Clash of The Titans – 3D, free tickets

Sorry people, here I go again.

Clash of the Titans Remake

There is too much to say to fit into 140 characters so I’m putting this on my blog til has a separate announcement page for small events like this.

Basically I got 15 3D tickets for Clash of the Titans this SAT, 10th April at Cineleisure, 3pm (time to be confirmed as client giving the tickets has to check for cinema hall availability.)

Same thing – ONE PROPER write-up of the movie is expected (max one week after the show, this is more urgent as the movie is already showing now).
Don’t just post pictures, seriously, the client does not want to know what you had for lunch!!!!  😆

So yeah, put up pics but do talk about the movie, how is it, what you think, your favourite character, how was it compared to the original, bla bla bla etc.

Leave a comment if you are interested.

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  1. Azrin

    This movie is awesome. The fighting and everything 😀

      1. Azrin

        Not coming. Seen it already during the premiere day 🙂

  2. Richie

    Haiyaaa.. if i know earlier.. already watch it.. i love the monster.. hoho..

  3. mynjayz

    i want ! but sempat meh after that rush to Sunway Pyramid? lol

    gonna fetch ppl samore. make it earlier la.

  4. Ewin

    wahhh very niceeee of you again!

    er but i think im gonna skip this againnnn.. =(.. but see you soon! haha soon soon hehe

    thx Rebecca!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Noooo! weekday cannot. weekend also cannot! How la like that?? :mrgreen:

  5. bryanlyt

    don’t think i’m coming… but will confirm again see how…

  6. FeeQ

    @Nigel…hint to jump ship?

    @Rebecca… I go back Spore this weekend

  7. bboyrice

    aiyo i wanna go wei!!! but i can’t cause i have to cover some event at MOS.. :((((

  8. Chriso

    Okay let’s do it! Is it just one ticket or a pair? If one then I want, if not.. then better not :p

      1. Chriso

        2 lor. as in, 1 pair!

      2. rebeccasaw

        for my sis? sure! Rmbr u must blog abt it ya

      3. Chriso

        I’ll double the effort!

  9. Marcky

    Becky, if got lebih tickets gonna burn or can give NEWLY registered Advertlets blogger?

  10. Carmen Anreozzi

    I’m a enormous supporter of any of Harryhousens work, mainly the original Clash of the Titans, but I think this flick stands out from its classic counterpart. This flick was a joy to watch.

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