Citroen DS4 and DS5 Launch by Naza Euro Motors

Just before I hopped on the plane to Bali, I was at the new Citroën showroom in Glenmarie, Shah Alam for the launch of the Citroen DS4 and DS5.

2013 Citroen DS Launch (1)

2013 Citroen DS Launch (3)

Both models from the Citroën’s Different Spirit (DS) line are the very first 2 cars launched under the umbrella of Naza Euro Motors ever since its appointment as the official distributor for the French car maker; marking a new era for the Citroen brand in Malaysia.

“The Citroen DS5 and DS4 are targeted at those looking for something bold and unique with a striking design and high standards”, said SM Nasaruddin SM Nasimuddin, Joint Group Executive Chairman of the Naza Group of Companies.

2013 Citroen DS Launch (4)

Indeed, he couldn’t have summarised it better.

The DS4 and DS5 is sexy, sleek and sporty. My friends in motoring media and automotive enthusiasts has spoken highly of French cars in regards to design and comfort, but now that I have seen it with my own eyes and sat in a Citroen at the launch, I’m convinced! Now all I have to do is to drive one! :DD

2013 Citroen DS Launch (15)

Citroen DS4 and DS5 Launch- rebeccasaw

As for comfort, the DS4 and DS5 interior excludes a feel of sitting in some futuristic cockpit of a small carrier than a mere 4 wheels. Plush cushioning, high-tech central console and controls and sculptured dashboard as well as premium materials gave undisputed luxury feel.

Citroen DS4 and DS5 Launch- rebeccasaw-004

For the DS5, the roof features 3 separate glass roofs (one each for the driver and front passenger and one for the rear passenger)! Yes, you read right. 1 glass roof each for each section.

Remember what I complained about for the Volkwagen Beetle not having electric front seats with memory functionality for RM148K? Well, the DS5 (yes it’s more expensive I know..) comes with electric front seats with memory functionality while BOTH the DS4 and DS5 has lumbar and massage functionality for the driver’s seat. Talk about maximum pampering!

Citroen DS4 and DS5 Launch- rebeccasaw-006

Other functionality to note includes front and rear parking sensors, keyless access, Arkamys audio processing with Denon HiFi, blind spot monitoring system and intelligent traction control which continuously monitors the condition of the road and adapts wheel traction for the best possible grip, hillstart assist and a parking space gap measurement system and safety features such as ESP, ABS, EBD and EBA.

Citroen DS4 and DS5 Launch- rebeccasaw-007

Yes, this car got style, by the truckloads.

The DS4.

Citroen DS4 and DS5 Launch- rebeccasaw-005

2013 Citroen DS Launch (30)

2013 Citroen DS Launch (31)

The DS5.

2013 Citroen DS Launch (29)

As mentioned earlier, I was Naza Euro Motors’ flagship outlet, Citroën Glenmarie for the launch. This RM3.5 million, 22,000 sq ft outlet serves as Naza Euro Motors HQ as well as a full-fledged Citroën 3S centre. For thoelse of you who wants a taste of how it’s like behind the wheels of the DS4 and DS5, do book your test drive slot ASAP!

2013 Citroen DS Launch (23)

I can’t wait to test drive one myself, hopefully soon! There has been very little cars that got me excited enough to test drive one, and the Citroen DS4 and DS5 is certainly worth the time and effort I reckon! 🙂

How much would these dynamism and style cost you?
The Citroen DS4 is RM165,000 while the Citroen DS5 is RM195,000. Citroën offers both with an unlimited mileage 5-year warranty.

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  1. kelvin

    Indeed, DS4 and DS5 are such beautiful car. They have a great showroom too 🙂

  2. Veron

    The car is a beauty! Trust the French to exudes totally elegance in all their products!

  3. Sean

    very cool car! even though i’m not an automobile fan, i can’t help admiring its sleek look too 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      The French! The cars, the fashion, the food. Heheh!

  4. kensomuse

    Thought I saw you when I arrived. You were leaving by the side door but didn’t know if it was you. From the pictures you posted here, yup, definitely you 🙂

  5. Brian

    Waiting for your test drive review becks. Do cover more on the technology dashboard!

  6. Adi

    Will make my way to their showroom to check the cars out for myself. Hope I get to test drive 😉

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