Club Med Bali – Body and Soul Program Day 3 & 4 and Club Med Bali Spa

After windsurfing, too much good food & a hot Latino night, we seek Balance in Green the next day.

Club Med Bali - Day 2, breakfast - rebeccasaw-014

Club Med Bali 2013 - rebeccasaw-115

By today I was really looking forward to the themed food. As usual, at the juice section, the themed drink of the day was waiting for the guests.
For today the “Body & Soul Specialty juice is Cucumber and Mint Juice“.

Club Med Bali - Day 2, breakfast - rebeccasaw-010

A full glass later I felt as if I have chlorophyll flowing through my veins. Almost too healthy!

Club Med Bali - Day 2, breakfast - rebeccasaw-016

And so I had to have my creamy Banana Milkshake. 🙂

Club Med Bali 2013 - rebeccasaw.PNG-001

At 8.00 am the first Body and Soul activity was Yin Yang Chi Ball by Lynley.

Club Med Bali 2013 - rebeccasaw-116

ying yang chi ball - club med bali rebecca saw 1

Yin Yang Chi Ball has its basics in Yoga and the whole exercise focused on the core, breathing and some familiar yoga poses but with the use of a small ball.

Club Med Bali - Day 3 Activities - rebeccasaw-002

Club Med Bali - Day 3 Activities - rebeccasaw-004

Following her instructions diligently and from focusing on engaging my muscles I did managed a good sweat and felt really good afterwards.

Club Med Bali - Day 3 Activities - rebeccasaw-005

Club Med Bali - Day 3 Activities - rebeccasaw-009

We had a good chat with Lynley after the session and even took the opportunity to strike some poses for the camera. 🙂

Club Med Bali - Day 3 Activities - rebeccasaw-010

Today is a rather busy day as we have kayaking next followed by Sea Aqua Aerobics. And that’s only the first part of the day!
But like I have mentioned before, there are many activities lined up throughout the day so guests (GM = Gentle Members – as we are known here) are free to join or skip whichever program they wish. I’m on the other hand, the crazy sort who is so thrilled to be a part of fitness and health program that I had wanted to do as much as I could within the 4 days I was here! 🙂


Breakfast was a short and sweet affair and myself and Huai Bin quickly made our way down to the beach for kayaking. Both of us has kayak-ed before so I wasn’t as blur compared to the windsurfing session yesterday.

Club Med Bali - Day 3 Activities - rebeccasaw-016

Our instructor for kayak was Akram and he was as casual as Irul was yesterday. I think the watersport instructors here needs a rotation or a break of some sort to shake up things a little.

We are a small party so Akram forgo the brief and asked us to suit up (grab a life jacket) and get ourselves each an oar. At the beach, he gestured to the kayaks available and asked us if we wanted to partner or just go alone. I was blank for a while as I wasn’t sure what he meant. Partner? As in 2 in one kayak? One in one kayak and then the other partner looks on?

I stared at Huai Bin asked him what he thinks. HB said it’s fine, one per kayak is better as having 2 in one kayak actually makes it harder to row.

Club Med Bali - Day 3 Activities - rebeccasaw-017

And so we hopped in one kayak each and started to row. Like I said, I have kayak-ed very briefly before but so long ago that I can’t remember. But kayaking is simple enough, just row from one side to the other and make sure that on each side the oars are dipped and rowed using the right angle.

It’s good that both of managed, for Akram rowed ahead to the sea without any additional social conversation. Myself and Huai Bin rowed in silence. He went a bit further and I just paddled lightly around. Then I rowed back to beach since the whole experience was a bit too easy for a thrill seeker like me. 🙂

Since the kayak was so steady, we regretted not bringing our cameras with us. So once we got back at the beach we both grabbed our cameras and rowed out to the sea again so we could have shots of us in the kayak! Too bad there wasn’t anyone around yesterday during the windsurfing session.
We didn’t have pictures of us sailing. 🙁

Club Med Bali - Day 3 Activities - rebeccasaw-019

Club Med Bali - Day 3 Activities - rebeccasaw-027

Club Med Bali - Day 3 Activities - rebeccasaw-023

Done with kayaking, we headed back to our room to rest. The next activity Sea Aqua Aerobics was supposed to be in the sea again but was changed to the pool due to tide and weather reasons.

Club Med Bali - Day 3 Activities - rebeccasaw-038

I didn’t mind as the pool is large and clean. Furthermore, it felt “proper” with clear boundaries and gave a sense of a “controlled” environment.

Club Med Bali - Day 3 Activities - rebeccasaw-039

Loud music blared and the energy was contagious as Lynley and Lisa took us through the session. I really love these 2 ladies! 🙂

Club Med Bali 2013 - rebeccasaw-094

Club Med Bali - Day 3 Activities - rebeccasaw-041

1,2,3,4! 🙂

Club Med Bali 2013 - rebeccasaw-090

Jumping jacks, doggy paddling, running on the spot, arms lifts, kicks and body twists, we did them all in good spirits!

Club Med Bali - Day 3 Activities - rebeccasaw-043

And we made a few new friends in the pool.

Club Med Bali - Day 3 Activities - rebeccasaw-044

It was a fabulous workout and it had me all pumped up and chirpy for the rest of the day. And that’s rightfully what an exhilarating and fun exercise does to you!

I’ll be lying if I say I wasn’t tired out from all that. After lunch I had wanted to rest for a bit but I ended up blogging 😀

But first, the GREEN menu.

Club Med Bali - Day 3 Lunch @ Agung Restaurant - Rebeccasaw-003

The GREEN station.

Club Med Bali - Day 3 Lunch @ Agung Restaurant - Rebeccasaw-005

A Body and Soul Special: Grilled Fish with Mashed Green Peas (I LOVE MASHED PEAS!!)

Rebecca saw 1P3226255

I had the chef doublng the portion of mashed peas for me since there was a whole bowl of it! 😀

Club Med Bali - Day 3 Lunch @ Agung Restaurant - Rebeccasaw-002

More from the Green menu:
Bottom: Cucumber with Olives Tapenade, Cucumber Sushi with Fish Roe Egg,  Okra, Anchovy & Torch Ginger Salad, Avocado Salad.

Club Med Bali - Day 3 Lunch @ Agung Restaurant - Rebeccasaw-010

A sweet ending to all things green are GREEN macarons!

Club Med Bali - Day 3 Lunch @ Agung Restaurant - Rebeccasaw-004

I rested after lunch as I planned to go for the flying trapeze that evening. The Circus section, where the Bungee Bounce and Trapeze is only open for Adults (above 18) from 4pm onwards. The rest of the morning is reserved for kids.

flying trapeze -Club Med Bali - rebecca saw

More about the Flying trapeze session will be covered in another post and I must commend the Circus team for their professionalism and effort in encouraging the members that was at the Circus area to take another jump, to try again and for cheering us on when we were up, metres above ground level breathless; some with exhilaration and some with fear.
But in the end, everyone was happy and I managed to go up 4 times! 🙂

Club Med Bali - flying trapeze - rebeccasaw-004

Club Med Bali - flying trapeze - rebeccasaw-003

Exhilarated and in high spirits, I left the Circus and headed back to my room to freshen up for dinner. This is my last evening here and I’m so happy that I have made the most of my time here.
Club Med Bali and Body and Soul Program is certainly my ideal holiday; scrumptious yet healthy food, great workouts sessions with sufficient variety so I don’t get bored, comfortable accommodation in a wonderful resort and friendly GOs all around.

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-049

Our last dinner at Club Med Bali is at the ala-carte Batur Restaurant.
Batur is open for breakfast (10-11am), after- lunch (Snacking 2 – 5:30pm) and dinner (7:15 – 9:15) .

Club Med Bali - Breakfast @ Batur Restaurant - Rebeccasaw

Club Med Bali - Breakfast @ Batur Restaurant - Rebeccasaw-002

Both Batur and Agung operational hours are different (with the exception of dinner ) and thus both complemented each other perfectly.
For the hours that Agung Restaurant is closed, Batur would be the alternative for food. Again it is of no additional expenses to GMs (Gentle Members = guests) as food is inclusive in the Club Med package. However, do note that orders of certain wines are chargeable;  but that would already be stated clearly in the menu.

1 Club Med Bali - Dinner @ Batur Restaurant - rebeccasaw-015

There will be a salad bar as well as bread counter but the mains for your meals are ordered ala-carte.

1 Club Med Bali - Dinner @ Batur Restaurant - rebeccasaw-016

Food was good, and more on Batur would be in another post.

Entertainment after dinner tonight was a Balinese dance at the pavilion just right outside Batur. It was a beautiful dance; graceful and mystical, fluid and cultural.
The guests enjoyed the show very much as evident from the enthusiastic applause afterwards.

1 Club Med Bali - Dinner @ Batur Restaurant - rebeccasaw-017

1 Club Med Bali - Dinner @ Batur Restaurant - rebeccasaw-020

This was certainly something different from the usual loud night entertainment at the Balinese Theater. I believe it’s impossible to get bored if you stay in Club Med for 1 week, the food, entertainment, activities; everything goes on rotation.

For example, on Friday night, there’s a small local souvenirs and craft market set up by the locals. This market provides the locals with opportunity to earn some allowance as well as a convenience to the rest of the guests as we do not have to step out of the resort should we require to do a little souvenir shopping.

Club Med Bali 2013 - rebeccasaw-103

Club Med Bali 2013 - rebeccasaw-104

Club Med Bali 2013 - rebeccasaw-105

Club Med Bali 2013 - rebeccasaw-106

The bar by the pool is the main area for after dinner drinks but after the long day today,  I just retired early. Tomorrow is more yoga, a massage and then it’s check-out time.


It was a routine by now. At 7.30 am, I was at Agung Restaurant for my breakfast drink (Body and Soul Special).

Day 4: Revitalization in Purple. 

Club Med Bali 2013 - rebeccasaw-122

Body and Soul Special: Strawberry and Blueberry Juice. 

Club Med Bali 2013 - rebeccasaw-110

Last day: Body and Soul themed program.  

Club Med Bali 2013 - rebeccasaw-117

I joined the Chi Flow Yoga; another great session by Lynley.

Club Med Bali 2013 - rebeccasaw-118

1 Club Med Bali - Day 4 Morning activities- rebeccasaw-010

I do Yoga occasionally in my gym but after 3 mornings of continuous yoga, I realized I do enjoy the stretches and didn’t find it as boring as the classes in my gym! I guess a bit of variation and also the personality of the instructor matters.

1 Club Med Bali - Day 4 Morning activities- rebeccasaw-014

1 Club Med Bali - Day 4 Morning activities- rebeccasaw-015

1 Club Med Bali - Day 4 Morning activities- rebeccasaw-021

Here we are – one big happy family – Cindy (new friend & Yoga Instructor in KL!), Lynley – superwoman, myself – fitness instructor wannabe and Huai Bin (

1 Club Med Bali - Day 4 Morning activities- rebeccasaw-028

We went for a light breakfast with our new friends and then back to our room to pack. Myself and Huai Bin had a Balinese massage scheduled at 11.00 am.

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-059

Club Med Bali Spa is under the umbrella of the Mandara Spa, Balinese homegrown brand that now boasts of over 70 spas all over the world.

1 Club Med Bali - Spa for massage - rebeccasaw-037

1 Club Med Bali - Spa for massage - rebeccasaw-003

1 Club Med Bali - Spa for massage - rebeccasaw-038

Both of us were scheduled for a 50 mins Balinese massage each and after being served ginger tea, we were requested to select our massage oils.

1 Club Med Bali - Spa for massage - rebeccasaw-004

1 Club Med Bali - Spa for massage - rebeccasaw-007

There were 4 to choose from; each a different scent for a different purpose. I sniffed at all 4 as the spa consultant explained the suitability of each.

1 Club Med Bali - Spa for massage - rebeccasaw-008

The very same massage oils can be purchased in bottles as well – Mandara for Romantic, Harmony for Balancing, Island Spice for Energising and Tranquility for Relaxing.

1 Club Med Bali - Spa for massage - rebeccasaw-009

I chose Island Spice for Energising (God knows I need the energy for trying to be everywhere at all times and doing everything at one time!) and was then lead to my therapy room.

1 Club Med Bali - Spa for massage - rebeccasaw-021

1 Club Med Bali - Spa for massage - rebeccasaw-017

1 Club Med Bali - Spa for massage - rebeccasaw-019

As per every spa procedure I was asked to change to a robe provided and lie down flat on my stomach.

1 Club Med Bali - Spa for massage - rebeccasaw-022

1 Club Med Bali - Spa for massage - rebeccasaw-023

1 Club Med Bali - Spa for massage - rebeccasaw-025

I had 2 Balinese massages in the month of March as I was in Sheraton Kuta and Le Meridien Jimbaran but this massage was exactly how I liked it; strong strokes, accurately worked the right muscles and knots yet relaxing at the same time. I could tell that my therapist really knew the exact points to knead, press and rub.
This is the perfect ending to my stay here at Club Med Bali! 🙂

1 Club Med Bali - Spa for massage - rebeccasaw-028

1 Club Med Bali - Spa for massage - rebeccasaw-031

1 Club Med Bali - Spa for massage - rebeccasaw-033

50 minutes went by too fast and I wished she could go on for another hour.

1 Club Med Bali - Spa for massage - rebeccasaw-026

Here are the other treatments available at Club Med Bali Spa. Like I have mentioned before, there really isn’t a need for you to leave the resort at all. But of course, additional charges applies for the spa treatments.








I went for my “last” lunch at Agung Restaurant.
As I walked around the buffet, I realized again how pampered I was the last 3 days; having feasted on quality ingredients, adeptly prepared food of expansive variety. It’s back to “chap fun” after this, I thought in horror! 🙁

Lunch’s Body and Soul Specialty for Day 4: Revitalization in Purple was Grilled Chicken with Blackcurrant and Onion Jam.

Club Med Bali 2013 - rebeccasaw-131

And at the Purple Station take your pick from Blueberries Tarts,  Purple Meringue, Beetroot and Carrot Soup and Aubergines.

Club Med Bali 2013 - rebeccasaw.PNG-003

Club Med Bali 2013 - rebeccasaw-130

Club Med Bali 2013 - rebeccasaw-126

I have always wanted to eat clean but I’m such a carnivore it’s almost impossible to go on a detox diet. But my 4 days here has given me some ideas and I think I would be able to manage some of the healthy juices and food preparations like this at home.

With that I bid adieu to my Club Med getaway; my home for the last 4 days.
It’s been a wonderful trip, and I can’t wait to visit some of the other Club Meds in the world to experience their other programs. 🙂

lobby Club Med Bali resort - rebecca saw-001

That’s it! My experience at Club Med Bali for the Body and Soul Program!
You can check out my other postings HERE:

And I’ve got a few more postings coming up about the resort and the FOOD! Stay tuned! :DD


Body and Soul

Club Med Bali/Cherating Beach

Get rejuvenated, energized, balanced and revitalized inside and out

Bali: March 12th – March 23rd

Cherating Beach: April 7th – April 14th

Club Med invites you to Club Med Bali and Cherating Beach for the Special ‘Body and Soul: Four Colors in Four Days’ event in 2013.  Body & Soul is a health and wellness retreat designed to boost wellbeing and overall health through a series of activities on four color-themed days per session.

Each day coordinates with 5 key ingredients.
First, a colorful diet of healthy eating by color. Second, enhanced current resort activities. Third,  participants get fit with guest experts from Physical Best – an award-winning Australian fitness company. With us will be Lisa Westlake, owner and physiotherapist, fitness instructor, presenter and author.  Also leading activities will be Lynley Gladdis an international presenter in the area of mind and body fitness with degrees in Arts Dance and Remedial Massage.
Fourth, kids programs by color theme. Fifth, all guests can enjoy special parties with colorful ambiance at night. In addition, GMs can meet special Spa promotions during this period.

Body and Soul Program – DAY 3 and DAY 4:

Balance in Green  

Having green foods helps with your balance on this day – and every day. Aqua aerobics, kayaking, tea-time and color therapy are some of the activities to engage in this day.  In the spirit of balance, we have Ying Yang Chi BallsYing and Yang are opposite states of energy in nature which remain in constant motion, striving to achieve balance and harmony in all things.  Stillness versus movement, soft versus hard, slow versus fast are some of these complementary states.  In the afternoon, you can enjoy tea time with color physiology play. Colors can illuminate emotions and personality.  You will also find solutions to achieving mind and body control. Freedom of movement and calmness of mind can also be practiced and developed in the quiet pool area.  As always, the best part of the retreat is treating the senses to the amazing beauty all around.  During the day, kids can attend a cooking class and learn the nutritional value of colorful foods.  At night guests can enjoy parties with green ambiance.

Revitalization in Purple

After indulging in anti-oxidant rich purple foods to revitalize the body’s rhythm, guests can create a haven in the uplifting surroundings while relaxing and being pampered. During the day, guests can submit to a soothing session at Club Med Spa, which offers indulgent treatments inspired by ancient Asian healing rituals.  In the afternoon, all can enjoy the Rainbow Relax and Release which facilitates stretching and balance while flowing through rainbow-inspired sequences – before settling into states of stillness.  During this unique meditation participants will inhale 7 qualities of the rainbow, color by color, leaving them inspired, empowered and balanced.  After this day’s program, guests will feel refreshed in mind and spirit and probably leave feeling even younger.  Then it’s time to enjoy the evening at the mysterious and glamorous masquerade ball.  Kids will already have their masques, created earlier in a masque-making class in preparation for the memorable night festivities.

This was from 20th – 23rd March 2013 in Club Med Bali for the Body & Soul Program “Four Colors in Four Days”.
The next one would be at Club Med Cherating from 7-14 April 2013. The package starts from RM1860 per pax (based on twin share) for a 4D3N stay. Transportation is not included.
The above price is the starting rate for the Body & Soul event specific to Club Med Cherating Beach but for more accurate quote based on your travel dates and needs please contact Club Med Sales Office at (03) 7957 5678. You can also visit for general Club Med news and special offer.

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