Country Kitchen TTDI – why not buka puasa at a Chinese Muslim Restaurant!

I know I have been flooding my blog with Ramadan buffet and buka puasa reviews lately.
Well, it is the Ramadan month and the “license‘ to feast is on everyone’s mind (though that isn’t in “compliance” with the Islam religion). I’m just doing “my part” in letting you know your options! 😀

Anyhow if a sit-down, cooked-to-order-meal is more your thing, I’ll like to suggest some Chinese Muslim restaurants to you. I have blogged about Dong Yi Shun but the outlet has decided to close for Ramadan!
Fret not, there is Country Kitchen in TTDI.

Best of Halal - Country Kitchen TTDI - buka puasa ramadan chinese muslim restaurant

A family run shoplot restaurant in residential area of Taman Tun, Country Kitchen had been under the radar although it has been in operation since September 2013. However at the rate things are progressing, I foresee Country Kitchen to be a popular dining venue soon for Muslims seeking Chinese style cuisine.
Country Kitchen owner-cum-chef Zuraina Abdul Rahman heads the kitchen and menu creations while her husband helps out with the business management. Her son-in-law supervises the operations and her three children chips in regularly with the overall management.

Best of Halal - Country Kitchen TTDI - buka puasa ramadan chinese muslim restaurant-001

The close knit operation reflects in the homely dining space that seats about 75 diners.  Air conditioned for comfort, bright but soft lights and minimal décor keeps the focus on the food and rightfully so.

The expansive menu in Country Kitchen includes over 13 preparations of fish, 9 variations of chicken and a myriad of tofu dishes, soups, beef, squids, prawns, egg and vegetables.
This probably explains the consistent returning diners to Country Kitchen, other than the fresh, tasty food of course.

While it is primarily a family style dining venue, the ala-carte menu offers over 15 varieties of noodles and rice for individual diners or small eaters. Single portion of rice plus fish or meat starts from RM9.50.

Since it was my first visit, I sampled the restaurant’s signature dishes which include dry butter prawn (RM33 (S), RM50 (B)), fried crispy beef (RM23 (S), RM34 (B)), Whole Siakap CK special (RM33 (S), RM45 (M), and salted egg sotong (RM23 (S), RM34 (M)).
For fibres I selected the Asparagus Belacan (RM16 (S), RM24 (M).

Best of Halal - Country Kitchen TTDI - buka puasa ramadan chinese muslim restaurant-002

Most Chinese rendition of beef is either stir-fried with ginger or in dark soy sauce.
However, the signature Fried Crispy Beef by Country Kitchen was refreshingly unique.

The beef slices are coated with a dark sweet sauce and fried until the edges are crispy. However, other than the edges, each slice remains tender to chew.
The sauce reminds me of the Marmite glaze commonly used in Chinese kitchens. Onions and cut of capsicums added colour to the otherwise dark dish.

Best of Halal - Country Kitchen TTDI - buka puasa ramadan chinese muslim restaurant-006

My favourite item that evening was the siakap; both the fish and the sweet, piquant spicy sauce which reminisces of assam curry gravy.
The fish was adeptly fried resulting in a nice balance of crispy outer layer but with the moist, sweet flesh still intact within its skin.

I seldom order my fishes fried because it is such a waste when a fish is overly fried and not much of its sweet flesh remains.

However there were no such grievances for our Siakap CK Special.  The gravy is just perfect rained over steaming hot rice.

Best of Halal - Country Kitchen TTDI - buka puasa ramadan chinese muslim restaurant-004

Our Dry Butter Prawn had big, fresh fried prawns on a bed of buttery egg floss. Besides the fragrant butter, the aroma of the dish was further perked up with curry leaves.

The key highlight of this dish wasn’t so much the prawn but the addictive egg floss. Again this goes very well with rice.

The same can be said for the Salted Egg Sotong.
The chef was generous with the salted egg coating and there was no mistaking the aroma of salted eggs.
A lovely crisp and crunchy layer is crucial when serving this dish. And of course, the squids should be cooked just to the right degree so they won’t turn into rubbery rings.
Our plate of salted egg sotong hit the mark on all accounts.

Best of Halal - Country Kitchen TTDI - buka puasa ramadan chinese muslim restaurant-003

Overall our meal was satisfying. Our only complaint would be for the Asparagus Belacan which was slightly fibrous and a tad too oily.

Still, Country Kitchen does offer a pleasant environment and a good selection of Chinese Muslim food for all.  Ingredients are fresh and food portions are big even if it says ‘Small’ on the menu. 3 diners could easily share 4 dishes with rice and leave Country Kitchen nicely satiated.

Best of Halal - Country Kitchen TTDI - buka puasa ramadan chinese muslim restaurant-005

Country Kitchen

Location: 32, Jalan Datuk Sulaiman, TTDI, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 7727 0068 / +6019 7786409
Opening Hours: 11am – 11pm (Monday – Sunday)
Contact Person and details: Pn Zuraina, Owner.

Halal Checklist:
Muslim Owned: Y
Halal Certified: N
100% Halal Ingredients: Y
Cleanliness Grade – A
Serves Alcohol: N

Extra Comments/Notes:
Prices are nett. No service charge or taxes.

Years of operation: 1.5 years

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  1. daniel

    Thanks, just what I was looking for. This and the Muhd Chow. Hope it’s not too packed

  2. Azees

    if its halal restaurant then why didnt they get halal certified? any idea?

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