Chendol in Melaka – Donald & Lily, Makko, Jeta Groves, Nancy’s Kitchen & Justberrys

Becky’s 1 minute summary:
1. Justberrys
2. Jeta Grove then Donald’s & Lily followed by Nancy’s Kitchen and Makko.

This list is based on the chendol(s) that I have personally sampled so far. Do feel free to recommend more by leaving your suggestions in the comment section of this post ! 🙂
My advice? Ignore all of them and just head over to Justberrys.

For the long story, read on.


I had wanted “Nyonya food” for lunch on this 2 days trip.
So the 1st day was at Makko; just because David, my partner for the trip insisted that Makko’s chendol is good.

But we were too early so we headed to Jeta Groves for a quick snack before lunch.

nyonya food lunch - restoran jeta groves

I have been here before years back and one of the dishes I enjoyed here was the Lontong. It didn’t disappoint; still as creamy and tasty. Served piping hot with a dollop of chilli if you’re looking for spice, it was a fulfilling plate with soft yet firm rice cubes and generous amount of vegetables and half an egg.

nyonya food lunch - restoran jeta groves-001

But it was the chendol that I had wanted David to try.

nyonya food lunch - restoran jeta groves-002

It wasn’t too bad. It’s difficult to beat the fine shaven ice from Justberrys and the gula melaka lacked the caramelized depth but still, it was good for its price (RM4 or thereabouts).
I love the small beans though on this day, the beans were still a bit hard inside as it wasn’t cooked through. A shame really.
The green chendol strips were a nice emerald green, translucent, smooth and fresh, not the mushy, dull green types which I abhor. Even the coconut milk was rich enough.

nyonya food lunch - restoran jeta groves-003

When Makko was finally open for business we shifted our widening asses over to the large air conditioned comfort of the spacious corner lot.

nyonya food lunch - restoran nyonya Makko

nyonya food lunch - restoran nyonya Makko-007

We ordered lunch for 3 pax and of course, a bowl of David’s chendol.

nyonya food lunch - restoran nyonya Makko-003

Lunch was bad, and the same can be said for the chendol.

nyonya food lunch - restoran nyonya Makko-001

Perhaps Makko thought thicker is better? This mould of coarsely shaven ice was drizzled with very, very thick gula melaka and coconut milk.
If you’re of opinion that thick gula melaka can’t go wrong, you’re very much mistaken. Besides having good ratio of creaminess from the coconut milk to the sweetness of the gula melaka, an ideal (for me at least) bowl of chendol should be rained with quality gula melaka; one that has a deep caramelized flavour, a tad smoky even and the unmistakable aroma of rich, dark molasses.
The gula melaka in this chendol was way diabetic-ally sweet, which was made me suspect that it was mixed with plenty of white sugar.

Well, if it’s of any consolation, the kidney beans were soft and the chendol strips were alright.

nyonya food lunch - restoran nyonya Makko-002

The next day we had lunch at Nancy’s Kitchen on Jonker Street. It is pretty difficult to find pork Nyonya dishes as more and more outlets converted to being pork-free to cater to the commercial crowd. I thought that is rather silly, considering the fact that most Muslim (I think, correct me if I’m wrong) don’t patronize Nyonya food outlets as frequently anyways.

nyonya food melaka - nancy's kitchen

Anyhow since we are at a Nyonya food outlet we ordered a chendol to go with our meal.

nyonya food melaka - nancy's kitchen-007

I will always like my ice fine so you will be hearing that complaint a lot from me. But out of all the chendol(s) we have sampled on this trip, this was the worst.
Other than that, the coconut milk was rich and creamy, the gula melaka fragrant and the green chendol strips nice and fresh. They used small red beans which was cooked til soft so that’s a plus point.

nyonya food melaka - nancy's kitchen-006

Last stop before we left Melaka was Donald and Lily’s.
After all, since we are on a gluttony run, might as well go all the way right? 😀

nyonya food lunch - restoran nyonya Donald Lily Melaka-005

Donald & Lily’s chendol was actually pretty good.
The ice is still pretty coarse, but at least the gula melaka was thick, smoky and fragrant rather than just saccharin sweet. The chendol has a good consistency with both the coconut milk and gula melaka in balanced ratio. In addition to that, small sago shared the bowl with green chendol strips and small red beans.

nyonya food lunch - restoran nyonya Donald Lily Melaka-006

So that’s it for now.
I shall be heading to Melaka again soon. Meanwhile, leave a suggestion here if you have any food/place that you think I should try!
Also, does anyone know where to have a good authentic Nyonya meal? 

123, Jalan Merdeka, Taman Melaka Raya,
75000 Melaka
Tel.: 06 – 284 0737
Lunch : 11.30am – 2.45pm
Dinner : 6.00pm – 9.30pm
Closed: Tuesday

Donald and Lily Restaurant
No 16 (Ground Floor),
Jalan KSB 1,
Taman Kota Shahbandar,
75200, Malacca

Jeta Groves
115, Taman Melaka Raya,
75000, Melaka, Malaysia

Justberrys Dessert House
No. 89, Jalan KL 3/8, Taman Kota Laksamana Sekysen 3,
75200 Melaka.

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  1. Sean Eat Drink KL

    incidentally, i’ve actually never been to donald & lily, though my family has tarpaoed some of their food back home. and my late grandpa actually liked the place, so i should try it someday =) amy heritage is a good nyonya restaurant in malacca, i think, though the waiting time for the food is relatively long =)

  2. Ronald Lee

    Do try more of the small shops instead of the big popular ones. Maybe you’ll get lucky.
    Having said that, I’m really interested to try Justberrys now

  3. marcus

    a challenge for ye. i have yet to find a place that sells decent buah keluak… it always seems not as strong as it is supposed to be (read: mix some dirt with some used coffee grinds and bake it for a bit)
    tried Catherines. its sortof there. not fully tho,

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Catherines’ – mana tu??
      Ok wil try find keluak for u

  4. Tanya

    I guess I’ll just skip all that & head to Justberrys as you suggested!

  5. Amber

    The lontong looks sinfully good . Somehow all the chendol looks good to me! But I believe you on your verdict.

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