Continued: Japan Day 3 – Odaiba : Ramen City : Statue of Liberty : Gundam : The Rainbow Bridge

Continued from Part 1 : Day 3 – Odaiba!

The Ramen City is in Aqua City so that was my first stop. Stepping in, I realized it was just another shopping mall but I obligatory took some shots to show you guys.

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-107

Shops. Cinema. More shops.

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-108

It is also quite old, with winding shopping corridors, generic brands and dimly lighted “grey” areas.

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-115

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-116

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-117

The Ramen haven is on the 5th floor so I had to walk quite a bit.

aqua city floor directory - rebecca saw blog

At the entrance.

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-019

I felt like I walking walking into a ramen village or something! 🙂

Along the walls were ads of the ramen shops with some pictures of happy diners. But no picture could beat the one of the kid below!

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-022

Unfortunately for me, every damn thing was in Japanese, the menu, the descriptions and even the shops’ service staff doesn’t speak English.

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-025

Think of this Ramen City as a ramen foodcourt where every stall offers a different type of ramen; a specialty of their own.

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-021

I couldn’t read nor make out anything and walked a few rounds eyeing the diners’ bowls on their table! It was around 1pm when I was there so business was brisk. I had expected to see a lot of tourists but funnily enough, 90% of the diners were local.

Well, that probably gave more assurance to me that the ramen here is good! But the problem was making a choice. I can only eat ONE bowl of ramen so how??

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-023

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-026

I walked and walked around the 7 – 8 stalls and repetitively stared at the pictures. Some looked the same, some looked too ordinary and some were unclear – soup or dry?

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-028

In the end hunger took over and I just ordered one that has PORK AND EGG. 🙂

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-029

Once payment (700 Yen – RM28) is made at the counter, I was given a device that will beep when my order is ready.

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-027

Meanwhile, find a seat and help yourself to the free water dispenser.

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-024

When my device beeped, I went to the counter to collect my ramen. Here you can add seaweed, chilli powder, chilli oil etc.

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-030

I would have prefered a soupy one but my order turned out to be a dry one. Trust me, the pictures doesn’t help as it shows the top of the bowls with ingredients but I can’t tell for sure if it’s dry or soupy.

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-031

Ah well, time to dig in!

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-031

Break the yolk!

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-032

It was tasty but it got saltier as I got to the bottom of the bowl. Well, you are supposed to mix everything up and eat but the bottom “sauce” was so salty that it was lucky I didn’t.

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-033

But this was certainly a type of ramen preparation that I haven’t tried before. Googling for more information (in English!), I couldn’t find much facts about my “Hakata umaimon festival” ramen. Anyone that could shed some light on this is much appreciated! 🙂

After eating, you will have to bring your tray with the bowl back to the stall you ordered from.

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-034

Sated, I went to look for the famous Rainbow Bridge, the Statue of Liberty and so forth for the customary touristy pictures.

Here goes!

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-109

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-111

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-112

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-119

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-122

Next I decided to get a closer shot. Which inevitably leads in more walking.

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-123

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-126

And I’m here!

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-129

Shot of me and Statue of Liberty Odaiba, Japan – CHECK!

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-131

I moved on to “collect” more touristy shots.
In my opinion, the Fuji Television building doesn’t really have much going on. The ride up the escalator at its side was an experience but that’s about it. I believe you have to pay to go in and walk within the building.

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-132

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-137

I lost a bit of weight in Japan. You can guess why huh? 😛

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-139

Touristy pictures at the entrance of the escalator – CHECK!

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-141

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-142

Up we go!

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-143

View you ask? It wasn’t much of a view la.. just the Odaiba city lorrr….

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-145

I got a nice shot of the Ferris Wheel though. And if you can’t guess, the Venus Fort is another shopping mall.

Ferris wheel - Odaiba Tokyo Japan - rebeccasawblog

Reaching the very top of the escalator is the ground entrance to the Fuji TV building. You have to crane your neck to look up at the golden globe. I think staring at it from far away is far better for the neck.

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-146

For retail, there’s a few coffee shops, F Island (presumably F for Fuji) and this rather cute Chuggington Shop.

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-151

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-152

Bored, I went down.

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-153

By now it was 4 -5 pm and the sun is going down. I waited patiently for the night shot of the Rainbow Bridge as everyone told me it’s very beautiful. But even the Fuji TV building looked resplendent as the sun sets.

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-156

While waiting for it to go completely dark, I walked over to the Gundam statue area which is near the Diver City mall.

I have no idea what this is!

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-155

Or this.

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-159

But everyone knows this right?? 🙂

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-160

gundam - odaiba tokyo japan

I’m not a fan, but I’m a tourist remember? So here’s my shot with Gundam!

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-162

There was this large open space area with lots of modified cars and loud music booming. Tokyo Drift came to mind! Too bad they weren’t racing! 🙂

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-163

Then I headed back to the Rainbow Bridge. It was raining by now so on top of being tired, I was cold and hungry but without any appetite. I finally bought my first drink at the Japan’s famous vending machines. 120 Yen is RM4.50.

japan drinks vending machine - rebeccasawblog

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-166

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-167

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-168

Cool yes? I’m always amazed and I have mentioned this many times to the people I met in Japan and back here in KL. These vending machines are everywhere; in dark alleys, in carparks, in subways stations and sometimes just in the middle of nowhere. But every single one stays in perfect condition. It really demonstrated the mentality and culture of the people of Japan.

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-169

Finally after 30 or more shots in the rain, holding my Sony NEX F3 as steady as possible in Aperture mode with the highest ISO, I got my best shot of the Rainbow Bridge with the Statue of Liberty in the foreground!

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-175

Here’s another one from a different spot.

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-172

I could finally head home!

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-178

I took the train from Odaiba station as that was the station closest to this area. Remember how I came down at Odaiba earlier today but was told to take the train to Aomi instead? Seriously, communication in Japan is challenging if you do not know Kenji. I mean I did survived my trip, but knowing Japanese does help.

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-180

I tapau-ed a very nice burger from Kua’ aina that was highly recommended by my friend Chong. It cost me 1080 Yen = RM40. Kua’aina proudly proclaim that they serves the WORLD’s best burgers since 1975. Being a burger addict, how could I resist??

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-017

I should have eaten it there but like I said, I was cold, exhausted and hungry without an appetite. But Kua’aina burgers are only available in Odaiba city and I know I won’t be back in this area anytime soon so I packed my burger back to the hostel.

If you are my FB friend, you would have known about how my burger was stolen from the fridge in my hostel. But more on that later. If there were any consolation, I did managed to take ONE bite that night before I went to bed. But thank you everyone; my kind FB friends who took the trouble to leave comforting comments to console me. 🙂

FB status - stolen Kua'aina burger in Japan

The trials and tribulations of my Japan trip. It was an adventure EVERYDAY! 🙂

Japan Day 3-Odaiba-184

Pictures in this post: 
sony nex f3

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  1. Sean

    that’s an interesting ramen preparation indeed. probably less filling, since there’s no soup to slurp, but i like how it uses a runny egg to mix into the noodles. kinda reminds me of chili pan mee, a bit 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Ohh yes, that’s why i ended up with this. both egg and pork also got! 🙂

  2. ulric

    Minute Maid! U got to be kidding? 😛

  3. ALAN

    Everything and everywhere seems spotless, but who the hell is Gundam? Again excellent report and pics. 🙂

    1. rebeccasaw

      Day 4 coming up! :))
      Everytime I’m tired, I think of your encouragement and pushed myself to finish the posts…
      Gundam? Heck, I still dunno til today dear! 😛

  4. T

    Totally agreed! Knowing kanji/mandarin is a great help in Japan

    Did you have problem with the japanese toilet seat (with many buttons)? 🙂

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hahah thank god I got a friend who sent me a link to a toilet video – a tutorial on how to use the Jap toilet bowl! I didn’t have any problm after that 😛
      But I could imagine how hard it would be for me if I havent watched that video -_-

  5. Charles

    Loves all the pictures, felt like I’m at Odaiba

  6. Choi Yen

    What is the square cube with 2 different layers?

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hi Jon! Thank you for your kind comment and the link!
      Yes mine was exactly like that. I think Hakata ramen is soupless ramen then?? 😛

  7. Hong

    You have to pay to go up the Fuji Tower, but it’s free to visit the building inside on ground floor. It displays a collection of popular shows aired by them. There’s also a gift shop there.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Ahh I see.. well, problm with me was I’m not really interested in Japanese shows or souvenirs or songs LOL! I love their FOOD and way of life though.

  8. Andrew Lee

    Pity ur burger got stolen =(
    To put it simple, Gundam’s a giant robot anime.

    1. rebeccasaw

      HAhah yea too bad about the burger part 😛
      Oh now I GET IT! It’s a manga thing??

      1. Andrew Lee

        Close but not exactly. Not all animes originate from mangas. It’s popular because they sell the model kits where fans can build the robots and also the story is not bad.

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