Carven Ong – Guide to the Fashion Industry Book by MPH

Humble. Real. Down to earth.
These adjectives floated to my mind as I observed Carven Ong first few minutes on stage as he was introduced to the audience by the emcee.

Carven Ong - Guide to the Fashion Industry Book by MPH

Soft spoken, Carven answered a few questions before sitting down to sign copies of his latest book “Carven Ong’s Guide to the Fashion Industry” for his fans.
For some of them, he sketched a quick design, much to their thrilled delight.
They crowded around him, asking questions and taking the opportunity to snap a photo with their idol.

Carven Ong - Guide to the Fashion Industry Book by MPH-001

Carven Ong - Guide to the Fashion Industry Book by MPH-002

I skimmed through his book quickly, grasping an overall feel of the volume before I proceed to grill him over a cuppa and muffin. I didn’t want to risk sounding like an idiot asking him the same stuff that could have been mentioned in his text.
I was particularly taken with Chapter 3 – “Getting Started – Do you have what it takes?”.

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Now a little a bit of myself here. I have always harboured the dream of having my own fashion line. Back when I was younger, life was tough.
To study fashion and focus on it was something that was never going to happen.
I had to put myself through school through tuition classes (yes, me being the tutor to younger kids) and I didn’t even have time for extra curricular activities.
Long story short, I did what I could to survive and pay the bills. Today, as I’m well into my 3rd decade in life, I had wondered if it was too late.

Today, Carven Ong gave me hope.

Carven Ong - Guide to the Fashion Industry Book by MPH-003

It’s never too late.
Time and finances matters of course, but I COULD take a foundation course in fashion design. The starting point is sketching/drawing and then the technicalities of sewing and drafting/cutting.

Or, like Carven said, with good fashion sense, I could start with merchandising and sourcing of fashion items, not necessarily having to design them myself. But if I really do want to learn to design, his humble academy seems to be a likely choice. I would love to be under his tutelage!

Carven Ong - Guide to the Fashion Industry Book by MPH-004

More about Carven’s Academy can be found here –>

Meanwhile I found myself unable to put his book down. I have skimmed through the book, picked up some really valuable insights and found his story really inspiring.
I must say that I liked the book very much as it is simple to understand and it says it as it is – the real hard truth as it chronicled his actual experiences in his 20+ years in this fashion industry.
His advice are very sage and practical, truly a good kickstart-er for anyone considering and unsure of a career in the fashion industry.

carven ong - guide to the fashion industry (2)

My 1 hour session with him had also unearthed some of his opinions and thoughts about the fashion industry in Malaysia; which I’ll share soon. 🙂

carven ong - guide to the fashion industry (1)

Meanwhile I’ll be updating this post with my thoughts of his book over the next few days.
If you have any questions for me, do drop me a note!

BELOW: Carven Ong, myself and Jojo Struys at the book launch earlier today at Bookerville @Putrajaya International Book Festival. 
Well my turn will be soon as I’ll be publishing a book too. Stay tuned on that one! 🙂

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  1. Sean Eat Drink KL

    inspiring encouragement … and with your passion and clear willingness to work harder than most of us, you certainly could become nearly anything you want to be! 🙂

  2. Janet

    Good luck becky. I’m very confident that you’ll be good in whatever endeavor you chose to be in!

  3. Veron

    A book! wow becky, you’re a such an enterprising woman!

  4. Marcus

    wow its like a fashion handbook! rather than the mega fashion books taht need you to have a cart to carry around.
    and good that youre tapping into fashion becko. always been a good front of yours

    1. Rebecca Saw

      It’s been on my mind forever, ever since young.
      But it never happened. Never had the money nor time for it. I should push harder on it this year.. but with the book, the writing for mags + papers, the blog and the company.. I’m pretty much swamped again.. but at the very least, I shall dress better. Starting with that.

      1. Marcus

        you already do.
        so now. time to dazzle!

      2. Rebecca Saw

        YAY! Alright dazzle i will! 😛

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