CENTRO HAIR SALON: My “peacock” hair

It’s time for a change and as usual my talented and trusted stylist Han hit it right on the head with this new style of his.
I had told him I wanted something “in blocks” and perhaps 3-4 colors.

This was the end result from 8 hours of work.

centro hair salon - rebecca saw-003

Yeap, bleach, treatment, wash, treatment, applying and mixing the colors to get the right shade and parts of the hair to look the way we wanted it; it takes skills, patience and hours!

Watch the video to see the transformation:

So, how do you like my hair? 🙂

centro hair salon - rebecca saw-002

centro hair salon - rebecca saw famous hair-002

centro hair salon - rebecca saw famous hair-001

centro hair salon - rebecca saw

IF you wish to explore a style similar to this or if you have a unique idea for your hair, consult Han.
He is open to ideas, possesses the skills to pull it off and the eye to assess if you can carry the look you wanted or otherwise.

Han hasn’t bagged the ‘Most Fashion Forward Color‘ award at the Women’s Weekly Spa Awards 2016 for nothing!
Pay the Centro team a visit and get the new look you want today!


As I’ve mentioned before in this post, your hair style, color and cut straight out from a salon will be different from your daily look (unless you have a personal stylist to blow and style your hair everyday!) so expect changes over time.
For this latest style of mine, I’m going to be a “bird of paradise” chameleon of sorts since the blocks of color will fall differently depending on how and where I part my hair.
So expect me to go wild with hairspray and wax as I experiment with unique styles!

Want to stay updated on my hair progress? Just stalk me on Facebook and Instagram! 😉



CENTRO W Hair Salon
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Waze: “Gardens Mall”.
Tel: 03-22877330
FB: https://www.facebook.com/centrohairsalon.my/ 

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  1. Sean EDKL

    a very artistic, avant-garde do! from the pictures, the colours and patterns almost look photo-shopped – in a positive sense, in that they look almost unreal … which is not a description that could be applied to our usual boring hairstyles! haha, i hope i’m making sense … but if not, what i mean is that i’m impressed! 😀

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hahah! Don’t worry Sean, I get what you mean!! 😀
      Avant -garde – yeap, as intended!

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