Changi Village Hotel (Review) – a part of Singapore I haven’t been!

My weekend in Singapore was slightly different from my usual trips. Instead of flashy Marina Bay Sands, or shopping in Orchard and food hunting like I usually do, I was nestled comfortably in the tranquil and laid back district of Changi Village. A taxi ride to the MRT station – Tanah Merah cost about SGD10 and SGD30 if you’re heading to Arab Street area. Trust me, I know. I paid those damn bucks.

At first I was cursing the distance and wondering what would I do being away from my Ngee Ann city, Orchard Road and celebrity restaurants in Marina Bay Sands. Checking in AFTER my welcome dinner at Landmark Village Hotel, I took a quick video and some photographs and collapsed on the bed. Yes, I was in such a rush that I didn’t manage to check in till after the event.

changi village hotel - changi village - hotel review

When I woke up the next morning, I felt slightly rested and realized the bed is ultra-comfortable! I snuggled for a while before heading out for breakfast. Another thing I like about the room? Plenty of plug points! I could charge my BB, Zenbook, camera, MP3 player and my external battery pack all at one go at different points.

changi village hotel - changi village - hotel review (19)

I love the large desk provided. There was plenty of space for everything; laptop, a glass of water, magazines at the side, a plate of snack, phone charging in front of me and for my mouse.

changi village hotel - changi village - hotel review (2)
 The design is quite cool in some ways too, such as this see-through glass from the bathtub and vice versa.

changi village hotel - changi village - hotel review (14)

changi village hotel - changi village - hotel review (5)

The usual amenities in the room worked fine.

changi village hotel - changi village - hotel review (8)

changi village hotel - changi village - hotel review (18)

changi village hotel - changi village - hotel review (16)

changi village hotel - changi village - hotel review (17)

changi village hotel - changi village - hotel review (10)

changi village hotel - changi village - hotel review (11)

changi village hotel - changi village - hotel review (12)

changi village hotel - changi village - hotel review (13)

Breakfast was light and quick one as this is the day of the Singapore Blog Awards as well as the hotel tour in the morning. Hop over HERE if you would like to see what we ate for lunch, pictures of the hotels we visited and those crazy pictures we took at the awards ceremony! :DD

Breakfast at Changi Village Hotel-002

Breakfast at Changi Village Hotel-004

Breakfast at Changi Village Hotel-010

Breakfast at Changi Village Hotel-011

Breakfast at Changi Village Hotel-005


You have seen pictures of my room. Now here’s the pictures of one of the suite. For RATES, click HERE.

Changi Village Hotel - Singapore (20)

Changi Village Hotel - Singapore (17)

It has a separate living area.

Changi Village Hotel - Singapore (25)

Changi Village Hotel - Singapore (22)

Much more spacious indeed, and with a bigger bathtub to soak in too!

Changi Village Hotel - Singapore (18)

The location of Changi Village Hotel obviously made it ideal for business travelers. Singapore Changi Airport is only a 15-minute shuttle ride away and the heart of the city can be reached via the fast and convenient MRT network. However, the nearest MRT is Tanah Merah, Pasir Ris or Changi Airport itself. I’ll recommend taking the FREE hotel shuttle to Changi Airport & then connect via MRT to the city. Cabs are expensive, unless you’re charging it to your company account. :DD

SBA Day 3-045

Since I dropped dead on my bed the night before, I haven’t had a chance to admire my hotel’s surroundings. That morning, together with the other bloggers, I finally visited the pool, the open garden, the executive lounge and the business centre.

Changi Village Hotel - Far East Hotels (1)

There are 2 pools here, one on the 8th floor which is popular with weddings and ceremonies (and I can see why!) and another just outside of the Saltwater Cafe on the lobby floor, where the pool is uniquely like a transparent aquarium.

Below: The one by the Saltwater Cafe at lobby ground.

Changi Village Hotel - Singapore (15)

Changi Village Hotel - Singapore (14)

Too bad I didn’t have time to do a photoshoot here. I can imagine myself acting and posing like a fish in an aquarium already! 😛

Changi Village Hotel - Singapore (16)

Below: The pool at the 8th floor.

Changi Village Hotel - Singapore (10)

Changi Village Hotel - Singapore (7)

Being near to Changi Airport – you’ll see planes and the South China Sea.

Changi Village Hotel - Singapore (6)

Changi Village Hotel aims to please both business and leisure travelers. For business, the ballroom (1) and conference rooms (16 meeting rooms) are fully equipped to handle any corporate functions. For leisure or events, the same ballroom can be transformed to the theme of your choice.

Changi Village Hotel - Singapore (4)

Changi Village Hotel - Singapore (3)

Changi Village Hotel - Singapore (2)

There’s a spa here as well, (The Retreat Spa and Thalasso Centre – Ground Level and Level 8) which I didn’t get to try though it would have been a good idea after the tiring day I had. Click HERE if you want to check out the packages.

You are not short on dining options either, as Saltwater Café (where breakfast was) offers a choice of indoor or alfresco dining, and provides diners with a wide variety of local and International cuisine in both its buffet and a la carte menus. You can’t go wrong with Italian or Japanese either, both proven Asian favourites.

Changi Village Hotel - Singapore (13)

La Cantina on the 8th floor offers a panoramic view of the South China Sea- a respite from the city’s structured skyline. With a choice of both indoor and alfresco dining, savour robust Northern Italian cuisine. At lobby level, Chou bei Japanese Restaurant serves authentic Japanese cuisine complemented by an array of fine wines from their specialised cellar.

Below: La Cantina at the far end of the poolside floor.

Changi Village Hotel - Singapore (11)

Below: Chou bei Japanese Restaurant at lobby floor.

The Wine Company™ at Changi Village Hotel, featuring an extensive wine portfolio – a delight to all wine connoisseurs. Whether it’s a lazy afternoon or a romantic evening, make a date to savour food-and-wine pairings within the idyllic charm of Changi Village. Another option for wines is the Vau Wine Bar.


Just in need of a quick snack? There’s a 7-11 INSIDE Changi Village Hotel!


The next morning, I had the whole day to myself before checking out at noon. After a much deserved rest the night before, I woke up and took a walk around Changi Village.

SBA Day 3-031

The entrance to the Changi Village Hotel.

SBA Day 3-008

SBA Day 3-010

From the hotel, just a right turn will take you to some local food courts that does brisk business serving Singaporean and even Malaysian cuisine. Being a less busy district of Singapore, Changi Village is a favourite for the locals for leisure activities such as cycling and jogging.

SBA Day 3-012

SBA Day 3-013

SBA Day 3-015

SBA Day 3-016

SBA Day 3-026

SBA Day 3-017

SBA Day 3-019

SBA Day 3-044

After a strenuous (or leisure) ride, the cyclist were seen chatting and resting over breakfast. I must say such an idyllic lifestyle appeals to me, and it’s certainly a part of Singapore I haven’t experienced before.

SBA Day 3-023

SBA Day 3-024

Right opposite is some HDB flats and there’s a market there. Some stalls are quite famous – such as Charlies’ Corner and Nasi Lemak International but these were close due to the renovation.

SBA Day 3-037

SBA Day 3-038

SBA Day 3-046

SBA Day 3-047

The famous Nasi Lemak International shifted opposite for a short stint while the renovations are going on. I was tempted to try and stood at the stall for a good 10 minutes. However, it didn’t seem enough!

SBA Day 3-055

At some point everybody on the road was craning their neck to look up a tree. I joined them out of curiousity.

SBA Day 3-040

Can you see it? It’s a parrot! I was told by a local that parrots are a common sight here within the Changi Village vicinity. Now that’s something new. 🙂

Below: An Indian temple.

SBA Day 3-036

After the slow walk and I headed back to the hotel for my breakfast. I sat outside at the pool area and had a slow breakfast, checking my emails and even did some picture editing for my blog. I decided there and then that I won’t be heading to town, and will just stay in Changi Village throughout the day. Mr Kent, the Room Division Manager in charge has kindly allowed me late check-out though occupancy was high after I told him that my journey back is only at 10pm at night. I was very thankful for that, as I didn’t quite fancy the idea of lugging my luggage bags around town as I shop. Anyhow, staying in the hotel allowed me to recuperate and fully enjoy the facilities before another hectic week ahead.

And my idea of recuperation includes a soak in the bathtub….

Changi Village Hotel - Singapore (30)

…as well as a good workout session in the gym (Level 5). I would have gone for a run if it was blazing hot outside! Seriously the weather was rather unforgiving!

changi village hotel review rebecca saw-007

The gym is beautiful, clean and a delight to use. Towels, water and a wash area are some of the amenities that made for a pleasant workout experience.

changi village hotel review rebecca saw-002

changi village hotel review rebecca saw

changi village hotel review rebecca saw-005

Below: The shower area.

changi village hotel review rebecca saw-001

After gym I hide in the air-conditioned comfort of Changi Village Hotel. Shuttling between my room and the Executive Lounge (I get writer’s block if I stay at a place too long), I managed to get some light reading, blog-writing and some work done throughout the day!

changi village hotel review rebecca saw-008

Changi Village Hotel - Singapore (27)

Changi Village Hotel - Singapore (28)

Hotel Picture-024

There were free-flow of drinks (soft drinks, juices) at the Executive Lounge as well as snacks like biscotti, dried nuts and fruits and pastries. At certain hours, heavier dishes such as tempura, beef, fried noodles, etc are served, namely during breakfast/lunch and dinner hours. So if you don’t fancy the crowd at Saltwater Cafe and IF your room comes with Executive Lounge access (yup, Executive Lounge access is an option), you can savour your breakfast either in the air-conditioned lounge or outside on the terrace.

If you are in search of a little adventure and decided my idea of bumming away in the hotel incredibly dull, go for a relaxing beach boardwalk or head on an exploratory trip and experience life at the natural and charming Pulau Ubin. Pulau Ubin is just exciting bumboat ride from Changi Ferry Terminal, which is a mere 5 minutes walk from Changi Village Hotel.

SBA Day 3-030

SBA Day 3-035

Changi Village is also well known for its seedy nocturnal activities late in the night. Transvestites loiter near within the area waiting for customers to pick them up.  But I have not seen these with my own eyes, just some interesting info I picked up from the locals. Anyhow, there’s no lack of nightlife around here as there are pubs scattered around.

SBA Day 3-033

SBA Day 3-028

SBA Day 3-027

Just before I left Changi Village, my friend Isaac treated me for dinner and for desserts we went to Chocolate Origin.

SBA Day 3-061

Apparent it’s a rather famous dessert place. It’s menu is simple, chocolate cake or chocolate lava cup.

SBA Day 3-059

Cuppa Warm Lava Cake. SGD5. Whoever who came up with this is a genius!

SBA Day 3-062

A layer of vanilla ice-cream at the bottom, then a warm moist chocolate cake with oozing liquid chocolate centre. Freaking heaven!!

Well, that’s about it. Check-out was smooth and thanks to Far East Hospitality Group, I left Singapore this time with a different experience than my usual visits. If I’m ever in Changi Village again, I’ll be sure to pop in Pulau Ubin on a bumboat (what the heck is a bumboat??) and also cycle around Changi Village on a rented bicycle. That would be very nice indeed! :DD

changi village hotel - changi village - hotel review (1)

Changi Village Hotel:

1 Netheravon Road
Singapore 508502

Hotel Reservations
Tel : 1800 737 3279 / +65 6496 7699
[email protected]

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  1. Sean

    i think la cantina would be my my pick! mainly since i love italian, but i think the view outside would be quite nice to admire before and after dinner 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Haha, this is NORTH italian somemore! Should be something different?
      Yups, the selling is the view, sunset I think!

  2. Jimmy

    Traveling again I see. Changi Village – only thing one can think of is the airport. Not bad for an airport hotel

    1. Rebecca

      Do try it the next time you’re in SG. Changi is a beautiful place that’s more than just the airport! 😛

  3. Ain

    Comprehensive!! 🙂

  4. Veron

    Beautifully written 🙂 Almost as if it’s a quaint village, not in Singapore!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yes, I didn’t feel like I was in Sg! Other than the taste of the food and the orderliness … LOL!
      I guess we are all too used to the bustle and hustle of the city?

  5. Anges

    That Choc Lava!! Ohhhh!!
    And Changi hotel being so near.. hahah..if I stay there I’ll eat it everyday! 😛

    1. rebeccasaw

      I could hardly put my cup down. So rich but really good! Freshly baked choc moist cake, liquid lava, rich and bitter sweet, then ice-cream… *swoons*!

  6. Lennie

    Far East Hospitality Group of hotels are pretty known for its good reputation in Sg. The Landmark one is a bit old but the Oasia is impressive. Booked my client there one time and he showed me around.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Next time book YOURSELF in there! 😛
      Yea, the Landmark one does look old compared to the rest. However, the rooms were alright. The poolside area as you can see in my previous post (where we had dinner) is still well maintained.

  7. JOhn

    So this was the Changi one? Hmm.. will ask my Fin to look into this! Rooms, lounge, location looks sweet!

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