Crazy Penguin, Kota Damansara : Free coffee with a bingsu

2 weeks back I was at Rimba & Rusa for a cuppa with friends.
Rimba and Rusa is at the new Sunway Nexis; a mixed development of residential and commercial; the sort of new mixed commercial space that also includes two tower blocks for offices.

The architecture incorporates a lot of greenery and interior landscaping into the overall design, making the space look vast and feels uncluttered, thus encouraging leisurely idling at its retail or F & B stores.

There isn’t much currently except for Rimba and Rusa, The Rail Canteen and a cute ice parlour that goes by the name Crazy Penguin.

Crazy Penguin, Kota Damansara - bingsu-001

Crazy Penguin was empty at night and even in the afternoons. I passed by several times prior to my visit and had always wondered why it is mostly empty.
Korean Bingsu is quite popular in KL/PJ, but Crazy Penguin hasn’t amassed its legion of fans yet.

Crazy Penguin, Kota Damansara - bingsu-004

Finally my curiosity got the better of me.
On a recent evening after a light dinner, I convinced my dining partners to share a Bingsu with me.
On the day of our visit, a “Buy 1 Bingsu, FREE 1 coffee/Bung-Eo-Pang” promotion was offered and as expected we opted for that offer.

Our choice of Bingsu was the Double Melon (RM17.90). The total was RM20.85 after adding service charge (RM1.79) and GST (RM1.18).
Pictured below is the Iced Lemon drink, an extra for us.

Crazy Penguin, Kota Damansara - bingsu-006

No doubt many will gasp in horror saying that it is expensive since it is just ice.
Howver let me remind you that there is the offer of a complimentary coffee; with the option of ONE iced Americano OR Hot Americano OR 2 Taiyaki, Fish-shaped Cake ( Bung-A-Pang Pan).

I reckon with a free drink, the total of RM20 is ok isn’t it?
After all, one cuppa is about RM10 at any cafes in the Klang Valley. But do note that taste-wise it is merely drinkable, nothing to swoon over.

Crazy Penguin, Kota Damansara - bingsu-007

By the way, the cafe is double -story, well-lit and air conditioned. The Wifi works and though service isn’t attentive (foreign workers manned the cashier & behind the counter), it is bearable if you do not give them complicated orders.

The Bingsu itself is milk based, finely shaven & loaded with about 15 balls of rock and watermelon. Portion is sharable for 2, but it is entirely possible to finish it on your own if you like Bingsu.

Crazy Penguin, Kota Damansara - bingsu-002

Crazy Penguin, Kota Damansara - bingsu-003

Did you notice the powerpoint? 🙂
Yes, it can be a nice, quiet place for those who work remotely.

Crazy Penguin, Kota Damansara - bingsu-005

Crazy Penguin, Kota Damansara - bingsu

Will I be back?
Definitely! As long as the promotion is on-going, why not? 😉


Cafe Crazy Penguin
D-GF-12, Sunway Nexis, Jalan PJU 5/10,
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Mon-Sun: 10:00 am – 1:00 am

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  1. Nadine Hor

    Went there today and they are close!

    Their working hour is
    Mon-Tue 10am-4am
    Thu-Sun 10AM-4am
    Close on Wednesday

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