Celmonze – my Genetique Stem Cell Synthesis facial – Step by Step here!

I got addicted to the after-facial radiance & the luxury of being pampared after my first ever facial HERE !
A bad thing in a way, LOL, as facials are never cheap but as I aged, I’m leaning towards the concept that facials may be necessary after all.

Well, I’m back to Celmonze again, since that’s where I had my virginal facial experience. I have since decided to stick to the same salon too, since I’m comfortable with the staff & beauty professionals here. :good:

celmonze - genetique stem cell synthesis 2

The Celmonze International Laboratories was founded in 1980, & now comprises 5 state-of-the-art research labs located across Europe & North America, with its HQ in Paris.

My trip here today is for the Genetique, a 2 HOURS, RM598 facial;-)
Celmonze’s Genetique Stem Cell Synthesis is a youth- extension (don’t we all love this phase??) beauty solution based on nature’s DNA; the nature referred here being the regenerative plant stem cell extract from a rare Swiss Apple, the Uttwiler Spatlauber.
ONLY in Switzerland you’ll find this apple, where at one point, only three of this endangered apple tree species remained.

Vogue magazine dubbed the rare fruit as the “Super Apple“, as it has a regenerative ability to heal skin if puncture while still on the tree. Once it’s harvested, it can outlast normal apples by months!

Celmonze Genetique facial (9)

All the products that was used in the GENETIQUE facial:
1. Exfoliating Gel
2. Neutralizer
3. Concentrate
4. Activator
5. Moisturiser
6. Mask

Celmonze Genetique facial (10)

Celmonze Genetique facial (11)

Celmonze Genetique facial (12)

Step 1:
The opening relaxing massage & cleansing of the face & shoulders in preparation for the GENETIQUE facial.

Celmonze Genetique facial (14)

Step 2:
Exfoliation (Genetique Stem Cell Synthesis Exfoliating Gel) & scalp massage.

Celmonze Genetique facial (16)

Step 3:
Apply neutralizer (Genetique Stem Cell Synthesis Neutraliser)  for 20mins ( without wiping off the exfoliation cream), followed by a COLD towel wrap.

Celmonze Genetique facial (15)

Step 4:
Then wipe the face clean. EXTRACTION is next. But it is NOT painful as she uses her hands rather than any of those extraction tools. Well, it could be also that I do not have much blackheads/whiteheads to begin with! 😉

Celmonze Genetique facial (2)

Step 5:
The small tube of concentrate (Genetique Stem Cell Synthesis Concentrate) goes on next. A “meso” roller is used to aid absorption.

Celmonze Genetique facial (3)

Step 6:
Then the Genetique Stem Cell Synthesis Skin Activator is mixed with Genetique Stem Cell Synthesis Active Cream & applied on my face. This is left on my face for 10mins while my face & shoulder gets another calming massage.

Celmonze Genetique facial (13)

Step 7:
Keeping the mixture on, another layer of emulsion is applied. This is the Genetique Stem Cell Synthesis Genetique Mask which was left on for 20mins.

Celmonze Genetique facial (4)

Step 8:
Lastly, a hot towel press is applied and the whole gunk (I mean that in a good way k!) is wiped off.

Celmonze Genetique facial (1)

Step 9:
Done! A warm towel over my shoulders with some light massage ensued by application of toner, moisturiser & sunblock.

Celmonze Genetique facial (5)

Celmonze Genetique facial (6)

All the products used..

Celmonze Genetique facial (7)

Radiant & happy me 😉

Celmonze Genetique facial (8)

You wish to try the Celmonze experience?

Celmonze Damansara Uptown is here:
N03 08′ 03
E101 37.24′

Notice the OCBC at Uptown Damansara?

celmonze damansara uptown

Celmonze on is the same row but opposite block.

celmonze damansara uptown 1

You can’t miss it! A whole 3 storeys- high block with a very visible signboard.

celmonze damansara uptown 2

Still can’t find it? Another landmark for you; the TM Point at Damansara Uptown.

celmonze damansara uptown 3

105, Jalan SS21/1A, Damansara Utama
47400 Damansara Jaya, Selangor

Tel: 03-7725-9925

Note: A non paid advertorial but the Celmonze Genetique facial is complimentary from the launch event HERE !

Lastly, do you want to win yourself one?

Just join Celmonze’s Facebook here, & try your luck!

STEP 1 Post a photo of yourself without makeup, so your friends can see why you need the facial.

STEP 2 – Get as many friends to LIKE your picture uploaded on Monz Beauty & Soul FB wall.

STEP 3 – 3 Winners with the most LIKE will win a GENETIQUE Stem Cell Synthesis Facial.
Contest ends 15th November 2010, 12pm sharp! Winners will be announced on 19th November.

Judges decision is final.

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  1. Biopolymath

    wow so good treatment!

    I did a research, the apple they used is actually the same species as the apple we normally eat, but the rare variety. it seems this is a problem w/ advertorials when everyone is told what to write!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh really?
      Send me the link? Where was that from?/

  2. Tisha

    I used to like Cellmonze skincare but they keep changing their ingredients it is incredibly frustrating. I can’t use them anymore as they give me breakouts.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh serious?? I’m not sensitive to any cosmetic or skin care products. So far everything I used is fine. How would you know that the ingredients as changed?

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