Celebrity Fitness: one of my favorite instructors – Fitness Manager Melvin Ong

Some fitness instructors can be such a bore.
I have been a gym member for as long as I can remember and I spent most of my gym hours in workout classes.
Participating in class keeps me motivated as there’s company (versus working out alone), a fun (hopefully) instructor to keep the energy going and we train following carefully structured workouts that are professionally developed and proven to work. And of course, not to mention safe too.

After years of classes I’m entitled to be opinionated about the instructors right? 🙂

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RPMâ„¢ is one of the classes that I attend every week.
This is an hour of indoor cycling routine where you ride to the rhythm of pulsating music. We take on different terrains in the comfort and safety of the air conditioned gym (can you tell why I like indoor cycling now?) and burn up to 675 calories  (it really depends on how much you push yourself) per session.
It improves heart and lung fitness and increases strength and endurance as our Les Mills certified instructor leads the class through hills, flats, mountain peaks, time trials, and interval training.

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RPM is one of the best classes to effectively burn those calories and lose weight. I attribute a lot of my weight maintenance to regular RPM sessions. And Melvin, one of the RPM certified instructors shares my sentiments.

Melvin was a heavy sales engineer with uric acid woes back in 2005. He joined Celebrity Fitness 1 Utama in 2007, which incidentally was Celebrity Fitness 1st gym in Malaysia.
His goal was to lose weight and get himself back on track to good health. Little did he know then that his decision would swing into motion a drastic lifestyle and career change.

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Listening to Melvin as he shared his story, I realized that was partly how I begun my journey with Celebrity Fitness. As Melvin went on to name Marco Escobar as one of his mentor for his achievements and how Marco had been very friendly and helpful to him when he first started in CF, it reinforced my belief on how having the right support system is crucial to someone embarking on a lifestyle to health and fitness.

This brings me back to my point on why good instructors are important and why a gym member should participate in workout classes or take Personal Training sessions. A passionate coach takes you beyond just the motion of working out. They became friends/mentor, they help you identify your goals and they supportively pushes you to achieve it.
Most good (or great) fitness instructors are inspiring individuals. And that’s exactly what gym members need.

For Melvin he looks up to Kris, the current Country Fitness Manager for Celebrity Fitness now as he goes about his daily life as a Fitness Manager for Celebrity Fitness branch in SS2 Mall. In fact it was Kris who had encouraged him to take his first Les Mills exam. The rest is history.

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Melvin’s usual work day starts early in the morning. When he’s not in class sweating it out with the members, he oversees and ensures proper scheduling of group fitness instructors in CF SS2 Mall. In between daily documentation work and meetings, Melvin keeps abreast of fitness news and new developments in the fitness & health world via reading magazines and Les Mills newsletter.
Currently he’s certified in almost 15 fitness programs which includes RPM, BodyPump, Power Jump, VPR, TRX Rips and Thumb Boxing.
Geez, what the heck is thumb boxing?

Not one to sit on his laurels, Melvin will be pursuing his Personal Training certification (NASM) next. Other self improving plans includes an upcoming fitness convention in Bangkok, regular attendance at quarterly Les Mills workshops and to conduct better classes for his followers.
Melvin’s classes gets very good attendance and is enjoyed tremendously by the members who attends them.

When I asked him why it that so; he contributes his popularity to his experience as well as his dedication to his job. Rather than just following every Les Mills as it is, Melvin takes time to switch and mix his music tracks. He observes the reaction of his members and the energy rise/dips during his classes.
The songs are very important for group classes, he had said. Rapport, interaction and personality are the other factors that sets each instructor apart from the rest.

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And I can’t agree enough. There are many instructors, but only a few are outstanding. These are the ones I respect and you’ll see me a regular in their classes! 😀

For the 1 Utama Celebrity Fitness branch Melvin’s RPM class is on Monday mornings. He teaches BodyPump too.
For more information, contact Celebrity Fitness Malaysia at 1300 – 222 – FIT (348) or log into www.celebrityfitness.com.my. You may also become a fan at http://www.facebook.com/CelebrityFitnessMalaysia.

As a parting quote, Melvin said “Money cannot buy health. Live your life to the fullest and be happy! ”

Thanks Melvin for your time. 😀

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  1. TheresaW

    That is some workout. Must have good discipline & it does help to have a PT! Hehe!

  2. Mabel lyn

    Looks like this year of the horse, I better put more effort in my workouts. I have signed up for classes but seem to missed it! Definitely need to change for a healthy life style. Happy Chinese New Year!

  3. Andy

    Woohoo! You go girl!! Can’t wait to see the new wackybecky in person, all toned up & sexier. Hope you will not stuffed too much during this CNY but do have a great time! Gong Xi Fa Cai!!

  4. Sean Eat Drink KL

    really cool story of how getting fit changed someone’s life so positively. heh, i have a friend who’s an rpm instructor too, but i must admit never having gone for any classes! 😀

  5. Brian

    No doubt the instructors plays a big part in keeping their members motivated and in some cases, would even play a role in changing the members’ mindset about fitness & health. I absolutely agree with you on this piece. Fab work becky. Keep it up

  6. Chee Kit

    Melvin is good yes. I like Don too for RPM

  7. Veron

    RPM is great for the ass and thighs! 🙂

  8. daniel

    Come on becky, outdoor cycling is the way to go!

  9. Stephanie

    Oh now you’re making me feel guilty with all that CNY feasting!
    But but..it’s only the 2nd day, can’t stop!

  10. YB Leong

    Just saw Melvin shared on his FB . Good one Rebecca

  11. Muhd Fandi

    I join a independent gym in PJ and like you said, I find that the right support system (from instrustors and friends) really important to keep the motivation going .

    Kudos to Melvin for providing that to his members

  12. Amber

    Even at my gym I have my favourite instructors too – and they really kept me motivated to attend the classes.

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