Clif Bar: Review – Black Cherry Almond

Clif Bar - Black Cherry Almond - snack bar

Good lord, Clif Bars are delicious!

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But do you know why they are so good? It is because they are full of sugars that’s why.
Hence Clif Bar had categorised their products (this range) as energy bar (sugar = energy) rather than a protein or health bar, which is rightfully so.

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Texture: Soft, chewy, sweet. The combination of the ingredients made this bar really fruity and pleasant to eat, and I could barely stop at one!

Ingredients & nutrition: 
It is 70% organic and made from ingredients derived from plants and fruits. Over 66% of the carbohydrates in Clif Bar energy bars are complex carbohydrates for long-lasting endurance but that also means there are simple carbs included.
Sugars detected (regardless if it’s nature-derived or otherwise) : The first ingredient listed is “Organic Brown Rice Syrup” aka sugar, meaning it’s the largest portion of what this bar is made of.

Can you imagine??
This was followed by Malt Extract, Evaporated Cane Juice, Organic Evaporated Cane.

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Not all is bad though about Clif Bars are bad though.
I reckon Clif Bars are intended for endurance athletes who needs to power through a 4 hour hike or some strenuous activy, not your typical “an hour-long” workout.
The high amount of this rice sugar and the number of carbohydrates means that Clif Bars are an excellent source of both immediate and sustained energy for strenuous exercise.

Clif Bar Review - Black Cherry Almond

Nutritional values and ingredients:

Clif Bar Review - Black Cherry Almond-002

A little message from the founder:

Clif Bar Review - Black Cherry Almond-003

I may love the taste, but after considering the sugar and carbs levels, this would be set aside as “an occasional treat”.
Anyhow these are not available in Malaysia so my occasional treat will not be happening anytime soon.

Cost per pack:  (TBA) as I can’t seem to locate my receipt now.

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