I just touched down from Kuching yesterday and last Sunday I had way too much food at one too many outlets. If you haven’t seen the pictures of what I ate in mere 10 hours, you really should check it out HERE. LOL!

After so much Chinese and hawker food, today I’m pampered with a wine pairing lunch at Le Meridien KL. I’m not sure about the menu yet but for the wines this was what I was told to expect – Cape Mentelle from Australia.





Cape Mentelle is a founding winery of Margaret River, established in 1970. Cape Mentelle today has over 200 hectares of its own vines across four regional vineyards. One of the most remote wine regions in the world located in the south west corner of Australia, its natural beauty with spectacular coastlines captivates visitors. Here the maritime influence of the Indian Ocean ensures even temperatures, providing consistently excellent vintage conditions.



In 1965 agriculturist Dr John Gladstones had a ‘gut feeling’ about Margaret River as a wine region with strong similarities to Bordeaux. He saw undulating well-draining ironstone gravel soils carrying healthy marri trees, which were an indication of prime vineyard soil. Wine industry pioneer David Honen and his brothers established Cape Mentelle Vineyards in 1970. The phenomenal Cape Mentelle journey started with just 16 hectares of vines planted on what is now referred as the “Wallcliffe Vineyards”.




Cape Mentelle pioneered many of the region’s renowned wine styles and today is a benchmark for the quality of the region’s wines. It has played a leading role in defining the regional style of cabernet sauvignon that now stands alongside the world’s best. It recognised that blending sauvignon blanc and semillon created a striking evocation of place and has bravely sought to push boundaries with the sometimes challenging, always compelling zinfandel.

Accolades including consecutive wins of Australia’s most prestigious wine trophy with the iconic Cabernet Sauvignon in 1983 and 1984, helped put Margaret River on the international wine map.

The wines made in Cape Mentelle reflect their origins in every possible sense and anyone who has ever set out on a journey of great discovery will see something of themselves in the wines of Cape Mentelle.

Alright, that’s what I got for now. Let’s see shall we? I’ll be sipping on this in an hour’s time! 😀

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  1. Sean

    ahhhh, wine. i haven’t drunk wine since sunday night, so i’m feeling itchy for some merlot 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Since Sunday? How come Mon dinner doesnt have wine? U must be guggling some cocktails I’m sure! 😛

    1. rebeccasaw

      Ahh it was sublime. Oh darn, you just reminded me of my overdue blogpost! LOL

  2. Daniel

    Oh yes, this was the place you posted about the “bouncy opaque sweet scallop” on FB right?

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