Cook Penang curry mee at home – just boil and add the chilli paste!

On lazy days or when you’re feeling like whipping up something home cooked, do try our homemade curry mee paste!


The steps to prepare your own authentic curry mee at home are simplified as below.

Make it as elaborate as you like (for a house party or to impress that someone) or keep as simple as you would with your usual instant noodles – boil noodles, add coconut milk powder, add ingredients and top with the sambal.
Voila! Your Penang curry mee is ready to eat!

So yes, you can now have Penang curry mee at home for breakfast, lunch, supper or even at 3am!

Rice or noodles?
Spicy or mild?
Creamy or light?

You can adjust the proportions to your taste.


Watch this video for ideas but do not worry if all that prawns, cockles and mint leaves seems too much of work.
Just throw in sausages, eggs, some vegetables and you can even eat it plain if you wish.
The gravy is tasty enough!

VIDEO: How to prepare Penang Curry Mee at home

Step by step instructions:

1. Buy our “Penang Ho Chiak” Penang Curry Mee santan pre- mix and spice paste.

2. Boil 350 ml water and add the coconut milk mix.
**For one serving: 350 ml with 2-3 tablespoons of the coconut premix.

3. Boil noodles and all the ingredients of your choice in water (separate pan) or you can boil it in the coconut gravy too.

4. Serve in a bowl.

5. Open our jar of curry mee paste and load tablespoons of our freshly blended paste to taste.
Mix into soup and ENJOY!


NOTE: You do not have to cook the chilli paste.
PRICE: RM25 for both.
Order: Whatsapp +6011 – 3938 5350 or FB message us at
Pick up: TTDI or via Zoom/GoGet.

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