Cockle (siham), Lala/Siput, Sotong Kangkung and “Fishcakes Rojak” – Hock Chin, Melaka

Why is everyone asking me to go to eat cockles and clams (siput kepah) at some stall located near Madam King, “at the back alley of Bunga Raya” (exact directions given)?
What’s so special about it, I had wondered.

Anyhow that request got me reminiscing of my years in Penang. I remembered sitting at hawker stalls at night and digging my way through piles of boiled cockles dipped in their special chilli sauce.


I hardly see this in KL (or maybe I wasn’t looking hard enough) and when Fiona as well as some of my FB fans/friends suggested this place I suddenly developed a hankering for cockles and sotong kangkung. I told Vincent my acting guide to take me there. He being local decided to share his favourite joint for this local delicacy instead.

Hock Chin is not as well known (among tourists) but is very popular with the locals. Perfect. That’s exactly what I’m looking for!

Hock Chin, Melaka - siham, cockles, sotong kangkung

As usual his recommendation was spot-on. Either that or we both share the same palate for food. 🙂

At RM2.00 and RM1.5o per serving these were probably the cheapest plates of mollusks I ever had.

Hock Chin, Melaka - siham, cockles, sotong kangkung -006

And these were so so fresh! The siput was plump, chewy and sweet and the cockles oozes fresh blood and was devoid of any grain of sand or dirt.
A handful of these in a bowl of curry laksa would have been heavenly. 🙂

Hock Chin, Melaka - siham, cockles, sotong kangkung -009

Hock Chin, Melaka - siham, cockles, sotong kangkung -008

The accompanying sauce is nutty (ground nuts added), overall sweetish with a mild tinge of spiciness. But it’s nothing that even a low tolerance for spicy foreigner’s tongue can’t handle.

Hock Chin, Melaka - siham, cockles, sotong kangkung -013

Since there were fresh fishballs and beancurd sheet being barbeque over open grill I added that to our order. I call this the fishball rojak since it came served with sweet salty soy sauce with cucumbers and peanuts, just like the fruit rojak we have back in Pg and KL.

Hock Chin, Melaka - siham, cockles, sotong kangkung -011

Tastewise it was good enough to not warrant any complaints. The cuttlefish with water convulvus (kangkung) is recommended too. The kangkung was satisfyingly fresh and the cuttlefish soft and bouncy to bite.

Hock Chin, Melaka - siham, cockles, sotong kangkung -010

We had 2 drinks and all of that all that cost us RM13.50. I can’t complain. Really I can’t. 🙂

Here are some pictures of Kedai Makanan dan Minuman Hock Chin and the “kitchen”.
Below: An open grill for the bean curd sheets, fish cakes and fish balls.

Hock Chin, Melaka - siham, cockles, sotong kangkung -003

Hock Chin, Melaka - siham, cockles, sotong kangkung -005

The preparation of the cockles and siput are simple; just a quick dip of the shellfish into the boiling water before serving.

Hock Chin, Melaka - siham, cockles, sotong kangkung -012

You want ambiance? You can choose to sit inside the coffeeshop or al-fresco by the road on cute little low stools.
We chose the latter of course. 🙂

Hock Chin, Melaka - siham, cockles, sotong kangkung -002

There aren’t any food outlets within the same row of shophouses. In fact Hock Chin could be considered a bit out of the way from town but if you’re up for a drive out of town, do get your cockles/siput/sotong kangkung cravings satisfied here.
And if you’re asking if it is worth the drive here compared to the conveniently located Tong Bee at Bunga Raya, well my friend Vincent, a local Malaccan thinks so. 🙂

Hock Chin, Melaka - siham, cockles, sotong kangkung -001

Kedai Makanan dan Minuman Hock Chin
Jalan Jasa Merdeka 2, Taman Merdeka.
GPS: (will update as I got my GPS coordinates all mixed up for now).
Closed every Sunday.

* This Melaka trip was made possible by Casa del Rio, Melaka. Many thanks to the management for the splendid stay and providing me the opportunity to explore the rich cultural state of Melaka! 🙂

Rebecca Saw - casa del rio Melaka

Casa del Rio Boutique Hotel
88, Jalan Kota Laksamana 75200 Malacca, Malaysia
+606-289 6888

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  1. Sean Eat Drink KL

    omigosh, i love love love LOVE cockles, so i’d go to bed very happy after a meal like this! i don’t remember this outlet from my younger days though, even though i recall madam king very well (it was one of the main shopping malls when i was in primary school!). but omigosh, cockles! 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hehe! Same here! I love them too!
      Those plump bloody ones are the best – sweet (if that’s possible) and juicy and absolutely great with the chilli sauce!
      I hate those shriveled ones we get in KL!

  2. ulric

    Ahhh…so tis was the place…too bad dun how time to inform my frens who are in Melaka now?…hehe =)

    1. ulric

      Oops…dun have time…hehe 😛

    2. rebeccasaw

      It’s closed on Sundays anyways 🙂
      But I’m sure you gave your frens so many places to check out that they won’t have time to fit all in, which means 2nd visit is due soon! 🙂 This time hopefully with you along!

  3. Cindy Tong

    i heard about this place…but im jus not cockle that fat clam does look interesting!!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Ok la, you wallop the fishcakes rojak and lala/siput while I wallop the bloody cockle! *slurps!* Hahahh!

  4. ahmad

    is it halal?

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