Chillex Cafe, Puchong – A Place to Chill & Relax

Seriously, I barely had time/stomach to catch up with the burger-volution that’s taking over town.

First was the massive burger by New York New York, of which I didn’t even bother to visit after reading numerous blog posts on how horrible the food was. Then came the 12 – inch vertical monstrous creation of Cravings in Sunway Giza, which sadly reported to be as monstrous in taste.
Next, The Double Ultimate Skewers Glutton Burger in Skewers, Subang Avenue, of which I haven’t had the ..yeah you guessed it, time/stomach to try yet.

And just last week, at the launch of Chillex Cafe in Puchong Financial Corporate Center (wahh.. now Puchong got financial center, fuyoh.., what’s next? Segambut International Corporate City???? *sarcastic* ), I was presented with this gargantuan fella…

Chillex - gargantuan burger

Solid, massive, 5 inches in diameter mean stack of meat, fillings and bread.

Chillex - gargantuan burger1

I was hungry as hell, I mean I just came back from the Malacca homestay, where I was housed HERE , so you can pretty much imagine the kind of food I ate.

Chillex - gargantuan burger2

So this was freaking God-send.

Chillex - gargantuan burger3

It tasted ok, albeit a bit dry. Well, it could be that I was starving; but I couldn’t really find much fault with it. For such a THICK patty, the chef got it cooked right. I do hope this would be consistent.

As if a gargantuan UFO burger ain’t enough to blew you away,  Chillex Cafe offers the 12? 16 ? inch sausage roll, served on 2 sausage buns.
Topped with minced meat in tomato paste ( reminiscent of a coney dog), which I prefered compared to the sausage itself, this is another perfect food for football nights.

Chillex - Hotdog

The pizzas had thin crispy crust, and tasted like.. pizza. Nothing great, nothing bad. These prawns wrapped in bacon hold high promises but sadly I didn’t managed to get my grubby hands on any as it was whisked away and never seen again that night.

Chillex - thin crust pizza
Fried shrimp wrapped with beef bacon

Chillex Cafe
2-G-2, Menara 2 @ PFCC, (somewhere further down from IOI Mall, behind Galleria IOI)
Jalan Puteri 1/2, Bandar Puteri
Puchong, 47100, Petaling Jaya. Selangor.
(behind RIMA college in the Puchong Finance & Commerce Centre)

DSC01836 copy

For more info,

Twitter @ChillexCafeFacebook fan page.

Chillex - Interior

chillex - Lion dance

Chillex - owners

Chillex - Advertlets Bloggers

Congratulations to the owners of Chillex Cafe & thanks to Advertlets for the invite! :yes:

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  1. unkaleong

    The burger was about 8″ high by my guesstimates and the hot dog was a foot long 😀 *burps* Should have trusted my instincts and took the first left instead of trusting the GPS. LOL!

    1. Rebecca

      Haha.. ur the walking GPS maa..

      We must go Daily Grind in Bangsar la, I havent tried the burgers there!

      1. brian chillex

        cheers rebecca..pssssttttt….the gigantor burgur cost only RM20++

  2. J the chocoholic

    Niiiiiice. 🙂
    The burger looks monstrously large tho! Is this the new trend, I wonder? – XXL burgers?
    (Seems to be quite a few places doing this now!)

    1. Rebecca

      Yea man! Definitely a trend. So when are we going to try one of these monstrous creation? I think we should go Skewers. Feedback been aint bad so far!

  3. minchow

    Is that poached egg meant to be a dip for the prawns? How bizarre!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yea man! I was like “huh?” too!
      well, didnt managed to teest it out as it disappeared after that!

  4. Sean

    oh, this definitely trounces sunway giza’s cravings! but so far, i think skewers’ glutton burger seems to be the one to beat. now if only the daily grind would take note and come up with their own xxl-sized burger! 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh my.. can u imagine the XXL PRICE for tht burger in Daily Grind?? HAHa

      Yup, so far only Skewers’ been gettin good feedback. Jz got to fnd time to go there now.. urghhh..

  5. Chong

    Thick patty but the bread/bun looks dry.

    1. rebeccasaw

      It is a bit dry. But that seems to be the case whn beef is used. Pork alws fares better!

  6. Leo

    too bad… it was beef right?

    1. Rebecca

      Yup! Come, let me take you to a porky burger plc!

  7. via

    din know got this new outlet…is it at pacific coffee there?

    1. Rebecca

      Nope! Galleria 101?
      Turn left there…

  8. Stupe

    I make my own burger patty. How big you want again?

    1. Rebecca

      Wooo! I wan moist and juicy one. Make sure not too salty!

  9. iamthewitch

    My goodness! Such a huge and thick burger! And it’s in Puchong! You can be sure I’ll go and give it a try very soon! 🙂

  10. Stupe

    Becky – the secret to soft bread is using cold water and a whole packet of yeast, no matter what the recipe said.

    Those commercially available bread are soft and moist because they are all made using shortening i.e. FAT. you do not want to know how much is needed to make the bread that soft.

  11. J2Kfm

    Cool name for a place this one, though I have no idea how one devours a giant burger of that massive proportion on his or her own.

    It’s suicidal. >_<

  12. AngelKein

    omfg bad idea to come here in the middle of the night. 🙁 im hungry now!

  13. Chang Rarogal

    Had errors viewing the site in Safari on the Mac, but apart from that loved the site.

  14. Jason Patricks

    Hi! Just wondering, i see lots of food on this page. Do you serve liquor here? BTW, congratulation on the opening 🙂

    1. Rebecca

      Oh yes they do Jason!
      It’s drinking hole at night but beers etc is on the menu !

  15. jun

    halal tak? cz nampak sungguh sedap…=)

    1. rebeccasaw

      HI Jun!
      It’s pork free but no “Halal” sign as it is operated by non malays.

  16. Rei

    Unfortunately close where where they moved?

    1. rebeccasaw

      I don’t think they moved. I think it’s ermm.. no more in existence. but I’m not sure.

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