Casa Cacao – chocolate salon on Telawi : decadent chocolate desserts, waffles, brunch

Bangsar is almost my second home.

Want to shop or eat/chill out? You can go wrong being at the Telawi and Bangsar Villages vicinity.
Need to go low cost?
There are several mamaks around while Lucky Garden and the TMC area are good bets with numerous Chinese coffeeshops offering everything from Sarawak Laksa to Chicken Rice and dim sum.
Even for the extreme budget conscious Malaysians, the row of stalls near the famous Anuar fish head curry should be able to satisfy any appetite.

I go to my gym in the mornings and I’ll hang around until late afternoon at one of the cafes or even mamaks just so I stay out the whole day.
Staying out forces me to be more productive; for I’m finding my own office a bit too comfortable lately!

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Casa Cacao is one of the cafes on Telawi that had caught my eye for a while.
I am not a chocoholic, but I do love quality chocolate beverages.

I walked past one day and gave the menu a quick flip through. Not bad, I had thought; as there are a decent variety of cacao based drinks, coffee; both original or infused with some manner of chocolate as well as cakes, waffles and gelato.

The cacao here are marked ‘milk, dark or white‘, basically offering you a selection of 3 variety of chocolate for your chosen beverage.
I can’t stand white chocolate so dark would always be my choice.

The item that truly caught my eye was the SALTED EGG chocolate lava cake. and that was my first order during my first visit last weekend.
Priced at RM23 (+10%), I thought it was worth a try if you are a salted egg lover, and to justify the price further, it came with a scoop of vanilla gelato.
So instead of looking at it as a RM23+ dessert; think of it as a chocolate lava that cost you RM13 and the gelato an additional RM10! 🙂
If you still think it is expensive, there are other variety of desserts priced between RM14 – RM20, namely the Chocolate Durian, waffles and crepes.

I enjoyed it and wished there were more of the liquid gold!

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I’m a cost conscious person myself but I would pay for quality ingredients. Admittedly the gelato could be better though.

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I’m looking forward to their brunch/savoury menu which the staff said would be launched by next week. Fingers crossed; I hope they offer more unique items that just Egg Ben and french toast.

We ordered the hot dark chocolate and an Iced Earl Grey Chocolate that evening and both left a good impression on us.
The hot cacao was excellent; quite unlike most hot chocolate beverages which tends to be cloying sweet or overly rich. This cuppa strike a good balance; not too heavy on cacao, not too milky either and yet remained satisfyingly rich.
RM14 (+10%) – Iced Earl Grey Chocolate.
RM12 (+10%) – Hot Dark Chocolate.

The reason I ordered the earl grey chocolate was because it is one of the few “natural” based chocolate combo beverage. The Spicy Mango Chocolate and Coconut Chocolate were my first choices but upon prodding I found out that puree were used, not fresh mangoes or coconut milk. Urgh.
Thankfully the Earl Grey Chocolate was good. I had expected the chocolate flavour to overwhelm the tea but the drink still managed to impart a pronounced smoky tea flavour. Good stuff!

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casa cacao bangsar - excellent hot choc, desserts, brunch-005
Casa Cacao Chocolatier
31, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur.
Mon – Thursday : 1.00 pm – 12.00 am.
Fri – Sat: 11.30 am- 1.00 am
Sun: 1:00 pm – 12:00 am
Tel: 03-2201-1282

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