Cheeky Doe, Hutong – LOT 10

I was there at 11.00am, and most stalls were still making preparations for the day.

cheeky joe1

Photography of the area was a breeze though, as I could snap away at the dining areas without anyone obscuring the tables & chairs.
I so love the concept here, despite the fact that at 1st I found it to be of a maze. But the way the dining area is segregated by different colours and themes is so cool. Sure beats those canteen/communal dining space kind of food courts.


Since I’m first and foremost attracted to anything that remotely assembles breads or cakes, this Cheeky Doe stall caught my eye.

Almost everything here is mini or bite-sized, another reason that made me stick around & actually making purchases. Less of the same thing to eat & more variety for the amount paid. Suits me to a T.

Mini Pies, RM3.80 each – Chic or Beef.
Quiches, RM2.50 each.

cheeky joe2

However, when I said small, it is really miniature. Sort of 2 dainty bites or one mouthful, whichever that suits your eating style.

Cupcake, small – RM3.80.
Large – RM5.50.

cheeky joe3

Like I said, anything that is doughy (except Pan Mee) is my kinda of food, hence my order of their signature snack – the Cheeky Doe VegeSoul.


I got mine hot off the fryer, since the staff was frying up the stock for the day.

For the savoury items, they’ve got Shrimp Spring, Spicy Potato & VegeSoul while those with sweet tooth can opt for Banoffee, Cheery Apple, Mellow Coconut & Orange Blossom.
Each is priced at RM3.80.

cheeky joe

My Cheeky Doe was really oily, even as a fried item. For the lack of a better description, this is similar to your local cucur udang batter with fanciful fillings.

Hhmm..1st doughnuts, now this??


To say that my VegeSoul wasn’t that great would be putting it mildly. The fillings of aubergines, onions and whatever else that I can barely identify was salty & the “dough” didn’t feel like it was cooked through, resulting in mushy stick- to -your- palate kind of texture.


Their pastries & cakes fared better. I only tried a few & I didn’t think they warrant a review. Definitely must try more flavours at the next opportunity.

Anyhow, it’s good that they offers such assortments & having mini versions are a great idea.

Cute mini cheese cakes: RM6.90 for 3.
from left:
Coconut cheese cake with fresh lime
Choc & Raisin
Tea scent honey cheese cake
Mango & Passion Fruit
Hazelnut cheese cake with choc chips
White Choc cheese cake with orange
Lemon cheese cake with raspberry preserve

cheeky joe6

Flavoured Eclairs
– RM2.80 each.
Coffee, Choc, Pistachio, Strawberry & Orange.

cheeky joe5

Mini Cakes & Almond Pastries
, RM6.90 for 3.
Choc Cherry
Honey & Cinnamon
Orange & Spices
Coffee & citrus fruits
Choc Apricot
Cocoa pastries with choc & apricots
Ceylon Tea & Raspberry preserve
Almod pastries with ceylon tea & raspberry
Coconut & Exotic Spices

cheeky joe4

Cheeky Doe
Hutong Food Court, LOT 10
Bukit Bintang.

note: All prices are subject to 5% tax.

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  1. Sean

    cute name, though their mascot looks like a prawn, not a doe! 😀

  2. J2Kfm

    with THAT much varieties, I expect you to be back again and again and again …..

  3. foodbin

    spoilt for choices-like those craftily decorated cupcakes.

  4. SimpleGirl

    seems like this is a place I must drop by soon!!!!

  5. CUMI & CIKI

    looks like damn a lot to eat. which was your fav?

  6. ai wei

    is this the newly renovated food court in lot 10??? i havent hav time to pay a visit here. 🙁
    lots of choices arrr

  7. ai wei

    is this the newly renovated food court in lot 10??? i havent hav time to pay a visit here. 🙁
    lots of choices arrr

  8. thule a.k.a leo

    Hutong!! Wow.. many of you have actually gone there already 🙁

  9. Duckie

    i was at lot 10 last week … never realised the shop …

  10. qwazymonkey

    I would have probably have missed it completely with the myriad of local food available at Hutong. Thanks for giving it a shout out. might just give it a go the next time when the queue to Ho Weng Kee or Campbell pohpiah is too long.

  11. Bangsar-bAbE

    I don't think I'm going anytime soon…especially after your review!! >P

  12. J

    Strange… It doesn't look like a deer/doe at all…. Haha….

  13. thenomadGourmand

    Sean: LOL. now that u mentioned it!

    J2kfm: Err..I didnt like it that much!

    foodbin: Cute right??

    simplegirl: Pls dont put your expectations too high ya!

    c&c: None. ;p
    Well..u knw la..aft FBB & JHP & CordonBleu Jun, how to compare??

    ai wei: yes, loads! You guys should do a girls' day out there!

    Leo: Hhaha..we r foodies on the prowl!

    duckie: It's pretty hard to notice I guess, with all the others BIG names there..

    qwazymonkey: U can try, but keep in mind this is more of a snacks shop.

    b-babe: Yups babe. Dont waste calories!

    J: I know! ;p

  14. sc

    everything looks so cute and teeny weeny! hmmm, sad to read that the vegesoul was bad though. definitely not rushing over there anytime soon..

  15. cariso

    Too cute to bite lah! 🙂

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