Carlsberg Where’s The Party? – November 2012 @ Hard Rock Penang!

Lately I have aged considerably.
I kid you not, I actually enjoyed staying home in solitude and I know I could do with more sleep. I have long ago given up on Johnny Walker and H-Artistry parties. They used to be fabulous, but now not as fun.
But there’s one party in town that I’ll not say “No” to, and that’s Carlsberg Where’s the Party!

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-054

To be frank, Carlsberg has yet to outdo their very first one at Golden Palm Beach even though it was similarly a beach side venue this time. The music wasn’t a upbeat as I would have liked as I’m a die-hard fan of R & B and hip-hop. I can’t understand house or trance (I told you I’m old) music. The addition of Canto Pop tunes didn’t elevate the situation though I must applaud Carlsberg for throwing the first ever 3-Nation party which saw 1,200 guests from Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore on the shores of Hard Rock Hotel’s beachfront.

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-093

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-092

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-087

And any party that massive calls for a Carlsberg! 😀

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-090

Like its previous installments, Carlsberg’s Where’s The Party main game plan is the secrecy of its itinerary. Every party-goer clamoured for passes to the event. No gate crashing plan would work as even the selected party-goers would not know of the party location til they reached there!

With a budget as free flowing as its beers, Carlsberg ensures everyone’s comfort and safety as they are transported to the mystery location via coach buses. Food, ice cream, drinks, sweets were handed out generously.

Carlsberg Where The Party - November 2012 Hard Rock Penang!

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-003
Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-002

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-004

Everyone regardless of nationality (we are talking about Malaysians, Singaporeans that traveled by bus) congregated at Queensbay Mall in Penang for registration prior to being whisked to the secret location.

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-005

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-007

There were already whispers of the party being held in Penang even while I was at the Carlsberg Where’s The Party launch event. Anticipation has gone sky-high and many of us are guessing Hard Rock Hotel Penang as that’s one of the most happening and hippest hotel Penang has at the current moment.

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-008

Like I said, safety was a major matter and Carlsberg assured our well-being are well taken care of with police escort as we skirt the winding roads of Balik Pulau.

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-010

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-011

And arrival!

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-013

In true Carlsberg Where’s the Party fashion pretty ladies and instrumental beats greeted us welcome as we descended from the bus into our hotel – City Bayview Beach for the night. The lucky winners from the FB page and other performers were hosted at the Hard Rock Hotel itself, just besides ours.

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-014

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-015

After an eight hours drive from KL I was more than glad to grab my keys to my room!

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-017

City Bayview Beach Hotel is past its glory days but it was functionally comfortable for our one night stay.

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-018

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-019

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-020

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-021

It was nicely spacious with all the basic amenities available.

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-023

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-032

As the evening sun sets, party-goers started their fun.

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-041

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-042

I however, had a press conference to attend to…

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-043

Hello Soren, MD of Carlsberg Malaysia, together with the equivalent from Singapore and Hong Kong.

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-044

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-046

The modus operandi of Where’s the Party includes keeping the performing acts for the night a secret as well. Imagine my shock when they started announcing the acts. First up; Love Cubic dancers from Korea.

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-047

DJ Kelis! Remember ” My milk shake brings all the boys to the yard, And there like, Its better than yours, Damn right its…” ??

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-048

All the acts on stage.

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-049

Work done, it’s time to rock Hard Rock Hotel beach!

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-050

Oh, met quite a few of my readers! 🙂

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-052

But dinner is required for the energy to party of course.

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-059

And I must say it was a fabulous and fitting choice that Penang/Malaysian food was served!

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-062

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-063

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-064

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-065

Oh Chien – the famous fried oysters of the Pearl of the Orient.

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-067

Everything was good! Eden in Penang is a reputable caterer, though I can’t say the same of the team in KL.

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-070

Yahoo! Ice kacang!

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-071

And more pictures of fellow bloggers and friends!

carlsberg - Where's the party-017

Carlsberg where the party - Nov 2012 - rebeccasaw blog

Carlsberg where the party - Nov 2012 - rebeccasaw blog 3

Carlsberg where the party - Nov 2012 - rebeccasaw blog 2

Carlsberg where the party - Nov 2012 - rebeccasaw blog 1

Games that evening and night includes iDarts, tug of war and etc. Too bad we arrived too late to join in the fun!

carlsberg - Where's the party

carlsberg - Where's the party-002

carlsberg - Where's the party-004

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-078

Mr.Soren kicked off the real party by jet-skiing into the party zone! The grand entrance made for a great kick-off introduction, followed by a beat boxing battle between Shawn Lee and the charming MD himself aka Star Rapper.

carlsberg - Where's the party-015

carlsberg - Where's the party-006

Decked with a massive LED paneled stage, the central zone was outlined with a flow of streaking, spinning colours and a dance ‘cage’ in the middle of it all. One after another of the acts took to the stage of the enthusiastic partying crowd.

carlsberg - Where's the party-011

carlsberg - Where's the party-012

carlsberg - Where's the party-013

carlsberg - Where's the party-014

carlsberg - Where's the party-016

And of course, all of this calls for a Carlsberg. Or MORE! :DD

carlsberg - Where's the party-018

But do drink responsibly of course.

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-061

Say hi to Kevin, my party mate. LOL!

Carlsberg Where The Party - November 2012 Hard Rock Penang!-001

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-080

carlsberg - Where's the party-020

carlsberg - Where's the party-021

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-083

Carlsberg-Wheres The Party-086

So Carlsberg, are you sending Malaysians to the Singapore and Hong Kong Where’s The Party?? 🙂


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  1. Sean

    Looks like an action-packed event, but I think I’m definitely too old for this. I’d be exhausted by 6pm, heheh 😀

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    Bring me next time!!!

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    I definitely wanna be a part of the next one! 🙂

  4. Damien

    I wanna attend this amazing party with Rebecca Saw!!!

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    I wanna be IN too! 🙂

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    Me me me… bring me pls :p

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