Chinese New Year set menu 2015 – Celestial Court @ Sheraton Imperial KL

What do you normally wish for when you “lou hei” (toss the yee sang) ?

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Better opportunities, improved health, slimmer body, more money… one can wish right? 🙂

I began my customary rounds of yee sang this year at one of my favourite pork-free Chinese restaurants in Klang Valley; Celestial Court.
If you haven’t tried their dim sum here, you SHOULD! As soon as possible in fact.
There’s a weekend dim sum buffet that is priced at RM98++/pax (food only) which is worth any dim sum fan’s investment of time, stomach space and money.

But I digress.

For the coming Chinese New Year, Celestial Court offers NINE (9) variation which includes a vegetarian option.
We sampled one of the signature yee sang which featured wild caught fish; one of which is the Netherland Arctic Char Fish.

Below: Fresh ingredients are laid out in the form of the Chinese character “goat” for the yee sang, left are 2 plates of NZ Swordfish and the whole sliced fish on the right is the Arctic Char Fish.

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Netherland Arctic Char Fish.
Uncommon yes?
At first glance one might even mistaken it for salmon but you are actually not that far off the mark if you think so.
This fish is closely related to both the salmon and lake trout, and has many characteristics of both, including the taste!
Gourmands might prefer this to salmon or trout for its milder and cleaner flavour.
It was my first encounter with this fish (and the NZ Swordfish) and I am glad to have expanded my food knowledge and tastebuds that evening. Kudos to the Celestial Court team for constantly introducing new, unique and premium ingredients in their menu.

Chinese New Year set menu - Celestial Court sheraton imperial 2015

Yee Sang Selections 2015 & Celestial Court’s All-time Favourites:

Yee Sang with Jelly Fish – RM188++
Yee Sang with Norwegian salmon– RM 228++
Yee Sang with Norwegian salmon and sunflower sauce – RM 238++
Yee Sang with Abalone and Salmon – RM 318++

Wild Catch (signature yee sang)
Yee Sang with New Zealand Tarakihi Fish – RM 258++
Yee Sang with New Zealand Swordfish– RM 428++
Yee sang with Netherland Arctic Char Fish– RM 388++

Vegetarian yee sang with vegetarian abalone and vegetarian goose – RM 98++

Next was the much-awaited Poon Choi, a treasure pot of different delicacies arranged layer after layer in a deep pot/basin.
The abundance of ingredients in the dish signifies abundance and affluence in the coming year.
It is hard not to like this dish with its myriad of flavours thanks to the many components, all of which was painstakingly prepared and cooked and then assembled into this big pot.
The making of poon choi takes time, and while it is possible to prepare poon choi within a day, the best ones are those which had been given a sufficient rest time so the flavours develop.

Chinese New Year Treasure pot (RM888++) featuring 18 premium ingredients.
Available for order (for take-away) from 19th Jan – 5th March 2015 @ Celestial Court.

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Celestial Court Chinese New Year Premium Treasure Pot:

1. Baby abalones
2. Dried sun scallops
3. Fish Maws
4. Mussels
5. Sea cucumbers
6. Japanese mushrooms
7. Chinese mushrooms
8. Sea asparagus
9. Sea prawns
10. Roasted duck
11. Roasted chicken
12. Hong Kong kai lan
13. Australian broccoli
14. Hong Kong nai pak
15. Siew pak choy
16. Fresh scallops
17. Groupers
18. Pacific clams

RM 888++ for a portion of 5 persons per pot. 

Chinese New Year set menu - Celestial Court sheraton imperial 2015 -004

Wok-heated Prawns with Nutmeg, Asparagus and Smoked Chicken. 
We were served this next and though I’ve had an idea of how creative the kitchen team can be from their dim sum, pairing nutmeg with prawns was a first for me.
And creativity done right ( case in example here) are much appreciated (the reverse holds true as well) as the nutmeg imparted a pronounced sweetness and pungency to the crunchy prawns, just enough to lift the flavour profile but not overpowering it.
You have the option to wrap the prawns with the smoked chicken before devouring it like a dumpling or to consume each component of the dish individually.

Chinese New Year set menu - Celestial Court sheraton imperial 2015 -002

We had a hasma dessert to finish the meal and as expected the Chinese sweet soups (tong shui) here at Celestial Court was superb.

Celestial Court has in total 4 delectable 9-course set menu for this coming Chinese New Year celebration.
It is priced from RM2288 nett per table of 10 persons, or choose the Premium Set option at RM3388 nett per table inclusive of a complimentary bottle of Hennessy Cognac.





Plan your Chinese New Year gathering with your loved ones today at Celestial Court, Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel.

For reservations, call 03 2717 9900 or email to [email protected] or log on to for more information.

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