Crazy Christmas at KY’s of

I had a blast of a Christmas this year, and the eve started off with dinner with some old friends at Yo Sushi at Pavillion, reminiscing of old times (god, thats sounds like we’re soo old huh).

But.. more on that later, as I’m excited to post about the X-Mas party we had at KY’s of

I’m very much a newbie in the blogsphere, and have made some really good friends since I started. When I read that KY is throwing his annual party, I thought it would be a good chance to meet some new people and also to get to know the people behind the blogs I read.

The night was really fun as the people was friendly and I didn’t have trouble chatting up with new friends although I didn’t know a single soul there. 😉

These pics below are taken during the present – exchange session which started just after midnight. The rule was to get something above RM10, it has to be wearable and you got to wear whatever you picked as your present.

All gathered around for the gift session.

The gifts; some wrapped really nicely and some in newspapers (I understand totally, going green is the new pink! *grin*), Pos Laju envelopes and paper bags.
And yeah..naturally; condoms, underwears and bra popped up often 😉

KY handing out the slips of papers that each person has to pick to determine their turn for choosing the gifts from the pile.

KY got a pair of boxers!

2 undies, how to fit?? aiyohh.. one goes on the head lohh..

errr…I’m too drunk to remember how a bra is supposed to be worn… ;p

This is a really cool hat, which was much sought after during the session. It must have changed ownership at least 5 times!

My friend Clara from HK, she turned up at my doorstep at 6pm unexpectedly that evening and got dragged by me to the party. *grin*

KY and the rest of the gang kept echoing “This is not typical Malaysian behaviour ok…”
Yeahh.. as if …anyways, I think she still has a nagging feeling about that! LOL.

Quiet poetry blogger Jenson who is visiting from Tasmania. Yup you read right, poetry and from Tasmania.

Sexy.. no?

Look ma.. condom balloon! I’m a genius!

THIS IS PG -XXX rated! Huai Bin of
HE really wore the condom, on where it is originally intended.

Taking one out from the pack..

Tearing open the box..

Pants off..

Yee Hou who got a lipstick. he just got to show his lovvveeee for KY. muaahhhh!

Suanie who got a pair of lacy stockings and a matching white lacy undie.

This is a cool costume. ;p

Nice blue thong!

Condoms are great as gloves too.. as this guy demonstrated.

One of the ‘safer’ gifts of the night.

Horng, who got a baby pacifier, and being a good sport, he obligatorily suckle on it like a baby all throughout the night. ;p

It was a really really fun party and I’m so so glad I went (initially I was worried a bit as I’m an outsider).
Thanks KY!!
Really made my Christmas memorable!!

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  1. Myhorng

    Nice to meet you too

  2. thenomadGourmand

    myhorng: you too!! 😉

  3. 550ml jar of faith

    Hahaha, looks like a good time for everyone present! Hope your Xmas was wonderful, have a Happy New Year!

  4. thenomadGourmand

    550ml: Yes, my christmas was wonderful and hopefully my New Year too 😉

  5. Selba

    Happy new year!

    Whoaaaa.. so much fun during x’mas! How about n’year? ;D

  6. Ron Jerem Lee

    suddenly the market has high demand for lingerie before the eve.

  7. Dragon

    u guys really enjoy the party so much! nice!!

    allenooi from Yummy Station.

  8. ekeng

    what a fun Christmas 🙂

  9. thenomadGourmand

    selba: New Year was more subdued 😉 but enjoyed it with some close friends nevertheless..
    ron jerem lee: yup, sales spike just the night be4! haha
    dragon: yes, we all did.
    ekeng: it was a good christmas yes..hopefully every yr too!

  10. gill gill

    you guys really have fun!!! sporting enough….heehee

  11. thenomadGourmand

    gill gill: ya lorr…sporting n fun!! juz like u guys in Pg! 😉

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