Converse Star: Youth & Decay Photography by David Corio @ Zinc ArtSpace

Now, isn’t Converse more of a brand of sneakers?  Apparel too yes, but rock bands and photography?

A new initiative for 2010, Converse intends to ignite the Spark Creativity by getting people involved and engaged to “act”, to be inspired enough to create a unique and original piece of art. The global campaign celebrates everyday creatives and artists.

So hence The Converse Star: Youth & Decay Photography by David Corio.

converse Youth Decay

I was invited for the opening night just last Friday & was fascinated by the photographs by David Corio. And this is coming from a non-artsy fella like me.

David Corio specialises in fine art rock and roll photography. Classic rock and roll images from the most famous rock music photographers are showcased here. Each picture was going for RM2000. All shots are captured beautifully, with each subject immortalized on film. At the side of each frame, there was a small tag which David shared on how he got the shot, at which performance as well as a little trivia behind the shot. I loved the tag; 😆 for it helped me understand the whole exhibition better.

Exhibition Dates: Saturday, April 24 – May 5, 2010 (ENTRANCE IS OPEN FOR PUBLIC)
12:00PM – 6:00PM Daily (Closed on Sunday)

Lot 61 . Jalan Maarof, Bangsar
(Opposite Dataran Maybank, Jalan Bangsar)

David Corio is a very warm and friendly man. No airs nor haughtiness.

david Corio

My favourite is this one of Tom Watts. Love the shadows & the cute pose 😀

tom watts

Michael Jackson!!

michael jackson

Bruce Springsteen.

Bruce Springsteen

Ohh..another good one..of BOB MARLEY. David Corio is really adept at capturing candid moments. He did admit that it’s hard, for during performances, these artists barely ever stop moving.

bob marley

Moving on, I admired the work – of -fashion that came out of this collaboration with Converse. Bands features on the shoes were Blondie, U2, The Ramones and The Clash.

Converse the clash sneakers

blondie converse sneakers

converse Ramones

Further entertainment that night were provided by Rollin’ Sixers & The Aggrobeats plus food by Gaja, Zinc’s neighbouring restaurant.

The aggrobeats

Rollin Sixers

Thanks Leonard, for the invite; else little known me wouldn’t have had a chance for this exclusive event.

Check out Leonard’s blog if you are into cars, he has a damn cool job! 😀

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  1. Sean

    hey, those pics are pretty nice! i’m a big fan of bruce springsteen … one of his songs, ‘brilliant disguise,’ is one of my ringtones…

    1. rebeccasaw

      Serious?? 😮 you must let me listen to it!
      I dun think i know anything bt Bruce Springsteen!

  2. ciki

    huh, ru advertising for sneakers? how cute.. heh

  3. ciki

    ahhhh! ic ic.. ZINC ART SPACE! eggcellent.. must tell CUMI.. he’ll love this;)

  4. peteformation

    Converse sneekers, saw them on the shelf before…but more for teenagers type of design! LOL!

    1. rebeccasaw

      I agree! Heh..unless ur young at heart??

  5. Kasi Kernes

    Over the years, there have been few artists I have enjoyed listening to than Bruce Springsteen…thank you to The Boss!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Nice to know tht..i’m a noob to this type of music but I love ther photos!

  6. Hiya!
    Thanks for the post, it was a great nite 🙂

    Everyone, you can check out the show at Zinc (open Mon-Sat) until 5 May, so drop by. Iggy Pop, Ramones, and Johnny Rotten shots are sold, but there are others still available and some are MYR1,800. There are also t-shirts for sale with certain photos on – like Blondie!

    Credit to David C yer, for the photos of his photos in this blogpost.



  7. minchow

    Heard about this over the weekend and got real excited! Converse IS totally rock n roll so this isn’t some poseur brand trying to pass off something they’re not. Will def check it out!

  8. Outsourceable PHP

    Hey…..nice post!!

    Awesome, No more words to explain 🙂 🙂 😀 just….cool blog.

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