Chinese New Year Menu 2014: West Lake Garden – Sunway Resorts Hotel & Spa

Becky’s 1 Minute Summary:
What: Pork free. Semi fine Chinese dining, dishes with Hakka, Szechuan & Cantonese influences.
What to order here: This review is particularly for the 2014 CNY set menus so do refer to the menus and prices HERE ->
I find the soups, 8 treasures duck & fish particularly enticing.
Overall experience: I have visited West Lake Garden for a few years for their CNY offerings and there are hits & misses. However each year it had been a different chef. This year is Chef Roy taking the helm and his dishes (based on what we tasted as below) were good!
Price: RM1288++ to RM2288 ++ for 10 pax. 
Valid: 6th January 2014 – 14th February 2014.

For the long story, read on. :)


Wow, Chinese New Year is in about 3 weeks away!
How time flies, back then in 2013 especially. Things really took off for the blog and I’m grateful to have come this far.
And in 2014, I hope the stars would shine even brighter. 🙂

And even before the year is out, I’m already tossing to health, wealth and happiness for 2014.

Yee Sang @ West Lake Restaurant, Sunway Resort Hotel-006

West Lake Garden in Sunway Resorts Hotel & Spa is one of my favourite Chinese restaurants that’s based in a hotel. I remember tasting one of the best mooncakes here.
This year, Chef Roy who has been with West Lake Garden since July 2011 and was recently promoted to Chinese Chef took the opportunity to showcase his skills.

The Double-Boiled Black Chicken Broth with Fish Maw, Conch and Dried Scallop was exactly how chinese boiled soups should be, clear comsomme with deep flavours, evident from hours of boiling with herbs and optimum temperature.

Yee Sang @ West Lake Restaurant, Sunway Resort Hotel-008

But it was the Eight Treasure Stewed Duck that had me going for seconds and thirds.

Yee Sang @ West Lake Restaurant, Sunway Resort Hotel-009

This tender, juicy bird opens up to a feast within its cavity. We dugged out gingko nuts, mushrooms, chestnuts, sweet peas, ham among others and mopped up the delicious gravy with the flower buns.

Yee Sang @ West Lake Restaurant, Sunway Resort Hotel-010

‘Har’ – cantonese for laughter was represented by deep fried huge prawns, rained in finger-licking curry butter sauce and coated with meat floss (chicken of course).
Wok Fried Butter Prawn with Curry Leaves and Chicken Floss.

Yee Sang @ West Lake Restaurant, Sunway Resort Hotel-011

Braised Whole Abalone with Sea Cucumber and Dried Oyster – adeptly prepared.

Yee Sang @ West Lake Restaurant, Sunway Resort Hotel-012

The carbs came in the scrumptious form of Stewed Egg Noodle with Chinese Julienne and Shredded Clams, springy in bite yet soft and doused in delicious gravy. Add a bit of chilli (the green vinegared version or red chilli) to this if you wish for little bit more zing.

Yee Sang @ West Lake Restaurant, Sunway Resort Hotel-013

Dessert: House made ‘Nian Gao’.

Yee Sang @ West Lake Restaurant, Sunway Resort Hotel-014

Choose from 6 varieties of Chef Roy’s Yee Sang to toss to prosperity this 2014 – Abalone & salmon, salmon and soft shell crab, salmon & tiger prawn, raw tuna, salmon and for a vegetarian version, the Prosperity Mixed Salad with Fresh Fruit Yee Sang.

Yee Sang @ West Lake Restaurant, Sunway Resort Hotel-003

Yee Sang @ West Lake Restaurant, Sunway Resort Hotel-004

West Lake Garden Chinese Restaurant will remain open during the Lunar New Year’s Eve and throughout the 15 days of CNY.
Lunch: Open daily 12.00pm – 2.30pm (Mondays to Saturdays)
10.00am – 2.30pm (Sundays & Public Holidays)
Dinner: 6.30pm to 10.30pm (Mondays to Sundays).
For reservations, call (6-03) 7495 1888.

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  1. Penny

    I like the mooncakes here too. Remembered getting a box a few years back.
    I have yet to try the food here, but I’ll keep this in mind for CNY office lunch this year.

  2. Susan

    I think I’ll enjoy the eight treasures duck too! That probably took hours of braising to develop such flavours!

  3. Sean Eat Drink KL

    very tempted by the stuffed duck! i’d happily go for seconds, thirds, fourths and fifths! 😀 prawns with chicken floss sounds like an interesting combo too 🙂

  4. George

    Gorgeous shots of the food and loving that 1st pic of you too

  5. Stephan

    I want to lou sang too. Urghh cravings for the crispy bits and the fresh fish combo of yee sang now!

  6. Cassie

    The menus looks interesting & one wouldn’t miss the pork

  7. Heather

    Wok Fried Butter Prawn with Curry Leaves and Chicken Floss would be my favourite dish!

  8. Veron

    Oh I’m drooling. Looks really good. Checked out the menus..all looks “safe” – nothing too creative but edible.

  9. Matthew

    A very “safe ” menu I’ll say.
    But at least I know it won’t be bad.

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