Club Med Bali: a tour of the resort – Discovery Centre, Swimming Pool, Kid’s Club

This is going to be a crazy long post!
There’s so much to show of Club Med Bali – watersports centre, spa, restaurants, the gardens, the beach. I have a full post on the rooms and even summarized the differences between the Club Room and the Suites here for your reference so today’s post would be a pictorial tour around the resort! 🙂

The first thing that hits you about Club Med is the sprawling grounds. It is after all a resort that caters to family and is known for its many programs and activities, and thus the amount of facilities.

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-002

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-058

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-070

It doesn’t matter if you’re a part of a couple, with your family or a group of friends, there’s something for everyone. Lazy activities includes sleep, eat and drink non-stop (it is all-inclusive after all) or take a relaxing swing or 2 at any of its 3 golf courses to having a daily massage and spa session (additional charges applies).

For moi, I was lucky to be here during the Body and Soul Program: Four Colors in Four Days which made my stay even more interesting. I would already be using the fitness centre anyhow, being the fitness junkie that I am, not to mention indulging in watersports activities, but with the Body and Soul Program, I had an even better time thanks to the themed food and exercises plus the 2 professional lovely fitness trainers; Lisa and Lynley.

Club Med Bali 2013 - rebeccasaw-033

I have blogged about the Body and Soul Program: Four Colors in Four Days and the fun we had HERE and HERE so you can check those posts out if you want a detailed run down of the program. 🙂

Now, back to the resort.

Lobby area: Where welcome drinks and cold towel are served and your Go (Gentle Organiser) will welcome you. She escorted me to my room as well. Needless to say, I was relieved of my luggage upon arrival and it was sent safely to my room.

Club Med Bali 2013 - rebeccasaw-006

Club Med Bali 2013 - rebeccasaw-004

The band given should be worn on your wrist at all times so the GOs here could identify you as a GM (Gentle Member = guest of Club Med). This is due to the beach area which is not enclosed off from the property. Guards are on duty to ensure no trepassers enter Club Med.

Club Med Bali 2013 - rebeccasaw-013

As we walked to my room ( Deluxe Garden View Terrace, pictures and detailed review HERE), my eyes roved around the estate and I admired the water features and the design; exquisite in structure and beautiful in shape.

Club Med Bali 2013 - rebeccasaw-015

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-015

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-022

It’s great yes, to be away from the city, though I admit I still absolutely must have my data connectivity. 😀

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-016

You can check on the display screens/information at the lobby area to know of the daily schedule or you can refer to the handy sheet which was given after checking-in. This list the timing, location and the type of activities for Club Med Bali.

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-113

This is cool; the information screens has language options! 🙂

Club Med Bali 2013 - rebeccasaw-083


I was given this info sheet upon check-in and I carried everywhere with me for reference.







Below is a pictorial map of the whole area, which is very helpful as a reference to navigate the resort. You will find this on your room keycard holder as well as a few places around the resort.

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-018

Nearer to the beach side are the recreational areas while the accommodations are located in the inner landscape.

BELOW: Recreation and beach side.

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-020


Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-019

And below is an overview of the facilities here at Club Med Bali, ensuring every guest’s days here are filled with total relaxation or non-stop fun, however way they wish it to be.

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-017

The swimming pool is centrally located and undeniably the focal point of the resort. It is not really deep and very user-friendly because of its depth. Kids has a kiddy pool of course. Lifeguard is on duty from 9 am to 7pm daily.

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-001

1 Club Med Bali - flying trapeze - rebecca sawP3215866

Just want to chill by the pool? There’s plenty of deck chairs ensures guests’ baking tanning sessions under the merciless sun are adequate throughout their stay.

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-124

Water activities such as Floating Harmony, Aqua Aerobics made good use of this pool too.

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-126

Near to the pool is Agung Restaurant (buffet meals for all-day dining) and Club Med Bali boutique where beachwear, Club Med merchandises and general souvenirs can be purchased.

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-010

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-011

At the same area, the Internet Room (chargeable), DISCOVERY CENTRE and a Photo Counter where all photos of GMs (Gentle Members) which may be taken by Club Med official photographers who wonders around the resort and takes shots of the guests during their activities, etc will be loaded on the PC.
Guests are welcome to check daily if their picture are taken and they may select whichever pictures they want and pay a small charge to have it printed or in a CD to take home.

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-006


Club Med Bali resort - rebecca saw-003

Club Med Bali resort - rebecca saw-002


Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-008

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-009

Club Med Bali resort - rebecca saw-004

I did find some of myself on the Trapeze and I was ecstatic as the photographer did snap some really good shots! 🙂

club med bali rebecca saw

The DISCOVERY CENTRE is an in-house tour service by Club Med but additional charges applies for any bookings of their tour packages. Here are the packages as of March 2013.





Club Med Bali - rebeccasaw-010


Frankly I don’t see any need to leave the resort at all as there are so so many activities to do! But it’s really thoughtful of Club Med Bali to go the extra mile for their guests. One can never have too many options yes? 🙂

Another positive factor to consider for a holiday in Club Med is definitely because of how kids-friendly the resort is. The GOs here seems to literally adopt the kids!
I see them having meals, playing games, holding the kids’ hands as they walk around the resort and at most times, not even with any of their parents within sight. If you have read my Day 1 post HERE, an example of such activity would be the rehearsal for the night performance, which the kids pulled off admirably.

1 Club Med Bali - Spa for massage - rebeccasaw

kids friendly Club Med Bali - rebecca saw

In fact most parents entrusted their small ones to the GOs and took some private time for themselves taking part in the other activities in the resort or just to spend some quiet time alone.
This is better than employing a baby-sitter huh? 😀

In Club Med Bali there are a few clubs (categories) for the little ones.
Club Med Baby (til 2 years old – upon reservation)
Petit Club: 2-4 years old – upon reservation
Mini Club: 4 – 10 years old
Junior Club: 11 – 17 years old
Baby Sitting services  (extra charges apply)

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-045

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-046

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-047

Playground for the kids:

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-051

Soccer field.

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-053

Mini putting green.

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-055

Even a “private” pool!

Club Med Bali - Resort Tour - rebeccasaw-050

Ok, I think that’s enough of strolling down the page for now!
I’m going to continue Part 2 of Club Med Bali Resort covering the Circus, Club House, Watersports, etc in another post!

MORE on Club Med Bali Body & Soul Program: Four Colors in Four Days: Day 1 (Yellow for Rejuvenation) & Day 2 (Red for EnergyHERE and Day 3 (Green for Balance) & Day 4 (Purple for RevitalizationHERE so you can check those posts out if you want a detailed run down of the program. 🙂

This was from 20th – 23rd March 2013 in Club Med Bali for the Body & Soul Program “Four Colors in Four Days”.
The next one would be at Club Med Cherating from 7-14 April 2013. The package starts from RM1860 per pax (based on twin share) for a 4D3N stay. Transportation is not included.
The above price is the starting rate for the Body & Soul event specific to Club Med Cherating Beach but for more accurate quote based on your travel dates and needs please contact Club Med Sales Office at (03) 7957 5678. You can also visit for general Club Med news and special offer.

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