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I’m on hunt to for new contact lens. It’s either the contact lens I have been using or it’s the screen size of my ultrabook monitor – 11″ that’s making me dizzy, tired out and blurry eyed these days.
I have been using my 11″ Asus Primebook for sometime now, but it was rather recent that I noticed such discomfort. I have dailies and monthlies (contact lens) stocked so I have tried both, even changing them before its replacement due dates but the problem persisted.

I do acknowledge that my case may be unique, as I’m awake for long hours and I wear my contacts for as long as I’m awake. However it had not bothered me til recently. Well, other than getting my eye checked, I’ve decided to switch contact lens brand for a time being. Unfortunately, having been such a long contact lens user, I have tried all the brands in the market.

A friend of mine from Singapore had recently recommended CooperVision. I have never heard of it and the reason why he told me about it was because of its current themed contest running where every month there would a winner chosen based on his/her best picture that depicts the theme.

Coopervision 1seelove contest .bmp

The theme for this month is #iseelove. The #isee campaign is an engagement campaign where people will upload themed photos to a custom-built FB app for the chances to win some prizes.

Coopervision 1seelove contest .bmp-020

I took time to check out the site, and found that the contest is easy enough and natural for someone like me who is already taking pictures of everything I see. The plus point? No annoying public voting required!

As for their products, I’m impressed with the technology employed. Some are trademarked and many of CooperVision lenses are suitable for long hours wear due to its scientific breakthroughs.

Thus on top of deciding to be involved in the campaign, I had requested for their some of their Proclear family of lenses to try. I think this is the one that’s most suitable for me.

Coopervision 1seelove contest .bmp-004

The PC TechnologyTM creates a lens material that contains molecules found naturally in human cell membranes. These molecules attract and surround themselves with water, keeping Proclear daily contact lenses moist and comfortable, even after 12 hours of wear (actually I wear my contacts longer than 12 hours but if it can stretch to 12 hours, then a few more won’t harm right?).

The Proclear family of lenses provides options for all types of correction including those who need spherical, early prebyopia, multifocal and astigmatism correction.
In fact that was what impressed me most about CooperVision. If they manufacture contacts with corrective benefits, they are definitely well-established in this field.

For example, this is the MiSight lens which offers myopia correction.

Coopervision 1seelove contest .bmp-005

More about CooperVision and their range of lenses are on their site However the contest app is on their Facebook Page –

Coopervision 1seelove contest .bmp-007

To run the app, just click on the I See Love tab on the top right and then the page loads to this.

Coopervision 1seelove contest .bmp-009


After that, read “How” for Terms and Conditions before clicking on the Submit button; which will take you through the process of uploading your chosen picture.

Coopervision 1seelove contest .bmp-010

The usual app permissions message pops up. Just click Okay.

Coopervision 1seelove contest .bmp-011

To submit an entry is pretty straightforward. As a digital strategist myself, I thoroughly approve of such simple mechanism. And of course, the omission of public voting.

Coopervision 1seelove contest .bmp-012

One of the option was to upload a picture from your FB albums. That’s a nifty feature, since I’m sure many of us has tons of pictures in our FB accounts.

Coopervision 1seelove contest .bmp-013


I gave it a try and selected one of my favourite pork satay album.

Coopervision 1seelove contest .bmp-014

The app automatically crops your picture to the correct size for the submission. Remember to enter a caption too!

Coopervision 1seelove contest .bmp-015

Then just click Submit and it’s done.

Coopervision 1seelove contest .bmp-016

You can submit as many entries as you like as long as the pictures matches the current theme.

Coopervision 1seelove contest .bmp-017

I took a sneak peek to check out my “competitors'” entries. Some are really creative while some are just stock pictures taken off the internet. I hope those don’t count!

Coopervision 1seelove contest .bmp-018

As expected the #iseelove theme attracted pictures of friendship, lovers, family and love symbols. I’m not the love-y type so I’m pretty stuck.

Coopervision 1seelove contest .bmp-019

But as my friend has said, love for food is a form of love. So expect lots of “love” from me starting from tomorrow as I’m taking part in the #ISeeLove contest!
This theme is only for April anyhow, so if I don’t win anything, I can continue taking part for the next few themes. And so can you! 🙂

For couples, please do take part as I think you guys have the upper hand for this theme. I have a few ideas but no guy buddy to execute them unfortunately!
Here’s the the FB page for CooperVision –
Good luck!  😀

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  1. interesting; i’ve not used coopervision before but i’ll keep the brand in mind in case i ever need to switch. i use acuvue dailies, and it’s been ok as long as it’s less than 16 hours. after that, it does get dry 😀

  2. Kristen

    Hmm I think I’ll take part too, since there’s no voting required. I agree with you, I dislike those popularity contests too.

  3. Yee Leng

    Time to show off pictures of my baby ! 🙂

  4. Yeo

    As an optician I can assure you that the CooperVision lenses are good

  5. Jennifer

    I saw your pork satay photo. Totally hilarious!

  6. Veron

    Saw all your postings for the #iseelove theme on your bacon weave, hearts etc. Good idea babe, one can’t not love bacon right?

  7. Suki

    I submitted some pictures too. Wish me luck!

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