Chef Adriano Zumbo in Malaysia – Academy of Pastry Arts PJ

Today I got to meet Chef Adriano Zumbo in person at the Academy of Pastry Arts PJ! 🙂

Chef Adriano Zumbo in KL malaysia- rebecca saw

The rather cute young chef was as sweet as his confectioneries. Well, at least he was to all of us during the preview this morning.


Here are some pictures of the pastries we had. His famous “Zumbaron” stayed true to its reputation and it is one of the best macarons that I have ever bit into! Other than Pierre Herme’s of course. 🙂

rebecca saw n adriano zumbo 2 edit

BELOW: Raspberry Rose Zumbaron and Chocolate Donut Zumbaron.

Chef Adriano Zumbo - Zumbaron

Adriano’s macarons (Zumbaron) are airy, not overly sweet and I love how he skillfully matched some really innovative flavours of the macaron shells to the fillings. From the few desserts especially laid out for our tasting today, I find his creations to be very clever play on both flavours and textures.
My pick out of the 2 macarons is the Raspberry Rose Zumbaron. I loved the floral taste of its shell; gentle and delicate. Then the sudden heat that jumped at me from the chocolate chilli ganache filling perked up my tastebuds and took the bore away from a mild flavoured shell. Many other media and attendees today seemed to echo my sentiments as well.

BELOW: The Chocolate Donut Zumbaron. This wasn’t bad, it’s just that it has cinnamon in the ganache, and I don’t like cinnamon!
But I’m sure you can spot the lovely texture of the shell in the picture below. It is crumbly but not as chewy as most macarons.

Chef Adriano Zumbo in KL malaysia-001

Other popular creations of his were displayed as well. And whatever that was displayed was for tasting too. I sampled everything and was on sugar high for the rest of the afternoon!

Chef Adriano Zumbo in KL malaysia-002

St. Honore – made up of Pistachio & Mint Chantilly, Choux pastry and Saffron Apricot gel.

Chef Adriano Zumbo in KL malaysia- rebecca saw-004

Hmmm.. another of my favourite for today!

Chef Adriano Zumbo in KL malaysia

Chef Adriano Zumbo in KL malaysia- rebecca saw-005

These are the mini versions of St. Honore. You can see the layers clearly here – the pistachio & mint chantilly, choux pastry, saffron apricot gel and sable a choux.

Chef Adriano Zumbo in KL malaysia- rebecca saw-003

And the miniatures of Zumbo’s Mille Feuille.

Chef Adriano Zumbo in KL malaysia- rebecca saw-002

The actual size of the Mille Feuille is as below, consisted of biscuit of hazelnut and lime, Gianduja Chantilly, peanut caramel, chocolate cremeaux and lime curd.

Chef Adriano Zumbo in KL malaysia- rebecca saw-001

Actually there’s more components to each of his pastries but that would make for a very long post. What I’ll be doing instead is to share the recipes here. Just give me some time to scan and upload those alright?

So, anyone here a die hard fan of Adriano Zumbo? :DD

Aspiring to be Zumbo? Check out the syllables at the Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia:

Lot 2-A, 2nd Floor,
Wisma Thrifty
No. 19, Jalan Barat,
46200 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Daruk Ehsan,
H/P: +60173252395
Tel: +603 7960 3846 / +603 7960 3848

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  1. Sean Eat Drink KL

    ooh, the St. Honore cake! i like it, and i wish it were available more widely in KL! nathalie does a good version too 😀

  2. Sandy

    Ohh… sugar overload! And that chef looks as sweet too!

  3. veron

    Delectable- the desserts, Zumbo and U!

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