse Sales” i plan to buy a pair for my lovely daughter, hubby and my parents 🙂 Of course i’ll ask my sister and brother join together buy Original Crocs…. Cheers….

  80. Hajullah

    hah what??? :good:

  81. Annie YF Yap

    RM 20 for a pair of ‘Crocs’ in pasar malam? Wah, very cheap o!. I also want one.
    (Usually I will ‘korek’ here and there and see see look look first).
    Friend, why not we buy a original one? If an original one cost about RM 200 and can last more than one year, then wah!!!! More cheap than pasar malam Crocs wo.

  82. keithchonghy

    You were born an original. Don’t die a copy.

  83. Ang

    A friend/acquaintance wants to buy a pair of FAKE Crocs from the local pasar malam (night market). What would you say to him/her?

    “it sucks. you’ve been warned my friend. Period.”

  84. Nic5453

    A friend/acquaintance wants to buy a pair of FAKE Crocs from the local pasar malam (night market). What would you say to him/her?

    Answer:No!! u shouldn’t buy a pair of Fake Crocs from there! These shoes quality is bad than original Crocs,the weight is heavy than original Crocs! So,fake Crocs is not confortable for us! Go for ORIGINAL CROCS!!CROCS :good:

  85. Smith

    So who’s the winner?

  86. keithchonghy

    i think all the judges are busy, not in town and no time to look at who is the winner. once the judges has settle down then we will know who win. 😉

  87. I’ve seen many blogs and I can definitively say that your site is my absolute top pick. Bookmarked, Dugg, and I added the feed. Thanks!

  88. Shay Delbridge

    LOL is that what you young people would say in this cases? Hello there, i’m a 84 years old grandfather and I’ve just found this website in my browser history. My nephew used my laptop the last time he went here, I believe… he says LOL pretty often but I’ve started to undertand what it means only recently but he’s a good boy after all. Keep doing your best guys, Internet is a real blessing and you have no idea how lucky you are. Best wishes by a old man commenting for the first time

  89. richjanitor

    hey this weblog is great. I¡¯m glad I came by this web site. Maybe I can contribute from the around future.

  90. Luminox

    Hey, This was a awesome post thank you very much for sharing that info with everyone.

  91. Lapel Pins

    I see what you’re saying, but have you read Mike Greene’s post on this? He’s got some great points.

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    There’s noticeably a bundle to find out about this. I assume you made certain good points in features also.

  93. Jona Lavy

    Utterly indited content , thankyou for information .

  94. beli

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