Club Med Bali 2015 – why should you choose to holiday at a Club Med?

Rebecca Saw - Zen Pool, Club Med Bali

So… how would you know if Club Med is the ideal vacation venue for you?

Well, here’s a checklist, 🙂

1. The CIRCUS.

The trapeze and bungee bounce is a USP of Club Med.
Not every resort or hotel in the world can claim to have a circus team of trained fit professionals to assist you as you perform these gravity defying stunts.

Circus - flying trapeze - Club Med Bali

Not a fan of such adrenaline past time? You can watch and laugh at those in the air. 😛

And yes, even kids get to do it!

club med day 4

2. The evening performances and dancing.

You can expect vastly different G.O shows and parties with a different theme each night. At Club Med, every night is a unique one.
In all of their resorts, nightly parties follows a theme with a specific dress code, which you may choose to follow or ignore.

Spot me? 🙂
Yes, I got dragged on stage to dance!

1 rebecca in club med bali-016

It was enjoyable when I was there in 2013 and it got even better now in 2015.

I watched open-mouthed as GOs performed aerial aerobatic shows over the pool, played with fire, executed high leaps in contemporary dances, stomped their foot in the African tribal dance and shaked booty in the Burlesque.
The performances were executed with flawless precision.

The props used, the costumes, the backdrop, music; everything were all in sync. Any spectator would realize that this is not a haphazardly put together nor amateur show.
A great deal of thought, professional choreography and hours of practice went into it.

Club Med Bali - daily evening performances and dancing


performances - club med bali

performances - club med bali-001

3. Indoor and outdoors activities – all inclusive!

Unless your interpretation of a beach holiday ONLY involves cocktails by the pool while basking in the warmth of the sun (which is very doable here as well), a seaside vacation often evokes desire for watersports.

At Club Med Bali, the watersports activities are aplenty. Some require pre-registration while others are available all day long.

Aqua aerobics, windsurfing, snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, water games (polo, volley).

beach at club med bali


Indoor or land activity:
Circus, golf, squash, tennis, archery, yoga, pool.


Are GOs qualified instructors?

Club Med’s instructors have the expertise and are trained in order to adapt their tuition to the different levels proposed.
For sports under “Academy”, all levels are available with advanced instructors.

Outdoor, out of Club Med – take advantage of the natural wonders of Bali by booking one of the tours.
We did whitewater rafting and it was a cold, wet yet fun experience rushing down the Agung River for 2 hours.

excursion - white water rafting - club med bali

4.Baby Club, Petit Club Med, Mini Club Med, Juniors’ Club Med.

Parents who prefer to travel and holiday with their young ones in tow will appreciate what Club Med has to offer. The Children Club offers daily comprehensive, fun, no-worry programs from morning to evening.
The programs are categorized by age, and with a good mix of indoor intellectual session coupled with energetic sporty and outdoor activities, all in all providing a good variety to cater to any child’s interest.


These activities are managed by trained GOs of Club Med.
Choose to have your kids in the care of the GOs or join in the fun with them, unleashing your inner child and playful self. Also the range of nationalities among the guests, their children and GOs offers exposure not commonly available at any other retreat.

Seeking a family vacation that provides a balance between spending time with your young ones and yet with the luxury of choice to sneak away for some private time for yourself, leaving the kids in safe supervision and knowing that they would be involved in educational and fun activities?
A Club Med holiday package would be ideal!
NOTE: Please check with individual Club Med resort for exact programs. 

club med day 4

5. Service.

G.Os are “gentil organisateurs”, meaning gentle Gentle Organisers.
Since 1950, G.Os have been the incarnation of Club Med values: multi-cultural, pioneer, kind, responsible, helpful and attentive. The GOs are a factor that truly differentiates Club Med.

They aim to please, and with a cheerful demeanour and happy smile thrown in too. Should there be anything you require, just ask and they will endeavour to delivery to the best of their abilities/capabilities.
Have I mentioned that they are multi-talented too?
The same GO carrying out his/her duties during the day at the resort could be seen dancing rap, singing and leading a performance at night!

Go at club med bali-001

Yes, these are the GOs themselves’ performing, singing, dancing, leading the guests through an evening of energy and fun.

2 club med bali - night parties 1

2 club med bali - night parties-001

3 club med bali - night parties-003

Kudos to the multi-talented GOs!

Club Med Day 3

6. The beach – sun, sea, sand.

While not every Club Med offer a beach front location, vou can be assured its surroundings are suitable for the activities or the intended feature of that particular Club Med.
Each location is chosen based on its potential surroundings.
For e.g. Club Med France is for its magnificent French gardens and castle dwelling while the one in Sapporo is dedicated to skiing. Club Med Kani, The Finolhu Villas (Maldives) and Club Med Cherating are all about the beach.

Club Med Bali is similar advantageous, offering a long stretch of clean private beach with a dedicated watersports centre.

1 rebecca in club med bali-010

beach - club med bali-012

beach - club med bali-009

My favourite use of the beach was for my beach runs, of which I made some friends along the way.

1 rebecca in club med bali-015

beach - club med bali-011

Plenty of shade and sun decks for sun-worshippers.

beach - club med bali-002

The sunrise is beautiful too!

1 rebecca in club med bali-009

1 rebecca in club med bali-013

1 rebecca in club med bali-011

1 rebecca in club med bali-008

It was worth waking up for. Well, I’m up by 5am on most days anyways.

beach - club med bali-007


As Club Med is a premium all-inclusive holiday, that means for the package you’ve paid (per pax), it is inclusive of accommodation, most activities, food and beverages and even liquor.
Yes, you read right. Drink as much as you wish. Anytime (as long as the bar is open) and everywhere.

Whether the food is tasty or otherwise is subjective to individual tastebuds, but at least you know you will be fed, fed well and quantity is not an issue since the main meals are served buffet-style Agung, the main restaurant.

1 rebecca in club med bali-005

The buffet offers 6 – 8 main cuisine; Japanese, Italian, Chinese, International, Indonesian and Korean.
The carvery section offers lamb or beef roast daily, and a children corner keeps the little ones happy.

Dedicated plates with colours indicating required nutrients are available for parents to pick up and use while they browse the buffet for suitable dishes for their kids.
The western corner can always be relied on for chips, nuggets, burgers and sausages while pasta and pizzas are available daily at the Italian section.

1 Club Med Bali - TO USE

Each day a few chef’s specials are available and I look forward to being surprised.
I enjoyed the prawn with quinoa thermidor, beef fajitas, chicken pate scented with lemongrass, orange and onion jam, prawn ceviche with wild pepper leaves, grilled minced beef with rice cake and soy sauce and foie creme brulee, just to name a few.

food - Club Med bAli-005

Club Med food1

Club Med food

Free flow beer at meals. YES!

beer - club med bali

The newly launched “ala-carte” restaurant The Deck offers international cuisine in a gorgeous setting with elegant furniture and a terrace extended to offer unobstructed views over the surrounding areas.
This gourmet haven is designed to create the sensation of a floating structure.

The Deck

Club Med Bali Day 2

Club Med Bali Day 21

BELOW: The surrounding areas of The Deck.



8.Night life and free flow champagne/liquor

cocktails by zen pool - club med bali

Free-flow beers and selected liquors (if it is not free-flow then it is chargable but the range available would satisfy most drinkers) throughout the day, very spirited dancers and hosts singing and performing nightly to get your groove on.

IT IS A PARTY every night at Club Med!

The bar is where the action is at, and the dance floor is unlike any other clubs. Instead of just spinning the music and leaving the guests standing and watching, the GOs initiate the dancing.
As the GOs sings, dances and keep the energy going for hours, their infectious energy gets your booty shaking and feet tapping in no time. Usually no guests is left alone.

Club Med Bali - iphone1

Fireworks lit up the skies one night, another night we had a soulful singer serenading the guests, cocktails by the pool, traditional performances and BBQ by the beach.

Who knows what awaits you each evening at Club Med?

1 rebecca in club med bali-004

None of the above applies to you?

Ahh… now I know your type.

IF restful sleep, reading, movies and solitude is what you are after, the adult only Zen Pool, the pool table, the serene green grounds with many individual of cabanas far from activities yet within the security of Club Med grounds, the golf course and of course, the comfortable cosy room you paid for with comes with WIFI and TV, which I believe would be more than sufficient to ensure a restful, enjoyable Club Med holiday, away from unnecessary human interaction!

Rebecca - club med roon


The newly renovated rooms at Club Med Bali.


Keep away from the crowd with a book or your iPad in these solitude cabanas.


lobby - club med bali

Rebecca saw - club med bali

The adult only Zen Pool with a jacuzzi.

zen pool

1 rebecca saw

Have your drinks bought to you while you swim some laps or just lay down in peace in your own company.

zen pool - club med bali-003

zen pool - club med bali



I would recommend the spa as well (additional charges apply) and it is located within the resort.
There is a private pool within the spa area accessible only by spa guests.

Pop out for a while to check out the bikini girls (or half naked men), or to cleanse your lungs with the sea breeze. Night walks on the beach is safe and soothing for the soul.
Else a sunrise walk on the beach? 🙂

1 rebecca in club med bali-012

Club Med – do everything or do nothing at all.
The ambiance will be adapted to your rhythm.

Below: Guests of Club Med – families, friends, couples and singles!

club med day 41

For further details you can email me or you can surf over to or call 03 – 2053 1888 (9am – 8pm, Mon – Sun).
Booking terms and conditions apply.

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