Celebrity Fitness Malaysia: Fun classes – DNA by Stefan Brecard

How does one stay motivated to workout?
I’ll suggest joining a club! Make some friends! Choose interesting classes and you would not only be doing your well-being a favour, you’ll be on your way to a toner body and a confident you! πŸ˜€

Like my toned back? Well, all that hard work in the gym does pays off. REALLY.

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I jog a few times a week. By jogging I meant dragging my feet along for a few kilometres.
But when it comes to my RPM, BodyPump, Fast Fit sessions at Celebrity Fitness, I tend to push harder, sweat better and work my muscles meaner.
The vibe, the music plus having a positive instructor pushing you on, it’s hard not to get into the swing of things! πŸ˜€


But a good workout doesn’t have to be all grunts, grumble and groans, it can be giggles, laughter and merriment.
Meet some of the crazy instructors here in Celebrity Fitness. They dance, they push you, they make you laugh and they ensure that you enjoy your workouts! πŸ™‚

vidal - pink bosu, celebrity fitness 1

If you’re all for fun and dance, try DNA – Dance and Attitude, a class currently taught by Stefan Brecard in Celebrity Fitness 1 Utama.
There are other DNA classes in the other Celebrity Fitness gyms but since I’m always at the 1 Utama branch I managed to catch his classes each week.

In September, he choreographed DNA Insanity Disco Fever.
Now, this is not just about the dance BUT the fact that he got everyone in his class (yes, most are regulars!) to dress according to the theme. Then he had every single one of them shaking their booty to an hour of jolly good fun!
NOW, that’s what make a workout class worth the time and effort. The objective of exercising was met; calories were burned but in an enjoyable and sustainable way. When members have fun while exercising, they won’t think of exercising as a torture.
And they will be motivated to keep going. In the long run they will see the results they seek; whether it’s for plain weight loss or for a toner body or just for better health.

DNA Insanity Disco Fever - Sept 2013-002

Look at him go! Those heels! He strutted sexier than I ever could! πŸ˜€

DNA Insanity Disco Fever - Sept 2013-003

DNA Insanity Disco Fever - Sept 2013-005

Want to see a ghastly sight of him?
Here you go!

DNA Insanity Halloween Oct 2013 - Uprising-002

This is for DNA Insanity in October 2013 and yes you guessed it, it’s Halloween!

DNA Insanity Halloween Oct 2013 - Uprising-003

Amazing isn’t it? Everyone actually took time to make up and dress up. πŸ™‚

DNA Insanity Halloween Oct 2013 - Uprising-004

But hey you can still join the class if you don’t want to dress up! It’s all cool.

DNA Insanity Halloween Oct 2013 - Uprising-005

To see more of Stefan’s videos you can subcribe to his youtube channel here –> http://www.youtube.com/user/stef2702?feature=watch

I have been a Celebrity Fitness member for years, even back when I was in Penang.
I used to go to the Gurney Plaza gym. Joining such gyms allows me to work out in comfort (come rain or shine) and to vary my routines. All for one membership fee. Back then it was RM149. I sacrificed eating out, shopping, even books but I never stopped my membership.
I cycle, I use the free weights, I dance, I build endurance and I have fun while doing it! πŸ™‚

For more information, you can contact Celebrity Fitness Malaysia at 1300 – 222 – FIT (348) or log into www.celebrityfitness.com.my. You may also become a fan at http://www.facebook.com/CelebrityFitnessMalaysia.

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  1. amber

    Ohh that sounds so fun! Lucky the gym is air coned else all the make up would run. Oh wait, perhaps that would make them look even more realistic!

  2. Gordon

    He’s wearing and dancing in heels??

  3. Lc Loh

    This certainly looks fun. Sure beats my lone 10km runs.

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