CLEAR Shampoo – a fun Giant Ice Structure Greets Pedestrians with Opportunity to Win a Trip to Korea!

Remember the Ice Cool igloo?
No? Yes? Well you can watch my video here! 🙂

Just last week, CLEAR shampoo threw another surprise for Malaysians with a fun giant ice structure. This 9-foot ice sculpture was filled with bottles of CLEAR’s new Ice Cool Menthol anti-dandruff shampoo in little pigeonholes.
As part of the ice cool excitement, the public were provided tools to chip the ice away to collect numerous bottles of CLEAR Ice Cool Menthol antidandruff shampoo.

clearmeltdown - clear malaysia, clear shampoo-010

clearmeltdown - clear malaysia, clear shampoo-001

The CLEAR ice structure was set-up at Sungei Wang Plaza on Saturday, 24 August and Fahrenheit 88 on Sunday, 25 August. I spent my Sunday in KL, had a good time hacking away at the ice for a bottle of shampoo which comes with a bonus, a free conditioner!
Each bottle also came with a sticker that has a number printed. This 3 digit code would be used to to unlock a ‘Treasure Box’ placed in the centre of the ice sculpture. This is an opportunity for the public to grab a chance to walk home with the grand prize of a five-day, four-night trip to Ice Cool Korea.

clearmeltdown - clear Malaysia

Here I am looking for a white bottle of Clear shampoo because white is for ladies while the blue one is for the gentlemen! 😀

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clearmeltdown - clear malaysia, clear shampoo-004

The CLEAR Shampoo girls. Claim your freebies from them! 🙂

clearmeltdown - clear Malaysia-001

The new CLEAR Ice Cool Menthol Anti-dandruff shampoo is all about keeping scalps cool and refreshed throughout the day. The objective of this Ice Structure is to recreate the cooling and refreshing sensation of having a healthy and dandruff-free scalp, at the same time rewarding consumers with Ice Cool Surprises, said Andrea Huang, Brand Manager for CLEAR, Unilever (M) Holdings Sdn Bhd.

Well, CLEAR certainly did a great job. There were many people lining up and having fun chipping away at the ice for their shampoo. Other than just giving away freebies, the CLEAR campaign aims to educate the public about dandruff issues. The common misconception is that dandruff is caused by dirty hair or not washing our hair frequently enough. The truth is, dandruff has many causes; some of which are stress, diet and lifestyle.
Dandruff is the first signs of an unhealthy scalp and once you detect it on your scalp you should take immediate remedial steps, starting with a good anti-shampoo.

Here, watch my vlog of that day! Hacking away at the ice was a cool stress reliever! 🙂

And CLEAR, with its revolutionary Nutrium 10 technology, offers an effective solution to this common hair concern. Experts at Clear have partnered with the world’s leading dermatologist from the International Academy of Dermatology (IACD) to bring this innovative scalp care formula into a bottle of CLEAR shampoo to treat the root cause of dandruff, supplements the scalp and repairs it to its original state of health.

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  1. Marcus

    helloooo lassie on the extreme left of that picture. they call me marcus. but you can call me tonight.

    1. Marcus

      no notthe dude with the mop.

      1. Marcus

        of course you are. thats your name.

      2. Rebecca Saw

        I might want to “Thor” it next! 😛

      3. Marcus

        “thor”… i have stopped making fun of your lisp many years ago.
        it is not thomething i wanth to make fun of thomemore.
        aw. look what you made me do. 😛

      4. Marcus


  2. Sean Eat Drink KL

    Whoa, that ice sculpture is super cool, in every sense of the word, heheh 😀

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hahahh quite literally yea Sean! 😀
      As cold or cool as where you’re at now! HAhah!

  3. David

    My wife and I was there during that weekend. Didn’t see you! We got ourselves each a shampoo too. Quite a queue for this

  4. Sherlyn G

    So who won???

  5. Doreen

    My BF’s favourite shampoo. I should have gone when you tweeted that you were there!

  6. Florence

    I did saw it! But the queue was so long!

    1. Marcus

      did you rebecca Saw it?

      1. Rebecca Saw

        HAhaha! Awesome la u Marcus! That’s a pretty clever one! 😛

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