Cheap stay in IPOH: REVIEW – Chokodok Reggae House Ipoh

Chokodok Reggae House
Jalan Sultan Idris Shah,
30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
Airbnb: OR
Tel: + 6017-224 5847


There is a dearth of budget accommodations in Ipoh for sure.

While the island of Penang and the historical city of Melaka suffers a glut of such “boutique“, nostalgia-themed, charmingly old and artfully decorated accommodations, Ipoh seems to be slow to catch up.

No doubt there are many big Ipoh hotels with over a hundred rooms each, and there has been a few new modern boutique hotels of late (namely M Hotel, Bali Hotel, Sekeping Kong Heng, Happy 8, Indulgence – used to be THE boutique hotel in Ipoh) but for a night stay for less than RM50, I’ve only found a few.

As you can see from the video that I’ve uploaded, Chokodok Reggae House Ipoh isn’t ideal for the dainty ladies and careful backpackers.

I managed to get this private double bed room for RM20 nett on for a Sunday night stay. This is a 50% deal of the usual rate of RM40.
Thank god it was RM20, for I wouldn’t pay RM40 for this!

Video REVIEW - Chokodok Reggae House Ipoh-008
Video REVIEW - Chokodok Reggae House Ipoh-007

As far as cleanliness goes, this is dirty.
This is the dorm sharing unit for about RM20/bed/night. Mine was a private room.

Video REVIEW - Chokodok Reggae House Ipoh-004

Safety? Well, I would say it is safe. You are provided a padlock for your room and there is a sturdy bolt from inside.
For the dorm sharing room, it is not locked.

Pretty good actually. The team managing the place and the cafe is your hipster young happy-go-lucky fellas, all men yes, but not threateningly so.
Just to clarify, what I mean is, if you are the careful sort, then do not consider Chokodok Reggae House for the time being. I was told there will be a renovation soon and things will improve.

Wifi is bad upstairs, and at most times, useless. I tethered on my mobile whenever I’m in the room, which was less than 8 hours during my stay.

Personally I didn’t know what to expect until I turned up at the premise. Images online had showed pretty decent pictures and being a frequent backpacker myself, I had not expected the sky and the moon.

BELOW: Common area for hanging out.

IPOH - chokodok guest house1

Sharing washroom.

Video REVIEW - Chokodok Reggae House Ipoh-011

However I didn’t leave not because of money (he showed me the place first and told me upfront that I should check and only stay/pay if I’m comfortable), but because my gut feel told me it is safe enough.
The fellas I spoke to was sociable and the team pretty much minded their own business.

Frankly, I just needed a place to stay for the night and I won’t be spending my time in the hostel much. Besides, I felt no threat. There was a lady guest as well during my stay, a foreigner who seemed pretty happy hanging around here.

In a nutshell, if you are a male and the sort to rough it out, then Chokodok Reggae House can be considered.
Do watch the video to understand what I meant.

Trust me, the images won’t convey the actual the feel of the place as well as a video might.

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Video REVIEW - Chokodok Reggae House Ipoh-001


The cafe on the ground floor.

IPOH - chokodok guest house

The corner lot that is Chokodok Reggae House. Parking is a challenge. You would have to circle a bit on the few streets here.
I was here on a quiet weekend so I didn’t have any problems finding parking on the streets.

Video REVIEW - Chokodok Reggae House Ipoh


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