Cheap IDD rates using iTalk Whoa !

Wake in the morning, feeling like P. Diddy,
Grab my Nexus, I’m out the door, hitting the road running..
Before I leave, I must log on to iTalk Whoa,
‘Cause without it I aint know how to start the day… :yahoo:

Ok, fine. Corny rendition I know  😉
But that’s a fact..

Once awake, the laptop is on before my eyes are even wide open. *type type* in goes the password..

1WHOA draft2


My greeting to the world!!!!

iTalkWhoa  Twitter

Then it’s call time to Japan!  I must say this is my favourite function to use. CHEAP maaa…

The cute pink phone icon is a shortcut to my VOIP dialer which is found in the MAIL tab. Click on it..

iTalkWhoa  Phone

…and the dialer will pop up .


Select the country (in my case Japan) & key in the phone number. Click the dial/hang button after that.
The cool part? No worries if you do not know the Country Code!

It automatically “appears” in the number field after you choose your choice of country.

You just proceed to key in the contact number! Small things like that do make life simpler no? I mean, it’s fine if it is a number that you call everyday –like in my case – my daily call to someone in Japan (buy you an orgasmic mango cheesecake from Harith’s Samsaraa restaurant if you can guess who is it!), but what if you use it for company’s purposes as well? (Yes, it’s a smarter/CHEAPER choice!! Really cuts down the expenses!).


I do not remember every country’s code, I normally just key-in the number from the namecards.

Call rates are at 7sen/min and varies between countries. For more information on the rates, you can click here.

Generally, it is a bargain considering how much I would have to pay if I were to dial from my handphone/company line.

So, do consider iTalk WHOA!, even if it’s only for the VOIP calls. A good tip to share with your company’s management board & Finance too!

Registration ? Click iTalk WHOA.

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