Coolsculpting in Kuala Lumpur/PJ – Malaysia : Article in Malay Mail

As you may realized by now, I’m a believer of Coolsculpting as it has been proven effective for me.
You can read about the details as below:
1. Initial consultation and measurements :
2. REVIEW – The RESULTS after 2.5 months :
3. For Karen, my sister – her procedure targeting her flanks (muffin tops/sides of the stomach):

There will be more as I just hosted a tea session yesterday so I’ll be writing about Vivian’s CoolFit procedure. Hers was done on her front abdomen.
Congrats Vivian for winning the complimentary session! 🙂

Clique Clinic - Tea session1

The other winner for the lucky draw was Sharlene. I can’t wait to see her results too.

Meanwhile this story was published in Malay Mail earlier this year. Even my editor thought it was a unique non-evasive procedure worth publishing about.


You can read the full story here –>
** Clique Clinic was not mentioned in the article due to certain reasons but it was my story so the Coolsculpting procedure was definitely done at Clique Clinic. 🙂

I did realised that every article I submitted to Malay Mail was edited and even shorten before publication. However at this stage I was getting a bit disturbed at the grammatical errors, the change in the structure of the sentences and the story after it was edited.
Trust me, some of published articles were almost 40% altered and it was much worse than my original written work.
Well, what to do? 🙁

For those keen to find out more about Coolsculpting, do contact Clique Clinic:


Trust me, it works! 🙂

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