Clique Clinic : Twilight Glow Pro treatment REVIEW & RESULTS + Teoxane RHA serum

Fresh off my 10 sessions of Q-Switch Laser treatment at Clique Clinic, my skin (specifically the face) has achieved what I’ve requested Dr Lim for; radiant skin, even skin tone and a younger, lifted appearance.

clique - glow pro treatment

You can read about my Q-Switched sessions HERE.

As I’ve explained in my post, for Q-Switched to be truly effective, you would need a minimum of 5-8 sessions though fewer sessions is possible depending on your skin condition.

GREEN laser - REVIEW and RESULTS of Q - Switched laser-001

Following a rest of a few months, I thought my face deserved another rejuvenation so I paid the Clique familia another visit.

Josh being Josh was as usual intuitive to all his clients. He instinctively knew what I’m seeking for; rejuvenated skin, glowing complexion and clear skin.
It was opportune then as Clique Clinic had just launched their very own signature laser treatment for the face named Twilight Glow Pro treatment.


So, what does Twilight Glow Pro treatment (Clique Clinic’s PRP with Fractional CO2 laser) do?


Twilight Glow Pro Treatment by Clique is a ingenious combination of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) with Fractional Laser.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) itself is not new.
This technology requires your own blood to be drawn and then spun in a centrifuge.
This process separate the platelets from the other elements of blood.

Only the platelet-rich plasma is then used; usually by injection into the injured or healing- required areas.

The reason is; when PRP is used in injured or sun/ time-damaged tissues they can induce a remodeling of the tissue to a more healthy and younger state, thus promote healing and tissue responses including attracting stem cells to repair the damaged area.


How is Twilight Glow Pro Treatment by Clique done and why is it different from the usual PRP?

PRP is usually done via injection in the cleaned, anaesthetised skin in either small lines or tiny dots in the deeper skin layer.
This is administered on open wound or about the injured areas.

In Clique Clinic, it is pretty much the same way, EXCEPT that Fractional Laser is used to stimulate the “injury“.

Twilight Glow Pro by Clique is done on the face and the face wouldn’t have injuries on normal days correct?

So the fractional laser (using low laser energy) is used to remove the outer layer skin and the PRP (your own platelet rich plasma) is then massaged onto your face.
With the skin (epidermis layer) broken, the PRP can be absorbed directly into the skin and stimulate regeneration.

The benefit of using your own tissue is to eliminate allergies and there is the added intrigue of mobilising your own stem cells.

BELOW: The yellow liquid is my PRP ( platelet rich plasma).



STEP BY STEP procedure of Twilight Glow Pro by Clique :

Date: 4th March 2016:

1. BEFORE photos taken to record the/any differences.





2. I was told to lie down and had my face washed before a numbing cream was applied.
The cream is then left on the face and neck for a total of 45 minutes.
During this time my blood was taken and the blood sample is spun in a centrifuge to produce the platelet rich plasma – PRP.



BELOW: The centrifuge machine used to separate the blood and PRP.



3. Once the platelet rich plasma (PRP) is separated from the blood, it is then drawn from the tube into a small syringe.

With the syringe of my PRP in hand, Dr Bob proceeds with the treatment.



Dr Bob controls the Fractional Laser while his assistant simultaneously pump out and massage the PRP over my face and neck.
As I’ve mentioned above the role of the Fractional Laser was to remove the outer layer of the face/neck and prepare the face/neck surface to absorb the PRP.



As you can see below, there are red patches on my face and neck from the fractional laser administered earlier.


The whole process takes about 1 – 1.5 hours and there is no downtime at all.

I left Clique Clinic immediately and went about my merry way.



1 day after:
My face and neck skin felt tender with slight redness here and there.
The redness disappeared after the 3rd day.

REVIEW Clique clique - Twilight Glow Pro treatment-001

REVIEW Clique clique - Twilight Glow Pro treatment-003

REVIEW Clique clique - Twilight Glow Pro treatment

REVIEW Clique clique - Twilight Glow Pro treatment-002



I personally noticed improved radiance and clearer skin in about 4-5 days.

Proper post-procedure products are encouraged though you could continue to use your own.

For me, Josh recommended the Teoxane Advance Filler and RHA Serum.

I’ve applied both diligently from 4th March (date of Twilight Glow Pro by Clique) until today.


REVIEW Clique clique - Teoxanne RHA serum, advanced filler

The application for both Teoxane products is simple; apply RHA Serum after cleansing followed by Advanced Filler.

REVIEW Clique clique - Teoxanne RHA serum, advanced filler-002

RHA Serum: (RM 420)
For reactivation of skin’s natural mechanisms of deep regeneration: cell renewal and tissue restructuring.
High hydration power and instant tightening effect.

teoxane advance filler, RHA serum review-002

REVIEW Clique clique - Teoxanne RHA serum, advanced filler-001

Advanced Filler: (RM 380)
For normal to dry skin, this acts as an anti-wrinkle cream.

teoxane advance filler, RHA serum review-001

REVIEW Clique clique - Teoxanne RHA serum, advanced filler-004

2 months after (end of April):

My face and neck is still looking clear and good!

clique - glow pro treatment -001

With proper care and reliable products (sunscreen is a must) the glow and rejuvenated skin from Twilight Glow Pro by Clique should last 2-3 months.
This procedure can be repeated for long term maintenance.

clique - glow pro treatment -003


I’ve personally experienced both Q-Switched Laser and Twilight Glow Pro so the below is a summarised version of the differences:

Differences between Q-Switched Laser and Clique’s Twilight Glow Pro treatment:

1. Q-Switched Laser

In a nutshell, 6 – 10 sessions of Q-Switched Laser is ideal to remove unwanted brown spots, sun freckles, scars or tattoos from your skin.
Q-Switch is an effective tool for combating hyper-pigmentation, provide facial rejuvenation and to minimize pores as well as to decrease the appearance of fine lines.
All in all, it helps to even out the skin tone.
Review HERE –>

Price: Q-Switched is RM4200 for 10 sessions.

2. Clique’s Twilight Glow Pro

Clique’s Twilight Glow Pro treatment on the other hand focuses on instant rejuvenation and radiance.
The procedure stimulates skin surface renewal via the regeneration of skin cells (as the result from the fractional laser) to reveal brighter, smoother and tighter complexion.

There is no downtime for both procedures though individual skin conditions may yield varying results.
Patients might experience redness and mild itchiness on the treated area (face/neck).

Price: is RM1800/session.
Package 8 times for RM8000.


I hope my summary above as well as my reviews of Clique’s Twilight Glow Pro treatment and Q-Switched provided some insights into the 2 procedures in question.

For personalized, non-obligatory consultation, do call Clique at + 603-79601211 and look for Josh!


Address: No. 4, Jalan 19/36, Seksyen 19,
46300, PJ, Selangor, Malaysia.
Waze for “Clique Clinic“.

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