Chilli’s Grill and Bar: Chilli’s Meal for Two – one price, two entrées and an appetizer!

I’m a fan of Chilli’s salads.
Yes, Chilli’s sounded like an unlikely place to be having salads right?


But why not when the salads here are good?
For RM25 – 30++, each salad could feed 2 comfortably and that’s just ideal for nights when my workout partner and I needed light, wholesome sustenance til bedtime.
And of course, I will always request for the dressing to be served on the side.

As of this month, I would recommend Chilli’s not only for the salads, but also for their current ‎Chilis Meal For 2‬ deal which offers two entrées and an appetizer for either RM75 ++ or RM85++!

For this reasonable price, diners can choose from a set menu an appetizer to share and 2 substantial mains.

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 6.35.07 AM.png

I personally find it to be of pretty good value. The portions are substantial for the price paid and the food is tasty but not overly seasoned.

In fact, for the Chilis Meal For 2‬ promo alone, I’ve visited Chilli’s twice this month, once in Chilli’s Jaya Shopping Centre and another time at Chilli’s 1 Utama.

At the Jaya Shopping Centre outlet I’ve tried 2 sets; one RM75 and another the RM85 meal.
From both menus I personally favour both Queso Fundido Chicken and Avocado Chile Chicken which consist of a hearty slab of juicy chicken breast (yes, moist, tender and flavourful chicken breast is not a myth!), side of greens which are not overcooked (thank god!) and a healthy portion of carbs.


Queso Fundido Chicken :
Grilled chicken smothered with queso fundido and topped with a drizzle of garlic BBQ sauce. Served with mashed potatoes and a side of seasonal veggies.


This consist of a thick, tender cut of chicken breast coated with delicate, buttery semi-soft cheese that isn’t oozing fat.
The added sweetness of garlic BBQ sauce made this a pleasant dish for both children and adults.
The mash sports some skin with a nice spuddy flavour. I love how it wasn’t overly buttery either.


For the Avocado Chile Chicken the same generous portion of chicken breast applies but served with sides of citrus chile rice and corn salsa instead.
Overall this is a good dish though a bit dry since it doesn’t have much sauce.

BELOW: 1st visit at Jaya Shopping Centre AVOCADO CHILE CHICKEN.


BELOW: 2nd visit at Chilli’s 1 Utama.


Save for the citrus chile rice (the 1U outlet serves a slightly tastier version), the AVOCADO CHILE CHICKEN were consistent at both outlets.

The other 2 mains I’ve sampled were the DIABLO BBQ BURGER and SMOKED CHICKEN ENCHILADA STACK.

The Smoked Chicken Enchilada came with more corn salsa and citrus rice. This trio complemented each other better as the stack of enchilada had a lot of flavours going for it with smoked chicken, Monterey Jack cheese, chopped cilantro, house-made pico de gallo, sautéed onions and Chipotle Pesto sauce.


This is a filling portion for sure!


A fan of burgers, I would have enjoyed this if the patty retained more moisture. This order was at the Jaya Shopping Centre where I wasn’t asked how I would like my burger done. It slipped my mind as well to to inform the staff.


On the other hand, my burger at Chilli’s 1U was perfectly juicy.
As soon I requested for the burger, the staff in charge immediately asked for my preference of doneness for the patty.



The fries that came with the burger were addictive too; thick cut, light, crispy with bits of skin on the surface and airy inside.


Each Chilis Meal For 2‬ promo entitles you to an appetizer.
As of now I’ve tried the Southwestern Eggrolls and Classic Nachos but not the Chips and Salsa. And out of the 3 appetizers my top pick would be the eggrolls!

Southwestern Eggrolls:
Crispy flour tortilla filled with smoked chicken, black beans, corn, Jalapeños Jack cheese, green peppers and spinach. Served with creamy dip.


I love the crispy, non-greasy thin skin and the tasty fillings.



Classic Nachos. Served with fresh pico de galo and sour cream.
Needless to say, cheese lovers will go crazy for this. Personally I was in love with the thick sour cream!



The new Oreo® Topped Molten Cake looked tantalizing on the menu and since it is available for a limited time only we ordered one to try.
It is huge (yes, as big as my face!) and definitely made for sharing. There is ice cream, cream-filled cake and a lot of crushed Oreo® plus a drizzle of chocolate sauce.


Dining at Chilli’s is a comfortable affair. Service is generally pleasant and the menu offers ample choices from fresh salads to steaks, ribs and burgers.



Tempted to try the #‎ChilisMealFor2 promo?
Well, remember to share a photo of your ‪#‎ChilisMealFor2‬ moment on Instagram. Tag @chilismy and you might just win RM40 worth of Chili’s Be-Our-Guest vouchers!

I’m going to submit this photo. What do you think? I look mighty pleased with my #‎ChilisMealFor2‬ right?


Terms and conditions:
This promotion is applicable to all Chili’s outlets in Malaysia.
This promotion is available for dine-in and take-away orders.
This promotion is valid for online delivery orders via Food Panda and Deliver Eat.
Appetizer and entrée dishes are not interchangeable with other menu items.
Prices are subject to 10% service charge and 6% GST.
Chili’s Malaysia reserves the right to make any amendments without prior notice.


Chilli’s Malaysia outlets are at BSC, Suria KLCC, Mid Valley Megamall, 1 Utama, Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang, CITTA mall (Ara Damansara) and Jaya Shopping Centre.
Out of the Klang Valley, there is a Chilli’s in G Hotel, Penang,
Opening hours are  from 11am to 11pm except for Fri and Sat which is 11am – 12am .

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  1. Sean EDKL

    back when i was in my 20s, chili’s was one of our go-to places if there was a group gathering/celebration at klcc … hearty meals for everybody. i think i haven’t been back to chili’s in probably a decade, but i wouldn’t mind returning for nostalgia’s sake … and i know the food would still be decent! 🙂

    1. Rebecca Saw

      When they first started it was a big thing. 😀
      I’m glad to know that after many years (I’ve not been ordering frm their main menu either- usually only for my post workout salads!) the food portion and quality is still ok! 😀

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