Crack Pork – The Strand @ Kota Damansara – Pork Banh Mi, Mantou, Porchetta

Some of my friends had remarked that I have not updated much about food and “new places” around Klang Valley lately.

Well, if you want to be updated on my food adventures do follow me on my FB or FB page ( or Instagram (
I rant there more often, and it is quicker too for me to spew out my dissatisfaction on the terrible food (personal opinions of course) that I had to pay for when dining out.

Seriously, for the amount of cafes and restaurants that are opening each week, you would think that I’ll be spoiled for choices to find a dining option for my lunch or dinner.
But no, every time I feel like heading out for a meal I’ll first google it online, and from the pictures alone I’ll be hesitant to visit.
There are times I told myself to “try it anyhow“, and more often than not, regretted doing so.

It is disheartening that less than 10% of these cafes/restaurants really stood out for the food. Again a quick disclaimer here, this is my personal opinion.
Most are prettily decorated, or dishes out fancy-mancy named items that are essentially embellished with unnecessary sauces and toppings.
Some are creative, but unfortunately more often than not the flavours aren’t in harmony.

Now, back to Crack Pork.
What I like about Crack Pork is that they get the fundamentals right, at the very beginning.


Their roast pork (siu yok) is the heart of their menu.
To begin, only premium Sakura pork are used; which is free from beta agonist and antibiotics and that made all the difference to the flavour of the pork.
And the preparation method was spot on too. The meat is tender, the skin is beautifully crackly crispy while the fats remained juicy and soft.


With the star of the outlet done right, all further permutations on the menu already had a good base.
Now it is a matter of whether the sides or other pairing ingredients goes hand-in-hand.

Several versions of servings are offered – have it in a warm mantou aka “Peking Pork aka Siuyuk Mantao” or in a crusty baguette reminisces of Banh Mi or just go all out on the meat with a Porchetta set.


Siu York sandwich (banh mi) RM13.
As you can see, they are not miserly with the portion of the pork.


Siu Yok mantou (like Peking duck) – RM12 for 3.
2 thick cuts of siu yok per mantou. I thought it was very fair.


It’s been a while since I had a satisfying meal for such prices and you can be sure I’ll be a regular here.

Just a warning; do keep an eye on their FB page for the ever-changing opening hours. And the shop is really small so be patient if you have to wait.


Just for comparison sake; it’s about RM13-15 for a cake (flour, sugar, eggs) in most cafes now; and personally I rather pay for a filling meal like this. What about you?

Prices: No GST, no service charge (they will serve you your orders), free wifi, free water. Apa lagi you mau? 😀
59G Jalan PJU 5/21 The Strand Kota Damansara
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

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  1. Alan Jones

    Hi Beccy, you and the pork look gorgeous! How do you stay thin with all that siu yoke and cake?

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hahaha I workout just as hard!! 😛
      Sending hugs to u Alan!! Missing u!

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